Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"CONGRATULATIONS! WARRIORS!" from all of (us!)

little late to the taco/rootbeer float warriors party... but, I made it home before the half..   and we all watched the game..   

my siblings, my dad, variety of friends,   from their homes/in their neighborhoods..

and my mom, rick, sue and i..     such a thrill! to watch them...

S W E E P !

and i love steph curry's post game reveal...  after winning the western conference..   the mindset he brings to the world championship:      "....   we've got 4 more to go...."

that's awesome..

everyone is predicting 5 or more games...  but not steph.  and not (me!).   

...4 more to go...    that's write!    hallelujah and amen!


long ago, far away, i had the goal of visiting a different church every sunday for the entirely of this year.    -i have not even come close..

but i, finally, and, at last, made my way to faith fellowship here in san leandro

and,   -i was like,  -i need not look any further..

the music!
the dancing!
the message!
the people!

and may i extend a public thank you to one of the women who welcomed me in the fold:

SHE SINGS!  and she is so beautiful!   and just kind...   mary elizabeth boutte

and in our very short introduction, she mentioned being from near death and back..

i said, '(me!) too, sister...'    and, sometimes that's all you need to say,

and you just know.

and to my write, a kind and welcoming woman named, abbie..    gave me a great big hug as we said goodbye..

and, wanna know something else i just loved...  they do the same thing at this church, that i see done at the potter's house, which i only watch online   -biship t.d. jakes..  love him!

at that church, he'll say, "touch the person next to you and say (variable here:  God loves you, or you've got this..  etc.)

and this pastor & congregation does that too...   they connect.  to the message and to each other..

its more interactive.

can't wait to get back!    PLUS..   there is an upcoming women's bible study, based off of joyce Meyer's teachings/book, battlefield of the mind...    so you know,

i automatically respect/adore any church who is helping spread her message...  as she spreads the message of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

more later; full day ahead.

In Jesus Name...   amen & amen!


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