Thursday, May 25, 2017

THEY KNOW OF WHAT THEY SPEAK acknowledges (me!) sandra, tvgp

as I've mention, one or a thousand times, I am student of joyce Meyer's for life..   and today  -three woman panel..   all three know of what they speak..

there is truth here; wisdom; healing power

joyce meyer, beth moore, christine caine

let those who have ears..     hear

amen & amen!


on a personal note..  I could write and write and write, but..  cut to issue of self confidence

I used to say,  "see this individual grain of sand..

now cut it in half,

and cut that half in half

and that half in half...

keep going..

that's how much I had.

and, I was somewhat relieved to see   -self confidence is not a fruit of the spirit


but you can't love, or experience joy, or spread peace

or be kind, gentle, good

faithful or self controlled without it.


  -and, love christines comment that any self confidence we might have born with it, we get kicked out of us by kindergarten..

laugh of familiarity

and it is my assessment,   -culturally speaking more than spiritually speaking

in the culture I grew up in..    they (outside world/media/judgmental people/secular people in power/insecure people threatened by secure people, motives of capitalism, unevolved people in general...)

they invest years planting insecurities, growing them, watering..    decades

and then, we have to spend enormous amounts of time, reclaiming..

                     so, if you lived to be 80,  say, 4 or 5 decades having insecurities planted/rooted/growing..        and then 4 or 5 decades weeding..       so by the time you feel whole again; your life has passed you by..

but I do believe we are   -s l   o      w      l           y

turning a corner.    -catching on; correcting..

how valuable to learn about spiritual warfare early...

                     we are not born insecure.   insecurities are created.   sometimes very consciously created/planted/watered...   planted.. yes

love beth moores go to passage!

Matthew 15:13...      every plant that my heavenly father has not planted will be rooted up.


and Christine caines   -spot on comment:

"... in order to transform, you must be transformed, and in order to be transformed, you must go through the process..     /some want to be just zapped..."

it is a PROCESS.      a million gardening analogies..   

   RECLAIMING SELF CONFIDENCE/weeding process for (me!)
                                    1.  first I had to assess/admit/acknowledge..  I have none.
                                    2.  identify what people/environments/things contributed to insecurities; stole self confidence vs. what people/environments help build me up.
                                   3.  consciously release/limit/restrict any time spent with people/places/things that did not build me up     -so, there were counterproductive relationships I terminated..   and of course, my mass media diet  -getting rid of all consumer magazines.. huge help.
                                   4.  consciously identify, invest in things that build my self confidence
                                   5.   remain in that practice, day in, day out...  ~ for life; as in, both duration and quality



I haven't even watched the whole thing yet...

but, I want to say...  big yes, to what joyce had to say;  it is exactly my personal experience/interpretation of my own life; spiritual walk

that God gave/gives me props..     and slowly removes props..    there is a testing..

that allows you to connect directly with God; and lean   -independently on God, faith..

and when you have that spiritual relationship/confidence, it is a sign you are now

truly rooted in faith; in love,

props are no longer required; needed...      a blessing, always, yes.. but not required; necessary

another way I have described this..   as not just a process.. the removal of props, but more candidly, a painful process..

I had a carpet placed below me.. and then the carpet pulled out from underneath me.
I had another carpet placed below me.. and then that carpet pulled out from underneath me.
I had another carpet placed below me..  and then THAT carpet pulled out from beneath me.

never with warning.

I crashed; I fell; I landed..

until, finally,

I learned to dance on air.

and opposition, large or small,   -no longer has the power of a strong wind to knock you down/out..  but, what was once large opposition..     become things that just breeze by,

and small oppositions remain small, you don't let them fester/grow...

it is a process... yes.    I stay in this practice...


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