Monday, May 29, 2017

with love, respect, apprecation on memorial day -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is my opinion that every business should offer a military discount  -always; not just on memorial day.

"thank you!" for your noble service.


and, fits in, to add this picture today, because, well

boys from my scrapbook..    theme + he was in the air force.    we met at oakwood lake in Manteca, during one of our summer camping vacations there..       oakwood lake/waterslides.. many hyperlink opportunities, but for today, and to stay on track

i was in jr high..    /such a pattern of befriending older boys, and,

developed a crush..

and off he went, back to..       the philipines.   at this time, strict rule in the house, no phone calls after 5pm.   and, due to strict phone rules that had been broken..   there was even a lock placed on our rotary phone.    -several measures to try and control...

            /thank God, for all parties involved.. this was BC...    before cell phones.

anyway, it was after 5pm, and the phone rang..     the lock, prevented outgoing calls, but you could still pick it up/receive calls.    i picked it up..

the alcoholic step dad in the picture at the time, in a fit of anger, demanded i hang up the phone NOW

"but it's steve...  its long distance...  he's calling from the Philippines.."      -seemed to me there oughta be an exception..

but not to him.   he lost his mind.   and literally ripped the phone write out of the wall.  tore the whole thing out.

threw it across the kitchen.


and, so,  -there were no more phone calls after 5pm.


steve and i exchanged a couple letters/cards.. but life took us in our own, separate directions.


In Jesus,  -no phones mentioned in the Bible's   -name,   amen.


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