Saturday, June 03, 2017

Three steps to the write. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-before I opened this book this morning, I had already prayed.  and tucked within a larger prayer, I said to Jesus, "... thank you for understanding..."

and then, I spent a few minutes just thinking about that word..   understanding.   -how wonderful, beautiful, helpful, validating, comforting, reassuring it is when you meet someone who  -understands.  when you hear someone say,  'I understand'

if even someone says, 'I don't agree... but I understand'    -this is helpful. it is still good to hear.

and better yet

if they really do.


and so, you can see then, why I stopped to highlight and share this page I read this morning.. because the word stood out having just prayed and thought about it..  and then,  -look-   it is included in every passage on both sides of this page under the topic of wisdom.  

a good word to contemplate.    ; to understand...


now, I've been on the hunt for a catch phrase/or one word to capture what I just described above.. the way you can suddenly be introduced to an image/thought/word/object...  which was before you a million times before; in-specifically-noticed, but then suddenly..  you see it everywhere.   I think ive addressed this before..   

but, it sure has happened again, since watching the video on the filoli website.   -and I didn't even retain many details, there was so much story/information, but..    suddenly, I must see at least a dozen trucks on 580 to and from work with matson painted on the side..    never noticed them before.

please feel free to put in comments if you know a word or phrase which short-cut explains this experience.


and I am most grateful!   for two catch phrases ive heard watching tv, that do exactly that..  simplify things I say, using way too many words,  -long sentences..

example #1:   in a light-hearted way, I describe, and like to tease, my mom's husband, for the type of warriors fan he is...    -very passionate to be sure..      an authentic warrior fan.   -but if you listen to him during the game..     if the warriors get a basket or two behind, he talks like they are bound to lose...   and if they get one or two baskets ahead.. he cheers like they are destined to win...    and he will admit he doesn't always keep the faith..  and is surprised when they have those 22+ point come-backs..

/now, see how long that took me to explain...   

I heard a sportscaster use the term:    prisoner of the moment.                  and I was like, "thank you!"   -don't be a prisoner of the moment!  that's the type of fan rick is...     but don't be a prisoner of the moment   -ever!    as in, not just sporting events; but in life...    don't think a bad day, or bad season ='s the rest of your life...  and don't be deceived to think a great day, great season, represents your whole life...       life is full of ups and downs..      -keep the faith! be a prisoner of hope, faith, love

/and now I hear the song, I dedicated to my sister...   God gave me you for the ups and downs...


also, I heard recently, someone say, "they corrupt you so they can own you"   -think it was Stephen Colbert..   but anyway,   -yes-   that registered also..    and sad to say, how long I went without realizing; without seeing..    how there are people out there; awful people..    who consciously cause others to stumble, quite on purpose..     and then hold that over them.   forms of blackmail I guess you could call it..    and all these phone cameras, recording devices, are new tools used for both good and evil..       and the set-up..    good people, unknowingly entrapped  -self blaming, when they were manipulated all the while behind the scenes by crafty ungodly types..

    -I quite believe in a God of justice though...

and a God who   -understands.


In Jesus,  mighty counselor, prince of peace's name...   amen!


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