Wednesday, June 07, 2017

in bloom now at (alden lane!)

anthony:  "did you bring your camera?"

so, i know there will be .... something....   something to see without knowing what it will be.   and during my ten minute break, i followed him through the statuary garden and around a slight bend

(me!):   "that is magnificent!  is that all one plant?"    click.  click..  click/click

and he did tell me its name..   but i already forgot.  and i must have asked about a dozen more trees and plants in the area..   "what is that one called?  what does that one do?   that?! is a flower?  -how wild!  is that...  what it's supposed to look like? or ..    is that in bloom, or pre-bloom?"

    (photos when time allows here...)

and i'm not sure why i ask so many questions because i cant retain all the answers anyway, but i sure am impressed with, and grateful for all the people who can

"thank you!"   anthony         -can add to my list of those i will

 recognize by face, but not by name.


and im just certain, my future grandchildren's photo taking devices will include auto-recognition/identifiers for all living things..    "cheers!" to e.o. wilson here..   and "thank you!" to our heavenly creator   -amen!


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