Saturday, June 17, 2017

embarrassing moment # 79212 for (me!), sandra, tvgp

so what happened this time, is that..    keeping in mind, my age,  lighting, and my (in)ability to see certain things.   

i readied myself for work..   shower, shampoo, shave, shine..

and in the bathroom, -according to the mirror in that lighting:   good to go.

but then, when i went outside to get in my jeep blue SEE...   and caught glance of my face in the reflection of the window    -in that natural, bright light, the sun revealed...

"like,  OMG, i have a beard!"    

so, if you were watching me from a short distance... which, i would later realize, a neighbor was..    you would have seen me go to get in my jeep, and then dead stop.   check my face in the reflection.    and back away in a panic, and then go closer, and then stand there and start cracking up...  laughing.    and then look again...

and then run inside the house, saying "try again, try again..."

but the reason i stood there laughing for a moment, is because it flashed in my mind:

i was sitting in a luxury leather recliner, with shaving cream all over the sides of my face, and covering my chin and above my lip,

and there was a super sexy man, with a warm wash cloth and a razor...     shaving my female mid-life beard

and he was leaned in to me..  real close.

yes..    close shave that was!


In Jesus...   thank you for the sun and truth's   name..    amen! 


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