Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Customers Cerebral Hyperlink; opened with one penny.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):  "your total is $9.99.."

customer:   -hands me a $10 bill.

(me!):  "so, sometimes, it's fun...   when you get just one penny back for change..  to take a look at the date on the penny, and come up with a memory from that year..."

customer:  "i don't have a good memory"

(me!):  "no?  no memories from...    [look here, and wiggle the penny until I can make out the date]...   from 1975?"

customer:   "1975?    terrible memories.   -you wouldn't believe me.   -you wouldn't believe me."

(me!):   "no..   I probably would."

customer:   [gestures toward himself]  "see... I'm Eastern Asian..    1975..      the killing fields."

(me!):   ".. those are terrible memories...    yes.    -good to be on the other side of that...."

    -tried so hard to leave the wound I opened with some salve..

-now is he a direct survivor?   the details I may never know.   and if he crossed my path again in the near future, I don't know that I have retained exactly which customer..   -these are very brief, passing conversations...

but,  -fascinating how cerebral hyperlinks work; isn't it.     -the date on the penny idea...    a thing I used once upon a time for creative writing workshops I taught

and, a gift too, when it comes to learning more about human memory storage; yes...


and wars, genocides, holocausts...     I have no words; no answers..  only questions.  and heartbreak.

In    -if I gave Jesus a penny with a date...   's  name..      hallelujah & amen.


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