Wednesday, July 12, 2017

PUBLIC "THANK YOU!" 'S from (me!) sandra, tvgp

-to rick/mom:  quick to the rescue with a back up vehicle when the jeep blue see didn't start.

-to surgeon/healthcare providers: for the successful addition of a pacemaker to help regulate my dad's heart

-my daughter:  for the surprise visit which lifted my spirit, blessed the day

-shawn/kelly moore paints:  for the very generous donation of 12 colorful paints for the upcoming art under the oaks event at alden lane

-family:  separate post coming soon .. gratitude for montana visit

-to darla [my stranger turned friend plane ride companion] for guiding me to the write location for my luggage, and.. for a conversation regarding dancing, specifically tap dancing, which served as a cerebral hyperlink to this:



-Jesus:   for every one and everything,  amen.


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