Monday, June 26, 2017

Two Most Important Things He Said (jack ma!) by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i have a project which is a priority.. and which prevents me from writing in detail write now on these topics, but I want to remember:

two most important things jack ma said during the interview with my charlie rose:


customer's happy
employees happy
shareholders happy

even more wonderful:   letting culture influence the behavior; not rules and regulations...

/big YES on that from (me!)    lots on the cultures of different places ive worked..


notes jotted at midnight:

different topic:  the most important spaces to preserve:    safe places.

/lots on preserve national parks; open space, etc.    but places,   -safe places, where the public can currently go, live, learn, hangout, explore, etc.      -safe places, where they are safe...  but without needing metal detectors, iron rods, three levels of gates/security, cameras,

  distinctions between entering an airport, or sporting event vs.

   a library, grocery store...     imagining  every single place you go, from the local grocery store to the park, requiring the same level of security employed at airports/jails...

recognizing/appreciating, upping the level of importance for preserving safe places, that are safe without the need for so much security..    how/where do they currently exist?    how/where do they disappear?   how can we grow/multiply those safe places/areas/spaces..    vs. lose them

employing a similar code system to species, for safe spaces:  endangered..    extinct...   vulnerable... under threat...    -thriving..


back to project...

In Jesus holy name...    amen!


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