Tuesday, July 04, 2017

SUPER AMONG THE STARS (eva igo!) as seen 7 times by (me!) sandra, tvgp

part of me just aches, when I think about how awful it would have been...   if she would have been on tv when i was child.  when the tv programs and performances aired in one time slot, and if you missed it; too bad.  -there were no means for recording; no dvr's, no on-demand, no youtube, and no re-runs.

"thank you!" Jesus that today we have means to watch our favorite shows, performances, moments, again and again and again...     /because that's what i've just done

and remember how i early on spotted the super among the stars on the voice, and correctly identified the winner

well, i've done it again, only this time, for world of dance.    they are all stars, yes..   but we are talkin' super star

here she is:      "ENCORE!  ENCORE!   EVA IGO" 

In Jesus... she has taken the gift you gave her to new heights..  name,   -amen.


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