Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (charlotte severin!) on mt. shasta

what a most pleasant surprise to see charlotte severin at alden lane,    /she was actually there to show Jacquie a painting she commissioned, and will be surprise gifting friends..   i can't give it away, but..

it is spectacular!

but, BONUS! she had these photos to share with (me!)..    the heart seen on mt shasta during a recent trip she took

look how big!  gorgeous..   i said to her with a smile,  i sure hope you are feeling blessed! look at that!

and she remains a great inspiration to (me!).. charlotte severin,  living, keeping on, painting, creating, supporting others, teaching, traveling..   in recent widowhood, and with health challenges..   

she shared with me her day to day life motto:    choose joy

love you charlotte!   xoxo   and "thank you!" so much for these heart seen contributions


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