Tuesday, July 18, 2017


appreciate you asking.. yes.

100 temps .. so needed air conditioning.  could not make it from the driveway to the air conditioning shop, until it got a new battery..   got new battery & air conditioning..    -battery worked so well, the lights wouldn't go off; period.    still in the shop, getting lights/blinker repaired.   in the meantime, big "thank you!" to rick for loaning (me!) his car..   to jonathan/AAA...  to everyone down at san leandro radiator..   my mom! always..     everyone helping me get from here to there and everyone nursing the jeep blue see back to 4 wheelin' good health.    /here is what ive learned...     before being a proud jeep owner, I never waved to anyone who drove a jeep..  

although I always waved to the walkin' man..  and young woman

then, joined in on the jeep wave..   and then, became a habit.  and now, even in this other car, still wavin' up a storm at every jeep drivin' by....    

and, pretty sure I was being followed...   and now might have a date.    

so,  get your wave on...     never know where this might lead.

In Jesus, signs, wonders & waves,  name,   amen!


in waiting:  art under the oaks/pallet painting...


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