Saturday, July 15, 2017

HOW DID I EVER FIGURE THAT OUT?! laughs, (me!) sandra, tvgp

-k, so there i was in a small plane en route to butte, montana..    and i see this man, this terribly gorgeous man sitting behind me, and he has a suitcase

in the shape of a musical instrument.   i said to Jesus, i said, "if i were 25 years younger i would devour that .... but you can trust me...    amen."   and, then, i said to myself, like, hey..  gorgeous  man + musical instrument shaped suitcase + butte, montana + folk festival.....     ='s!

"hey, you don't happen to be performing this weekend at the folk festival?"

and even though the answer is quite obvious, just let me feel like a genius,  -k.    and that's how i briefly met, Jorge Herrera, of,  -and add some extra to the cool factor, because the unofficial theme of the 2017 folk festival in butte was:   SIBLINGS   -because some large number of the bands performing all had some kind of sibling combination going on, with a brother singing, sister playin' the drums, or vice versa, and in their case  -hermanosherrera:    5 brothers/1 sister   -awesome family band!  

and if my trip to butte had its own unofficial theme, it would be exactly the same:   SIBLINGS!  spending time with my brother and sister..    niece/nephew...   takin' in the spectacular views, the incredible live music/the sensational venue, and delicious meals..

three days of live music, under the big sky, in front of the original historic copper headframe, within the divine presence of our lady of the rockies, and write beside the ones i love

does it get any better?

YES!   ...there was lunch, "thank you! matthew" at the montana club..   dinner, "thank you! keeshie" at the derby, lunch a different day at broadway pizza, and a different time, at Christina's..   and shopping in uptown, "hi!" to Debbie,  -and the farmer's market..     and!  a visit to my brother's co-owned, cards &; collectibles A gameZ... which happens to be across from The Quarry {heart shape/heart shape}..    and still another visit to Butte Brewery, where the view was as wonderful as my visit..

and, a grand finale which included wine, cheese, crackers, and tons of belly laughs, thank you to the comedy sisters,  starring tina fey & amy poehler


still marinating in love and gratitude,

and close with two, "great to meet you!'s"  to my plane seat neighbors..  who made my flights, both coming and going, a joy with their friendly and delightful conversations   -kate, and darla

perhaps we will cross paths again..   and do contact me if you make it out to northern, california...      blessings!

as i head to alden lane, for their annual art under the oaks event, happening write now

in Jesus trustworthy and holy name,   amen.


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