Monday, September 26, 2016

THE ALDEN QUILT RENDEZVOUS as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

THAT'S WHAT IT IS!   "... very,  ~romantic."   this union, this pairing, this coming together,  -of fine art and venue.  how beautifully they meet:   colorful designer quilts and the big oak trees

under a perfect blue sky, with a gentle breeze sweeping quilt and alden lane appreciators write off their feet.   yes.  in one word:  romantic.   the way everyone strolls through alden lane with a smile on their face..    soft whispers of ooohs and ahhhs making their way from the entrance to the greenhouse, from the maples to the succulents, and everyone is so in love with alden's

"OAK! trees.."    

that's what it is..  romantic! to see these magnificent quilts in the great outdoors  -sending each other compliments all day long; nature flirting with fine art

"... hello darling...  you can hang from my branch anytime...  "

~ just look at that great big oak with a string of beauties...

yes. it was romantic, and beautiful, and colorful, and fun..   and inspiring!  to see the sun shine on these quilts vs. a spot light. to see the flowers, trees, plants,open sky, serve as a backdrop vs. an enclosed gallery of walls.    alden lane as venue, has a natural way of elevating the aesthetic value of each and every quilt; and each and every quilt has an artistic way of elevating the natural beauty of every living thing at alden lane.

and they have been meeting like this   -annually; for how many years now?

so, it just keeps growing; this exciting weekend romance..     and, if you missed it

jot rendezvous at alden lane September 2017 in your secret garden notebook write now

and seal it with a kiss.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

WHY NOT?! asks a very frustrated (me!) sandra, tvgp

We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere (this includes websites and personal blogs).


- I have a lot to say on this topic..   this hideous obstacle writer/bloggers encounter; but I also have a long work week ahead which takes priority

but!   here is one thought:   not  -not publishing things being submitted into the abyss of any editor/publishers email or desk...   waiting



months..    and if you really honored the rules regarding not submitting to more than one editor at a time..     and waited months for each editor to respond.

but I would consider agreeing to this   -as a blogger of 11 plus years, and over 4000 posts, and near 110000 views

no chance I'm not going to blog this and that, that and this, in hopes maybe, one day, it stands a chance of being published on a larger scale; reaching a larger audience..

but, I would consider, clicking unpublish on my blog AFTER a given piece was accepted and published by ................     

that I would consider.

it would look something like this:


don't miss the (date variable here) issue...

but as it stands now; I cannot even imagine my writings, photography, poetry, commentary, profiles, CNF short stories, ETC.     -not existing

or existing, but inaccessible; unreadable; unseeable

while months, years, pass during the waiting game..

I think not.

New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest WINNERS from the 2008 archives by (taryn!)


"How many times can you miss that big head of yours?!"


honestly.. it baffles me that taryn didn't make the short list on this one...

i took the next one though.. now that we know the rules (ONLY ONE CAPTION PER PERSON, PER CARTOON and that ONLY OVER 18 stuff...), we've decided to compete & vote. if we agree hers is funnier i submit under my name, and if i earn her praises, i submit my ONE caption

and i'm very proud of myself on this one, because i think i sound much more intelligent and knowledgable than i actually am

until only 4 or 5 days ago, i knew nothing of babylon. i mean nothing. -except that it's in the title of one of david gray's songs..

but in a recent conversation with my neighbor, when i shared with her my personal financial strategy:

"hit it big!"

she ran inside her house and brought me back a book off her shelf called: the richest man in babylon.

i read it in 1 day; soaking up as much financial wisdom as i could.

but where it really came in handy was with the issue of the new yorker that showed up in my mailbox, like, that day!

i went straight to the cartoon caption contest.. and i do not come write out with 'em like my daughter, i had to play around some with the order of the words, but check it out:

"once used, i'm told, for handwriting on the wall papers of babylon"

-not bad, huh


First time off the couch?

so i called my daughter in my room, showed her the cartoon caption contest in the back of the new yorker. said, "you have a thought for this one?" -and in no time, she was out with a winner. -i laughed on the spot. "write that down, i'll frame it for you!"

i've been getting my new yorkers from the pleasanton library. at the library i can stack up on the new yorker and smithsonians for only 25 cents each, and it does my heart good to purchase anything these days on the honor system.

a small treasure chest with a slot for inserting coins or folded bills sits next to the rack of donated magazines and they just trust you to put a quarter or more in for each magazine you take home.

that part is wonderful, the bummer part is that when you are paying a quarter for donated magazines, they are often a bit outdated, and it was too late to send in my daughter's winning entry.

but it is so much fun, the cartoon caption contest. i've decided to subscribe today, in large part because i want to challenge and excite my daughter this way..

"we'll get you in the new yorker in 2008!" i've proclaimed. and already i can't wait for our first new yorker to arrive in the mail. my own goal is the publication of one of my poems..

the bar is set very high for both of us..

we wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Don't be surprised. says (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):  "Shirley, at work..   she says to me, 'You're such a dreamer... 

daughter:  "..  remember when Robin Williams was gonna be my step-dad.."

(me!):  "well, the ONLY reason that dream didn't come true, was because we never met..  had he met me..     

daughter:  "oh.  yeah.  ~because you never met..     of course."

(me!):   "and all I'm sayin' now..   about me & Russell crowe..   is well,

don't be surprised, is all i'm sayin'..    if you get a postcard from me from Nana Glenn..


I am very convinced...   when it comes to determining a person's health and well being


the doctors with their thermometers, and stethoscopes and needles for extracting blood, and containers for collecting body fluids..


how I take my own temperature:

can I still dream?   can I be playful?   do I respond to art and beauty?    am I dancing?

writing?   being creative?

laugh? when its funny..     cry? when it hurts...        ;love.

    -then all is very well with my soul.

TYJ!  amen..

Explanation. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

Monday, August 27, 2012

THANKS MOM!! from (me!) your #1 daughter

in an earlier post, i mentioned how my mom has this superpower.. this amazing and unnatural ability to hear (even whispers from great distances); retain (for years.. sometimes years!); and make manifest just about any desire her children and/or grandchildren happen to mention in mere passing

so for example.. her granddaughter happen to point at a hooded jacket from abercrombie in a magazine and say i like that, and next thing you know, grandma has gone all the way to san francisco (because local stores didn't carry it), and guess what her granddaughter unwrapped for christmas...

and her grandson mentioned liking the san francisco 49ers.... and her other grandson legos.. and her other granddaughter, puppies and dolls...

and these personal likes mentioned in conversations do not go in one ear and out the other.. they go in.. they go in a secret ear tunnel, connected to the heart, i think.. and there's a sticky landing storage place in there somewhere... and they stay there, sometimes for days, sometimes for months, sometimes for years! (but sometimes -if you're at the mall, for example.. only seconds/minutes... however long it takes her to snatch up the top you just admired and pay for it at the register) -but the point is.. they stay there until she can make them somehow manifest

and here is another example of her superpower at work, because on our way to cache creek recently (which was making manifest one of my sister's likes.. seeing the rock band night ranger live), my sister and i were sitting in the back. rick, my mom's husband, was driving, my mom was in the front driver side passenger seat

and i mentioned -to my sister- (not even directly to my mom, i must point out), that i liked this bumper sticker that was on a car passing by.. that i've always wanted one.. wasn't quite sure where you get them... -and my sister said, "mention it to mom, it will be on your doorstep"

and guess what

arrived in my mailbox, like -within the week!

you're the best mom! thank you so much! -and now, with my website in pretty white mirror font on the back window (thank you $ to my late grandma harrison/work by savage signs here in pleasanton... only $40 by the way..) , and this beautiful/wonderful new bumber sticker (which is a magnet actually)

my hybrid feels complete.

have i mentioned how much i love robin williams?

okay, and this is kinda funny.. because yesterday my daughter and i were watching robin williams on inside the actors studio, and my daughter said, "how cool would that be.. to have robin willians as your dad!"

and i said, "i'm workin' on that honey..."
and she cracked up. "he's divorced now," i told her (which is true), "and he's just had a heart surgery, (also true) -and i think i'm the perfect person to help him feel better, don't you?"
and she just smiled.
and maybe -on my own, such a dream is out of reach. BUT

i have a mom with superpowers... which makes anything seem possible.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Top Three Favorite Artist/Venue Pairings (me!) sandra, tvgp


Great Venue:  Barones Music Under the Stars
Great Band:  Pride & Joy

and when you put them both together   /which will take place tonight actually:


Great Venue:  Alcatraz Island
Great Artist:  Ai WeiWei

put them together:   -awesome!


Great Venue:  Alden Lane Nursery..  Oak Trees
Great Artists:  Quilters

put them together.. /which will take place this weekend actually:



Wednesday, September 21, 2016

JOHN 3 retyped by (me!) sandra, tvgp

16 For God so LOVED the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but TO SAVE the world THROUGH HIM.  18 Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. 

19  This is the verdict:

Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

20  Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

21  But whoever lives by TRUTH comes into the LIGHT, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.


more later..    IJN  -amen.

Monday, September 19, 2016

TD JAKES Brought by A Thought Sept. 11, 2016 MUST LISTEN via you tube.

best of the best to (me!) sandra, tvgp.    beginning to end..  greatest most accurate content through and through..    hallelujah! amen! & amen!   xoxo 

"HEY... Thats just not write!". to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Sept 19, 2016... 1st mystery of the day:

Why?!? on God's good green earth..


wait a minute..      Why?!?  On God's most amazing communication system in the cyber world

Would my access to be blocked?!?  

"I am a super~souler!".    /apparently this will require an immediate cyber-by-path surgery....

In Jesus' path is narrow but never blocked name..  Amen!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I SURRENDER TO THE SIGNS (me!) sandra, tvgp


let me explain about

very briefly, about signs and cerebral hyperlinks.   and about writing.. and about trying to not write; or to override cerebral hyperlinks or ignore signs

-there are Otis spunkmeyer ovens inside one of the kiosks at Alden Lane.   of course, this triggers;

cerebral hyperlinks to...   

and I was like, I've already written about that..  I'm going to ignore this link

and each time I saw it, I ignored..     ignore; ignore; ignore..


but then, recently Alden Lane received a shipment of jelly belly candies to price and get ready for the gift store, and after they were priced, but before they are put on the shelves in the gift store

they are being stored in the same kiosk as the ovens..


how many varieties  -different varieties of jelly bellies were received

i'll tell you.   LOTS!

but look, please at which one sits exactly below the ovens

"The Champagne!"

and so, I was like..   "FINE THEN!  I SURRENDER!"   but I'm not writing anything new

I will just repost the cerebral hyperlink here: 


Thursday, November 01, 2012

  OTIS SPUNKMEYER'S DC3 SKY TOURS great memories for (me! & the brazil's!)      

yesterday, at ruby hill, i had the great pleasure of serving and talking to the brazil's , husband & wife -who mentioned in conversation, they had flown on otis spunkmeyer's dc3 for joe's birthday some 15 years ago

well, of course, this ignited a wonderful exchange of mutual great memories surrounding this sky tour experience. they in fact, mentioned that during their flight, the learning channel was filming a segment for "romantic places in the bay area" -i haven't been able to find it via google search, but.. would love to see it.

they also mentioned having a rare poster, that shows the dc3, with an otis spunkmeyer hostess... of course, i can't help but wonder if it might be a picture of karin carter... wouldn't that be somethin'. they promised to bring it in for me to see next visit to ruby hill. [and you know i'll get a picture of them with the poster]

they also mentioned enjoying the champagne on the flight so much, they subsequently went to the winery in sunol (castro valley?) that created and sold it... -couldn't help but laugh... " i gargled with that champagne!" /but i had no memory of the name or label...
and all that helps explain the following re-post from my blog archives:

***** *****
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
OTIS SPUNKMEYER DC3, come fly with (me!) sandra, tvgp

when i met sir robert wilkins at the pleasanton library during steven johnson's book reading and signing

he said about his position as a media escort, that it is "one of those obscure jobs that few people have ever heard of, but that everyone wants once they learn about it"

i want it. -which is funny, because i really don't like to drive so much, but.. for certain things, i'll do what i must. i have, after all, picked my ex-husband up from the oakland airport several times, and i'm still alive to blog about it. only, when i pick my ex-husband up (which is necessary because he is also the father of our children), he always hops in the driver seat and gets us all home safely.
so it gives me great laughs to picture myself picking up some famous author at the airport:

"hello! famous author person.. nice to meet you. i'm here to pick you up..

and i made it! isn't that great. and thank God!

and so, but, do you mind driving now? -getting us out of here. airports make me nervous.

-and then when we get back to my territory, we can switch, and you can be the passenger, okay.."

anyway.. it triggered a memory in me.. this coversation with bob (and notice here, that while driving might not be my greatest strength, i do make friends easily, because he just went from sir robert wilkins to bob write before your very eyes)

anyway.. it triggered a memory in me, this conversation with my new friend, bob
because i have had many different jobs over the years, but only one that i can think of that other people coveted.

every saturday i heard the same thing from almost every person:

"how do you land this job?" "can i take over for you?" "if you can't make it for any reason.. call me. i'm happy to step in for you" "what a lucky person you are!" "and YOU GET PAID for this?"

and i would always answer with a big smile.. "not bad for weekend work, huh"

because it really was an extra special, very rare opportunity that came my way: a chance to play flight hostess for otis spunkmeyer's dc3 sky tours over the bay area.

and now, i have to ready myself and leave for work..

but when i get back, i'll tell you all about it.


so where was i?

ah yes,

the way this went down, was that there were no uniforms and no real training to speak of. -you just show up dressed in whatever you see fit, welcome the guests, pour champagne and offer chocolate covered strawberries and fancy hors d'oeuvres to the passengers during the flight

and the flight! was incredible!

some hour or so up and over oakland, san francisco, berkeley, circling back to see pleasanton, livermore, san jose (?), and then back to san leandro -but- all at about (14000 feet?) so the views were spectacular from every window.

and the dc3 itself: a real vintage beauty: former wwII plane all refurbished for tourist,

but maintaining its historic look and feel.

sometimes veterans would come with their spouses and family, dressed in their old military uniforms with such nostalgia etched in their expressions and pouring from their conversations

i understood it to some degree, but in honesty, was too young at the time to fully process what this experience meant to them.

that, and i was preoccupied a bit with my own survival and concerns.

it was very important to me i was a great hostess. -i really wanted to do a stellar job. make sure everyone had a great time. -be invited to come back and hostess again.
and it all sounded so exciting. and i knew it was a special treat to land this job.
-and i was recommended by some friends, and so didn't want to let them down
and all this, -anxious energy- i suppose, combined with it being my first time on the job, and first time in a dc-3, and first time standing, walking, balancing, pouring champagne and carrying on delightful conversation at the same time i'm in flight

well, i started to feel a little nauseous.

then i started to feel a lot nauseaous.

and then i started to panic.

-because, if i were to say, throw up, on one of the passengers
i was thinkin' that might not fall kindly on the eyes and ears of the pilot, the passengers or my dear friends who suggested me for the job.

and so as pale but non-chalant as i could possibly be on this intimate (#) passenger airplane, i found my way to the restroom, locked myself inside, and as quiet as humanly possible

puked my guts out.

then i washed my face, finger-brushed my teeth, gargled champagne, touched up my lipstick, pinched my cheeks to bring back some color
and went back out with a reloaded plate of fresh chocolate covered strawberries.

if anyone heard or noticed, they never brought it to my attention. i chit-chatted with the passengers, took in the mini-stories of their lives, listened to them oooh and ahhh over the spectacular views -some of them reliving memories from their war days
refilled their champagne glasses with a smile
and before you knew it, we were real smooth landing on the runway with everyone applauding.

that's me in the picture with the very beloved captain
captain dale, i think it was. /it's been a long time.
and i might not remember his name, but i do remember he was a great pilot, and he tolerated my over-enthusiastic hostessing skills with a certain tempered wisdom.

and i remember also, his co-pilot, for a few of the flights. a GORGEOUS, SEXY, red-headed female co-pilot, and i can't recall her name either, but i do remember
spending a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be her.

anyway, i can't remember how many saturday afternoons i spent as hostess for the otis spunkmeyer dc3 sky tours

i just remember it being a great time. -and in addition to the veterans who would wear their old uniforms for the flight

i remember two other passenger stand-outs.

the first was a man who was celebrating his 40th birthday. his friends had blind-folded him earlier in the day. kept him blind-folded while sticking him in a limo without any hint as to where he was going or what he was doing
kept him blind-folded all the way to and inside the airport. kept him blind-folded even as we walked up the stairs and into the plane
"do you know where you are?" his friends asked him
"am i on a roller-coaster?" he wondered with a frightened laugh
and that's when they finally took off his blindfold, and he was so genuinely, completely, utterly surprised at what they had pulled off

the other stand outs, were couples and/or families who wanted to experience the flight, but not all together in case of a fatal accident
so half the family, or couple, would go one weekend, and the other half, the next time.
and everyone always made it back safely with exciting stories to share from their separate experiences.

and i'm often asked how i got that job; such a wonderful job

and i sure wish i could provide this post with a happy ending, but it takes a bit of a sad turn for me here

because the person who is responsible for providing me with this wonderful, rare, opportunity and these great memories

the gorgeous, kind and generous karin carter; she passed on into heaven july of 2007. -born the same year i was, 1966, but had her life cut short the same way my aunt susie did: skin cancer.

and just like my aunt susie, forced to say goodbye to a husband and two young children way too soon

but if you want to witness another way blogs have been used for the greater good of humanity, you need to see the beautiful, very loving, blog created to share, celebrate and remember karin's life:

and if you're curious how i knew karin to begin with.. it was because she was the girlfriend, (and later wife), of a college friend of mine, jeff, who worked for otis spunkmeyer
whose brother i dated -in fact, was briefly engaged to- but never married.
and we lost touch and took on separate lives as the years passed
but we have quite a history, all of us -which today i remember with tremendous sentiment, lots of love and deep gratitude

"to you karin! -thank you!-"

love, sandra
doesn't look like they do this anymore... can't find mention of it anywhere.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Gorgeous, Sexy, red head i wrote about! (Candace harding!)

source: on the cover of the Independent newspaper Thurs. March 12, 2015.
excitement/memory trigger:  ".. former Otis Spunkmeyer DC3 pilot.."
reaction:  OMG!  that's her..  The GORGEOUS, SEXY red head I wrote about... 
type:  Otis.   - in the search bar of my blog here..
I cannot even admit the amount of time I spent wondering what it would be like to be her,   -the PILOT!  Vs. The hostess...
Anyway.. my awesome neighbors here (type Harley in search bar). -have a connection to the Livermore airport.. So I'm going to print out my Otis spunkmeyer memory blog post and see if john can't somehow get it to Candace...  -would love to say hi...

The Unstoppable Photographer at Alden Lane (me!) sandra, tvgp

on the days I arrive to work without my camera; I ache physically and spiritually.
 there is so much..   

  it is paradise for a photographer of any age or level.
and I recently asked..   "could I please..

instead of taking one ten minute break..  can I please take ten, one minute breaks"

because this allows me to run out...   "click"
and get back to work.

The Heart Seen at (alden lane!) by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I'm not sure this tomatoes name..   but sure delighted to see it, and add this to The Heart Seen collection.   My first tomato tasting experience..    loved it.  

The Heart Seen at (alden lane!) by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I try to tell people

"everything is beautiful at Alden Lane!"

even the trash is beautiful...   I mean, just look
and the heart seen, in the bathroom...

great tastin' tomatoes @ (alden lane!) photos by (me!) sandra, tvgp

who knew?!  not (me!)

 there are over 40 different varieties of tomatoes grown write in the farm at Alden Lane
 and this being harvest season..   they share the wealth of the yield by hosting an annual
free.  ~come one; come all...
 tomato tasting event.    Excellent response from the community!   That's Diane..  Tomato Guru
highly knowledgeable about all things tomato and happy to answer any questions..

I eavesdropped on lots of Q&A between Diane and Alden Lane Customers..    -how much I retained vs. heard I will not confess

the number one question I was asked,  "Which is your favorite?"

and, I'm not being polite, or inauthentic or ungenuine, when I tell you

"i love them all!"    -but for different reasons.    -of the ones I tasted, I thought some would be great for salad, others on a burger, others to eat like an apple,  -this one for skoozi bread; that one with mozzarella...

and the heartier ones for BLT's.   and for the very first time ever..   in my life..

I wondered, what tomato do they use at Café Main when they make those BLT's I love?  ive always focused on the B, which I prefer crispy and peppery.   perhaps paired with the Ace Tomato..  yes!

its too much to learn all at once..   this tomato for pastes; this one for salsas..

this one to snack on..  and speaking of;   ~very popular, the little sugar sun, and sun gold tomatoes.

and there were two types I thought..   even if you don't eat them, they should just be adorning your table because they are so..    ?...    enjoyable to look at.  such a pleasure just to glance at:  all texture~y and intriguing.   the big rainbow and something(?) that starts with a C... ~genovese

all in all, it was another great time and experience to be a part of at Alden Lane, so

"Thank You!"

IJN,   amen

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just look at them and smile. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

since my divorce; or more accurately, since the termination of spousal support, over 7 years ago, I have held a variety of

what word shall I use here?   -well, I was a cashier at Amelia's deli (now closed) in downtown Pleasanton; a primarily packaging person, for Creative Imaging Photography Studio, although if I were to bullet point everything I did the list would be long, and I don't have the time write now..

I poured wine in the tasting room at Ruby Hill  -and more recently, at Tenuta.  I was a front desk/hospitality person & shuttle driver for Courtyard Marriott in Livermore..

I am currently a cashier/sales/merchandising at Ricks Picks a couple days a week, and cashier.. also, with a long bullet point list of other responsibilities at Alden Lane    -and have almost always simultaneously had volunteer work co-going-on with paid work.

so,  low paying to no paying work.  I am well acquainted with both low and no paying work.

and the very first thing I want to say for the permanent record is this:

there is absolutely, in my experience, no correlation between work load and pay load.   -I'm not sure how

not sure what the behind the scenes pay structure trees look like, only that, there is one, and in each place you have people making the most; and people making the least, and someone has determined who makes what

and why?    what are they basing their decisions on  -exactly?

I would love to have access to this information to better understand how these things get determined


but without this information or understanding, and with only my direct experience as one of the low paid employees in any given place of work

I am constantly amazed at the ratio of work and responsibility to pay.

amazed being a euphemism of course.

anyway..    in this current climate,  fall of 2016, rumors

which have been confirmed, are spreading, that MINIMUM WAGE will soon be increased from

what is it now?  not sure..  $10/hr

but it is to be raised I believe to $15.    

and, oh! all the boo-hoo-hoo, whaaaa, whaaa, whaa..     from the top down..

well when it crosses my ear, and lands on my heart   -based on my personal experience

I'm like..     its about time!    way over-due, and..

how many opportunities for voluntary increases from upper management based on merit and level of responsibility have taken place   -as they should have?

/Jesus never condemns only convicts;  -remember that


the cost of living vs. wages gap, as I have written about already is


and in many cases,  -not all, but many..

you have people with plenty of money to live on; grocery shop with, vacation with, gift shop, medical/dental/vision,  entertainment, multiple investments..   on and on

against..    trying to keep food on the table and gas in the car

so I have very little empathy/compassion for how hard it is going to be for some businesses to stay open once the minimum wage increases

oh yes, of course, I hate to see smaller and family owned businesses lose to large corporations; and for chains to have the monopoly and gobble up..   etc, etc,


I smiled at the irony recently

how, sometimes   -not always

and some people   -not all people

but some people

some people look upon low paid employees with judgmental hearts and minds..

like,  -had you made better decisions..

if you worked hard enough..

-your financial woes are YOUR financial woes and not my responsibility..

if you had a better education..

if you don't like it; leave..

well, low paid employees, who are in fact a VITAL PART of any and every business ive ever worked in for the past

since I was 15 years old, ive been working..



now,   -low paid employees, who already carry a burden, are having this extra burden laid on them

/but remain impervious!  "remain impervious!"

' the very fact we are required by law to pay you more!  this will be the end of my business!

we'll have to close..      and how do you like that?

you costly low paid employees you!"

and what I REALLY FOUND INTERESTING recently, was the conversations floating through the air that talk about now..

"and if YOU

/YOU = lowest paid employee

"and if YOU get a raise..    then everyone else above you must get a raise, because.."

and ive been thinkin' the most about that one...   because Why?

because, no matter what, this position must pay a certain % more than that position no matter what?

what is this based on?    

what if a business were to increase the lowest paid positions, and not increase pay for the higher up positions

My Good God?!?

I mean, the implications....

so..     I am a big supporter of the increase in minimum wage.   and when low paid employees are on the receiving end of human judgements about low wages being their own damn fault

if you don't like it; leave.  if you don't like it; change it yourself..

well; when business owners complain and worry their business might close when the increase becomes a law..

  -you worry about your business closing..   we worry about food and gas...

just look at them and smile.

the amount of work; type of work; demands of some of these low paying positions which are always a vital part of the whole and success of any given company/business


it is my personal experience that none of them should even be low paying in the first place.


someone, please give me access to the pay structures...
how are these decisions made?   what is the gap between lowest/highest paid?   how is that justified?  what is the thinking?   how is budget determined?

I am not a corporate owner; I am not a business owner; I am not an economist

I speak from the perspective of a low paid employee who has, and does an awful lotta work, strong work ethic; above & beyond..


In Jesus only knows name,   -amen!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

with loving prayers, in the archives -to (me!) sandra, tvgp     email from march 9th, 2004  20:13:06


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

CELEBRITIES @ ALDEN LANE -photos by (me!) sandra, tvgp

 honestly, there is no direction i can turn; no plant, or flower or tree or décor i can look at which does not absolutely beg me to take its picture..

and it is my great pleasure to honor their requests..
 they are like
celebrities at premiers and galas

 each one

 hoping to be seen on camera

 "check me out!"

  "and me!  do you see me?!"

  and if i had the time
i would never stop..    i wish i could capture a picture of every single thing that lives here 

In Jesus highly creative name!  amen