Monday, August 27, 2012

THANKS MOM!! from (me!) your #1 daughter

in an earlier post, i mentioned how my mom has this superpower.. this amazing and unnatural ability to hear (even whispers from great distances); retain (for years.. sometimes years!); and make manifest just about any desire her children and/or grandchildren happen to mention in mere passing

so for example.. her granddaughter happen to point at a hooded jacket from abercrombie in a magazine and say i like that, and next thing you know, grandma has gone all the way to san francisco (because local stores didn't carry it), and guess what her granddaughter unwrapped for christmas...

and her grandson mentioned liking the san francisco 49ers.... and her other grandson legos.. and her other granddaughter, puppies and dolls...

and these personal likes mentioned in conversations do not go in one ear and out the other.. they go in.. they go in a secret ear tunnel, connected to the heart, i think.. and there's a sticky landing storage place in there somewhere... and they stay there, sometimes for days, sometimes for months, sometimes for years! (but sometimes -if you're at the mall, for example.. only seconds/minutes... however long it takes her to snatch up the top you just admired and pay for it at the register) -but the point is.. they stay there until she can make them somehow manifest

and here is another example of her superpower at work, because on our way to cache creek recently (which was making manifest one of my sister's likes.. seeing the rock band night ranger live), my sister and i were sitting in the back. rick, my mom's husband, was driving, my mom was in the front driver side passenger seat

and i mentioned -to my sister- (not even directly to my mom, i must point out), that i liked this bumper sticker that was on a car passing by.. that i've always wanted one.. wasn't quite sure where you get them... -and my sister said, "mention it to mom, it will be on your doorstep"

and guess what

arrived in my mailbox, like -within the week!

you're the best mom! thank you so much! -and now, with my website in pretty white mirror font on the back window (thank you $ to my late grandma harrison/work by savage signs here in pleasanton... only $40 by the way..) , and this beautiful/wonderful new bumber sticker (which is a magnet actually)

my hybrid feels complete.

have i mentioned how much i love robin williams?

okay, and this is kinda funny.. because yesterday my daughter and i were watching robin williams on inside the actors studio, and my daughter said, "how cool would that be.. to have robin willians as your dad!"

and i said, "i'm workin' on that honey..."

and she cracked up. "he's divorced now," i told her (which is true), "and he's just had a heart surgery, (also true) -and i think i'm the perfect person to help him feel better, don't you?"

and she just smiled.
and maybe -on my own, such a dream is out of reach. BUT

i have a mom with superpowers... which makes anything seem possible.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Katherine said...

I just LOVE your hybrid, my friend! How gorgeous, and how fab to have a mother with pseudo-ESP.

My mother can be like that at times. The funny thing is, though, if you mention what you like, she sends more than one of them! We appreciate it, of course, but she can't afford to do that.

I hope you sell lots of things on your website!

At 6:28 AM, Blogger SHE said...

kmg/bbf: thank you! -and my mom and your mom sound like kindred spirits. "afford" doesn't seem to factor in the way it does for some people..

grandma economics transcend such trivial matters and God smiles i think

"if you want it.. well, then.. honey.. you should have two or one in every color.."

and thanks again! hoping to sell outrageous numbers of eat, write & exercise books.


love, ~s.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Hawley said...

how cute, Sandra! Sweet hybrid, too... That bumper sticker: totally makes me think of you - even before I knew you liked it, it made me think of you! :) How neat.

Your mom sounds like an outstanding grandma AND a gift-person ;) ("Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman - have you read it?!) ...

Anyways, all the best and love to you from DC :)


ps- Today's word verification? :) "ajoute" which means add in french!

At 8:41 AM, Blogger SHE said...

mbh: thank you! -and made me smile to be thought of.. associated with this idea of co-existing

and yes!.. lucked out in the mom/grandma department.. and dad/grandpa department too

and yes! again! you landed it! i've -not read the book- but heard a talk on it once..

my mom definitely speaks the gifts love language..

and i know people who definitely express love via the food they prepare..

i'm big on praise/compliments..

what are the other two?

in any case.. we do have dominate ways for expressing love..

and when you recognize the love in what other people are doing.. food tastes better... etc., for each type of expression

and "ajoute" -very cool you can translate

i love to make up my own definitions for the word verifications/have my kids come up with something, -so, ajoute

from my daughter = juice. breakfast beverage.
(son = busy doing homework)


love, ~s.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger SHE said...

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