Tuesday, April 29, 2014

THE BIG LIE as seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp..

She was way too young to have understood, or studied things like politics; economics..

I'm very confident she was only repeating what she heard someone else say

But she proclaimed it as if it was a fact she researched and discovered all on her own..

And said it as if it were a truth:

"The democrats.. They wanna just keep giving money to lazy people who don't work..    Republicans -we believe you should have to work for your money"

And I smiled and wondered how much of my time and energy I was willing to invest in this conversation..

And I thought about how many people I know who have bought into this great big lie..

But mostly what went through my mind was all the people..  Many many people, who I have personally met, worked with, and got to know over the past several decades

Who are some of the hardest working people I know.. With strong work ethics and high levels of integrity

Who are working at a minmum 40 - to - 60, but more often than not, up to 80 hours a week

Who sometimes juggle two or three jobs..

And STILL have a hard time putting food on the table..

This is not due to grand mismanagement of money.. Or drug or gambling addictions..

It is because of a grand canyon size gap between what wages can be earned vs. what it actually cost to live.

This creates an awesome opportunity for a revolutionary type problem solver to evolve as a hero..

I could go on...  But will stop here.   And pray...    In Jesus name..


The Heart Seen.. By (matthew!) In a coffee stain on the counter

The Heart Seen... On my morning walk...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

In the (pleasanton weekly!)

THE HEART SEEN.. In the handpainted ceramics..

It was my great pleasure to merchandise these ceramics, hand painted in Spain...  The reason this heart qualifies.. Even though at first it might appear it was painted with human intention.. Is because I don't believe it was intentional.. But rather a happy accident: I looked carefully at all the ceramics, and the intended pattern/design was for flowers..  But every once in a while.. A darling little heart would result instead...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

"..KERNEL OF TRUTH!.." Realizes (me!) Sandra, tvgp

..k..so I find myself using that expression this morning.. "Kernel of truth..".  -which I think to date has meant ..well, about size..  As in "there might be a tiny bit of truth to that story". But!  Put it together with my pinball vs. Popcorn post...  And now I'm like,  "oh!.. I am so on to something here... Its not about size.. Its about "packaging!".  And size!  -as in..  We each have these kernels of truth...    Or something like that... I'm still thinking on it...   Now I'm considering the mustard seed vs. The kernel...  Grow vs. Opens under pressure...

Friday, April 25, 2014

"PICNIC ON A RAINY DAY" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

POPCORN vs. PINBALL by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I really could use a whole day to write..  Several thank you cards behind.. And several blog posts..

Notes:  I have used the analogy of a traffic jam of thoughts to describe situations.. What it feels like when the words won't come out: too many thoughts crowding the same pathway.. So they just park and run out of gas.

I have used the analogy of popcorn before.. To describe what it feels like when a whole bunch of thoughts suddenly do escape my mouth.. But unorganized; over excited..

I have used analogies of bubbles to describe my thoughts on time/space, etc.

/and can't use analogies.. Ever.. Without thinking of.. Hofstadter.. And strange loops..

I have most recently used the analogy of a locked vault (mind) with treasures (memories) -where pictures serve as keys..

-that's all review..  I've been inspired to consider popcorn again.. As an analogy.. But to describe how one visual or mental stimulant will trigger and open several associated memories  -quickly/sometimes simultaneously.. The way popcorn pops in a microwave..

So I want to understand more about how that actually takes place..

The scientist in me is asking..  Can we know in advance which kernals will pop open in what order?  Because they do not all open at once -write? Even in the same bag/same temperature/same microwave oven..  There is an order..  1st to open... Last to open...

It is predetermined to some degree..  Has to be..

Based on position.. And quality/size, etc. Of kernal itself..

But you can go back pretty far..  So many curiosities I don't have time to explore...

Off to work...  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

PUBLIC "THANK YOU!" For POETRY NIGHT from (me!) Writeousmom, sandra, tvgp

Oh! This was an awesome experience.. Great pictures and details to follow..  Must be off to work...  /but look! My jack..  First in line at the open mic..   Xoxo

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Squidmann! Check it out!" From (me!) -s.c.

From the city of pleasanton! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Pleasanton Public Library

THE BEATLES.. And their songs! A musical revolution..

Oh! You're going to love the price...


..slideshow and lecture presented by Dr. Dulais Rhys, musician, teacher and Beatles fan...

Sunday, April 27, 2014, 2pm.

You know I'm going to have to print out all your Beatles blogs and quizzes and see just who is really a Beatles fan here...

I'll be thinking of you... 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Heart Seen.. By ( The Teeter Family! ) in the middle school parking lot.

The Heart Seen.. By (keeshie! & sarah!) In the backyard..

The Heart Seen.. By (my squidmann!) In paper on his garage floor

In front of his famous driveway, I might add..  -its in the movies!

The Heart Seen.. By (carla graci!) In her tea bag..

The Heart Seen... On my toast!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Punch line expired for (my dad!) As heard by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Upon my request for a PG17 - R rated joke to share with a friend

My dad shared this one:

There's an airplane about to crash.. Both engines are on fire

A panicked lady stands up..  "Is there a real man in here who can make me feel like a real woman before we crash?"

Man stands up and removes his shirt..

"I can" he says

And hands her his shirt.  "Iron this for me."


So I laugh...  And my sister laughs..

But a new punch line is coming from a new generation..

Because my 10 year old niece says to her grandpa

"I don't get it.  What's an iron?"

And then my sister and I laughed even harder.

So tomorrow we're gonna toast to the long awaited success of the Womens movement..


"Lavender" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Inspired by patricias merchandising..

EASTER HYMNS for (me!) Sandra, tvgp by (james morrison!)

Now, you won't find this music in the Christian or gospel section of the music store..  But for (me!) -this is the kind of music I would love to hear at church

I sing it to Jesus..  "Whatever I do I am under the influence of yoOOooUUuuuuu"

And, when he sings the lyrics, "once you get a taste of it -there's no going back"

In my imagination..  This is in regards to that peace that surpasses human understanding.

I have had a taste..  There is no going back.  I know its for real.

Once you experience it..  There is no atheist, agnostic, scientist, philosopher, or human being of any status, no matter how high, important or well educated he or she may be

That can convince you otherwise.

Once you get a taste of it:  from the Prince of Peace..

There is no going back..  And! The next song I find myself singing (a traditional hymn) is.. "Better one day in your court than a thousand elsewhere.."

I am very grateful for Holy Week..  And Jesus..  And all I've learned from my list of spiritual mentors in life, and on TV.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

MY SQUIDMANN working very hard to get just the write shot...

..and this is the shot! THE HEART SEEN ... In squidmann's hair..

What a winner!  Can't wipe the smile from my face...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


PINBALL BRAIN game not over by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Marble reads: max baer park.  2nd turn. Pull plunger/release:

Ding! Ding!   "The single most dramatic and impressive catch of my sons baseball career! Oh... You should have seen how fast and how far he s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d...    Baseball barely, barely touching the tip of his glove.. But he gets it! And makes the 3rd out..

Flies over to "dramatic! And impressive!.."  Ding!  -cinderella man again! 

Down but not out!..   James Braddock.. Ding!  Russell crowe!  Ding ding!

Flippers send marble shooting over to "blogosphere!".

Kathryn..  KMG..?

The long walk.. Ding!   My thoughts on prostitution..  Ding!

Flies over to that scene.. That quote! From the movie

All four flippers engaged..  Marble saved. Back in action:

"Are you trying to tell me boxing is dangerous?"

Ding!  Rackin' up the points..

Oscars. Russell. Red carpet.  ... 

Stands like a statue.. Becomes part of the machine.  Always gets a replay. Always playin' clean...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PINBALL BRAIN.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Marble reads: max baer park. Pull back plunger... Release. Hands on flippers..

It first travels to -ding, ding, ding: James Braddock.  Then bounces down and over to:  ding!  Self portrait poem..

Looks like it might go down the center but -quick write handed flipper and it flies back and lights up

"Cinderella man!".     Look how SHE racks up those points..

Quick save with the left flipper..  "Tommy!".   Which sends it shooting over to "Elton john" and  "pinball wizard.."

Ding, ding..    Rock star writer in a poetry band!

Both flippers.. Saved again! Straight up the middle to the top

And pulled to the write!  "Cinderella man again!".    The magnetic force

Pops out and flies over to "russell crowe!".   ding ding.. Noah..

Now both hands And all four flippers are engaged..   Its over to the Oscars!

And look at that dress I'm wearing!  Ding.. !...

Ball rolls write down the center of the red carpet..   Turn is over.

But what a score!  

Cerebral hyperlinks..    Your turn.

THE HEART SEEN.. On my way to work..

TRUE STORY, TRUE STORY.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

First, I must publicly thank (the Robinson's!) For a wonderful dinner, great company, hospitality...   Great night!

And then impolitely cut to my personal revelation

About the man I am to marry

"He's going to be deaf!"

-because in the midst of a much longer conversation over dinner, -larry and Janet talked about their niece, who is deaf, coming over for a visit..  And then about the time she brought a male friend, who is also deaf, for a visit too..

And larry mentioned how they did a lot of writing back and forth..

In my heart and mind (but not out loud) I was like, "writing!..  I could do that from sun up to sun down!"

Then I got to thinking about what it would be like in the bedroom..

And realized   ".....no need for any vocal theatrics!.."

Its a done deal then..


And then my imagination danced on..   I thought about how, well, if I dared to post this revelation..

How I might expect to see a higher percentage of suddenly deaf males shopping at ricks picks..

Which helps explain why I was smiling during the dinner conversation when a smile might not have been called for..

I joined back in though...  Eventually.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

"SAILING WRITE ALONG" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"UP" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Mamarazzi! Strikes again...


...to feel a little sentimental... (Me!) Writeousmom

I asked; and she gave me her permission.  "LOL" she text me,  "i already warned my friends"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

"STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"NO WORDS" by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"TOUCH OF GOLD" by (patricia!)

"Enjoy the view" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

PM ASPIRIN & MY COLORING BOOK please, by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

K, so, yes, yes..  I write my post about -what are we teaching/what are students learning exactly in kindergarten through high school if by the time they test for college -all the test areas have to have security set up similar to state prisons..

Everyone treated as if a potential liar/cheater/criminal..


My obvious point is..  Why aren't we teaching/why aren't they learning honesty.. Integrity..  Etc.

And a direct result of -successfully-  teaching THESE fundamentals would eliminate the need for blood samples, 3 ID's, top security methods at... College testing sites...  

I mean, my God..  

But then!   -I'm watching an Interview with a CIA person, -and corruption/double agents/moles aside for the sake of my argument:

These are the very people who are PROTECTING our nation.  And the skill set that allows them to do their job.. The number one requirement:  art of deception ..

Liars, cheaters, con's..

And so, ..

I have come to the conclusion that our college testing sites should stay exactly as they are:  recruiting sites for CIA types..

Where say, they sift the ...  Sand from the..  /I've forgotten the saying..

But there are some very noble people out there who lie, and cheat, and steal and deceive..

In order to protect everyone from having to do the same.

"Thank you!". 

I could never do what you do; but I'm sure glad you do it.

/I wonder if they believe (me!)....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 TIMES BEFORE I LEAVE FOR WORK (me!) Sandra, tvgp

am blown away by the level of talent I get to witness/hear on these popular singing competition shows on TV these days. There are a couple different ones I occasionally tape and watch.. I do not watch any of the drama, do not listen to the judges, do not even pay attention to who wins or loses.  -the beauty of taping allows me to cut write to the talent; the performance itself,  and skip everything else.  /especially commercials..

And two stand outs from previous years for me are.. The young man who sang "amazing" -original of The Beatles...

Took the stage by storm and the song up several levels..  Must have have watched that performance 12 times..

And a young man who performed..  Oh! What's the name of that song?  The guitar weeping one...    -magnificent!

And then last night!  Alex Preston..   Singing 'every breath you take'. -original by sting

And I literally could not move, or breathe, or take my eyes off him. "I couldn't believe my ears!"

I just kept saying "HOW!?" Did he do that?   Soften that song..  And succeed!  Everyone knows the original has a stalker quality to it..

And that's what made it work.   -to temper this..  Well, its like dipping the fuse of a firecracker in water...   Who would care anymore?

But! What this artist did!  -somehow.. Some very magical, mysterious way..

Was soften and romanticise and transform the stalker into a man in love; a man looking, loving, longing.. Vs. Stalking, threatening, plotting..

And "it worked!".    I love the original.. But I can't get enough of this alex Preston version...

I don't know HOW he did it..  There were a million opportunities for this to go very wrong...

But he found what I think must be the singular way to do it -write.

Genius!   I'm going to go watch it again write now...

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

"The Shape of Things" mixed media (still) in progress, by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I can't explain, only describe: I can demonstrate enormous patience when it comes to people.. Bad drivers.. Long lines..   But! Oh.. When it comes to waiting for paint to dry..  The virtue practically disappears..  But! I must! Because this vase must be rotated in order to complete .. And you cannot rotate if the paint is wet.. "Sandra!..  One section at a time... One section at a time..  Help me Jesus!". -amen.    

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

TESTING as seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Sometimes my kids will moan.. 'Yuck.. Have a test today.'

I say with a smile, "you are always being tested.  -but only sometimes youre told."


What inspired this post though is a recent conversation with my coworker friend who recently took a real estate exam..

The environment she spoke of reminded me of the environment I was in when I was taking the test which was mandatory to pass in order to  attend San Jose states masters program

Similar to visiting a state prison.. (And yes I have; I know)

Everything you own goes in a locker..  You need 3 forms of ID and a thumb print and blood sample..

You may not even bring in your own pencil! They will supply..

You enter through security gates; there are guards..

The only windows are small, rectangular, and positioned so high up on the wall you'd need a ladder to see the outside world..

I could go on,

But my point is this: if at age 18 or older..  All of the candidate college students need to be treated like potential liar/cheater/criminals when taking a test for admittance

Then perhaps we need to take a long and closer look at what we are teaching, and what students are learning in Kindergarten - High school.

In Jesus name,  -amen.

TITHE at TOWNE CENTER BOOKS by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Once again, Leonard stegmann's blog has triggered a memory:  its not of my own short stop moments though..  /but I looked at his 'bad memories' box and thought..  If only! .. One small cardboard box..really?  I would need a storage unit..

Anyway.. What it triggered is my huge frustrations with CORPORATIONS..namely these loathesome words:

"We have to check with the corporate office"

I feel my temperature rising already!  The total lack of any autonomy at all.. Under any circumstance.. 

I have 500 examples, but will offer up just this one:

(Me!) At a local corporate/chain BOOK store..

"Can you tell me where the community board is for local literary events?". [I have a flyer for upcoming event to post]

Them:  "We don't have a community board"

(Me!):  "are you sure?  You're a BOOK store..  You don't have a bulletin board where people can check out local literary events? That doesn't make sense to me"

I get no points for etiquette here..

Anyway.. I knew from experience that if I posed even one more question I would get the automatic 'everything has to go through corporate' speech and so I bid  farewell and drove next to see Judy, at Towne Center Books on main street in downtown pleasanton

"Ah....  An INDEPENDENTLY owned book store...with real autonomous humans..  Who actually SUPPORT  -local LITERARY EVENTS-

And "look!"....   A community board!    

Everything makes sense again ...

I am write with the world.

Filed under:  places I tithe.  And you should too.

Monday, April 07, 2014

And at the Pleasanton Ricks Picks by (anne!) Admired by (me!),sandra, tvgp

And then I just love poppin' over to the pleasanton store and being delightfully surprised by what merchandising they've done with their unique blend of incoming product..   Look what anne did with this end cap and her batch of flowers; transformed!  Love it!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Imaginary conversation with Mother Angelica by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

(Me!): "Oooohhhh!...  Now I understand!  Why you think the way you do about abortion.. At least I understand now!  YOU think it comes from a place of selfish 'inconvenience'..  Like, what you project on to the person who chooses abortion is:  "I'm not going to let this baby interfere with my life and plans..". BUT!  What I project on to these females is entirely different..  Based on my experience, conversation and knowledge..  What is actually going on is FEAR and OVERWHELM, not concern about inconvenience.   I see them more like..  How a 14 year old might feel if you told her 'you are now the captain...go sail an ocean line cruiser across the pacific.   "I'm not qualified.  I don't know how..  I've never done this before..  This responsibility is too big and scary for me".   -so we really do project two entirely different scenarios on to these young women..   You project a competent person being selfish...  I project a scared and insecure and confused person who feels underqualified and overwhelmed.     This helps me understand your point of view.  Glad you explained your position out loud.   Blessings and gratitude to you..  I keep listening..  Keep learning...   In Jesus Name.. Amen.

SHE's AT IT AGAIN! (Patricia!) As seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Effortlessly...  In under 20 minutes..   An entire section transformed.   -out with the candy; in with the home decor.   Such a pleasing choice of color on the table mats to serve as a base/cover the bare white shelf.. And then grabbing from different different shelves.. Something here, something there..  Arranged just so in this new -neighborhood, of the store..  The eclectic made instantly cohesive.. Another beautiful bouquet arranged write before my very eyes..  Living art..  Moving art...   I never tire of witnessing or participating in this activity...

Friday, April 04, 2014

THE ART in MERCHANDISING.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Now.. This picture doesn't do it justice.. My little mini masterpiece in the center of the floor..  The colors around and behind distract.. But! If I could isolate it..  Let me speak of the joy.. And thank my merchandising angels..   First: I had cleared the entire space.  Sometimes I like to add/fill, but its most exciting to wipe an entire shelf, or shelving unit,  or an entire section clean out and start from scratch.. So! I had this empty space..  And in another part of the store.. These crates..  And rick comes walking by and sets these dry silk flowers.. "Mark them down and do something with these"  -and I get the feeling he doesn't much care for them; find them very appealing, but I'm write away creatively salivating:  oh! What can we do with these beauties?!  I check out their stems for length.. I look at the crates.. Crates.. Length of stems..  And then "look!" How the colors complement each other.. And the style!  So I grab a crate, flip it up write.. And start arranging..  As if the crate were a large vase.. Move this here.. That there, etc.  -remember what a beautiful piece of red fabric is in the back office.. Go grab it..  Work it inside the crate.. Tug here, fold there.. Oh! The colors together! This combination of textures: wood crate, flowers, fabric..  They were meant to be! .. Grab the other crate, angle it low and kitty korner.. And look! That clear glass bowl-ish container filled with candles in time with black labels!  -how perfect!  And oh! I remember this industrial looking mirror w/shelf I passed several times -let me go grab that and put it there...  I wish I could isolate those things together to show you and remove everything else from the picture: the two crates, the flower arrangement, the glass bowl and mirror w/shelf..  Because to someone like (me!).  This combination of texture, colors, style, objects, heights, weights, arranged in this way..  ;Golden.   And what I personally take great pleasure in; it is not knowing what I'll be handed to work with.. But coming up with something once an object or idea has be provided to me.   There is no advance planning.. No big space to "preview"..   You create as it comes; on the spot; in the moment.. And! In between ringing up customers, helping customers, and answering phones, and accepting shipments.. Any variety of interruptions which can not and are not treated as interruptions..  But I use the word only to describe and explain there are many stops and starts.. It is not the exclusive project and I like that aspect too..  Because as you move around the store new objects pop out as potential candidates for the next masterpiece you see..    And I confess here.. I do talk to the merchandise.. "I see you! You might be next..."  

THE MERCHANDISING ARTIST (patricia!) As seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Now.. Everyone I work with has created several  -temporary masterpieces-    some beautiful, magnetic display of home decor arranged just so..  Or some highly aesthetically pleasing combination of furniture, decor and wall art..  New arrangements are created, quite literally; everyday.  And sometimes.. Several times within the same day..   It is my joy.. My pleasure.. To not only create my own little mini masterpieces, but to get to appreciate and learn from my very talented coworker friends..  It may appear and sound like I work at a 'deep discounts on brand names' store.. But in fact, I work inside a perpetually changing merchandising art gallery!      I take in everything with my eyes.. And every shift I will pass objects that  -well, they just look really cool placed next to each other.. Or across, or behind, or layered a certain way.. Maybe it is because of their shape.. Maybe size.. Often it has to do with color.. Quality, quantity..  Such a variety of factors.. But I don't take a picture every time..  Although how easily I could make a full time job it!  Just admiring, taking a picture, describing what I like, why it works.. Moving this here, that there.. Another picture; another explanation..  But this is one of my fav's:  Patricia's masterful merchandising of the candle holders with a small blend of home decor..  Just look!  It caught my attention write away and! Every time I walked past it I enjoyed it again.. I had the pleasure of walking past it several times, -many times..  Look. Admire. Smile.  The internal sensation can be compared to when my eyes take in a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh flowers. -where its not just the flowers but how they are arranged.  Anyway.. Love it.  And I was not the only one..  Twice I think we had instructions on the to-do list to change this end cap.. And twice, we decided to keep it up longer.. And change different shelves instead..   But as I've written about before.. We must also demonstrate the art of immediate detachment; nothing we create remains for very long.  Yesterday this entire end cap was cleared, moved, shifted..  As were others.. But I got a picture before it came down..  What a beauty! Why? -she did everything just write: everything factors in.. Size, color, shape, style,  quantity, quality, function, ... A most beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh candle holders..  

Thursday, April 03, 2014

SAVE THE DATE! For (me!) Sandra, tvgp


On Leonard's blog.. In comments.. Just now!  "Thank you! Bloggerman..". "Thank you Russell!"

For those of you who are not in the know I offer the upshot:

Read eat, love, pray..  Elizabeth gilbert Inspires everyone to select 1 word that captures the essence of their city.. Of themselves..

My writer friends know their words immediately!  Jim Ott: renaissance.  Kathy Cordova: miracle...

(Me!)..  Nothing springs immediately to mind.. I wait patiently.. Patiently..

One day reading my horoscope, I come across the word: verve.  -no idea what it means... Hit the dictionary..

Shout to the world, "my word! I found my word!"

Made a wall plaque out of it...

That's been my word for probably 7 or 8 years now.. 6? Not sure, doesn't matter

What DOES matter.. Is that Leonard Stegmann wrote about russell crowe  (crowE! Not crowD!  Frickin' auto-mess..) This morning..

And.. Well go look and see comments..


I was trying to describe myself..  I was about 2 seconds away from typing 'average looking' american poet..

But my spiritual training prevents me from using the word , average..

But then I look again at Russell's ex-wife..

I'm certainly not THAT!   My delusions are of a different kind..

So I'm trying' to -sound- attractive ... But remain honest at the same time..

Damn spiritual training again!

But "look!"

Out popped: "highly verve-vacious"

Doesn't that sound so sexy

I'm very pleased; very pleased.

And now will be keeping my eyes out for what to wear to the Oscars

In Jesus name..  Hallelujah! I'm grateful.. Amen!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"Bistro. Set." Photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS with (elizabeth cady stanton! & susan b. Anthony!) By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Coming soon....

THE BOOK OF ELI & HOSTESS CUPCAKES as seen by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Something about this movie reminded (me!) About my blog post of some time ago:  how much more popular and valuable the Bible would be if it would just follow today's formula for popularity and success as taught to us by the threat of HOSTESS being removed from the market..  I mean the second people thought they would be without it..  Even those who didn't purchase often in the first place..  Oh! Such a sudden demand! Such an increase in trading/owning value!   People stockpiling them in their refrigerators/freezers!  Selling, biding on eBay, etc.   Hostess in the headlines of every major news source!

The poor Bible...  Abundant and free...   No immediate threat where i live that it will leave the market...

Abundant and free at my church..   I can see God has not gifted me with marketing/publicity instincts for nothin':

"One Bible left at Centerpointe church in Pleasanton!"

"Supply won't last!"

THaTs IntEResting, now isnT IT by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I woke up revisiting the question I blogged about not too long ago:  I have no exposure to a young prodigy; a savant,  -who demonstrates at a very young age that he (or she) can "build a piano from scratch!"

But a lot of exposure to really young prodigies/savants who can demonstrate an ability to play one.  -without lessons, etc.

So,  -looks like the piano came first.   -now I'm forced to research the history of the worlds first piano vs. The history of the worlds first piano prodigy...

That is, - first -documented cases.   -how can we know anything that has not also been documented?   -very important! Writing it all down...

Which leads me to re-realize.. People spoke before they wrote; people sang before they created/played Instruments..

We are born with stories and music Inside us...

Instinct gives birth to tool which gives birth to new instinct which gives birth to new tool....


Tuesday, April 01, 2014