Wednesday, May 31, 2017

i spy with my filoli eye.... (me!) sandra, tvgp

oh! the pictures I have to share from filoli!  I will be in pain until I have to time to edit; share..  but! before I forget.. have to share/capture/post my favorite line of the day..from my friend Gerry's granddaughter.. who thoroughly enjoyed the treasure hunt booklet provided by filoli for children..   so of course, I asked Gerry if she had taken her granddaughter to alden lane to hunt for the fairy doors    -and she had not.

granddaughter:   "will you take me there to find the fairy doors..."

Gerry:  "yes.. i'll take you someday.."

granddaughter:  "but can we go while i'm still 6 years old"


oh! I fell in love with this sweet, beautiful child...    newest recruit to the heart seen team:

now, I have more pictures/stories than I have time/patience.. my photos, that used to load instantaneously, now take forever, so i'll upload just a few each day, for the next several days..   and of course, if you are on the heart seen team, you need to also be a photographer, so I gave her my camera..   and she did a great job!

"do a funny pose"

contributions to the heart seen:

I spy with my filoli eye:

way cool to (me!):   /+ the heart seen in this one

i spy snuffaluffagus:

miracles on a stem:

    and these sweet peas are so fragrant...   

a million opportunities to marvel...    filoli.

and my new favorite succulent:

truth be told, mansions, big fancy, formal spaces, with luxurious/expensive furniture..  these areas do not speak to me in a way that nature does..   i'm a funky, casual, creative, eclectic..  ricks picks kind of person..   oh! I would love to take one of those ultra formal rooms and..    you know,  -help

but I joked,  -exactly because every room is so..   larger than some of the apartments, duplexes, townhomes, mobile homes, ive lived in;... the individual rooms, and each had something very entertaining..  a piano, or incredible library, or place for tea..

"if you were a kid, and your parent gave you a time out..   'go to your room!'   -you'd be like, 



I took only one picture:

but the marble fireplace; gorgeous...  the tapestries..    the design that went into...   the detail...  
the paintings, inspiration...

the gifts/talents of everyone contributing..   initially, and maintaining...

there is something to behold around every corner, down every hallway, throughout every space,

but for (me!)

"the gardens!"      and so close with a public "thank you!" to lurline b. roth

In Jesus...    

In God so loved gardens too, name.    amen.


this marks my 2nd out of the bubble adventure with Gerry...    my cherished new friend from alden lane  "thank you too!"

remember when we went to Europe on bart..