Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Heart Seen... by (charlotte severin!) on mt. shasta

what a most pleasant surprise to see charlotte severin at alden lane,    /she was actually there to show Jacquie a painting she commissioned, and will be surprise gifting friends..   i can't give it away, but..

it is spectacular!

but, BONUS! she had these photos to share with (me!)..    the heart seen on mt shasta during a recent trip she took

look how big!  gorgeous..   i said to her with a smile,  i sure hope you are feeling blessed! look at that!

and she remains a great inspiration to (me!).. charlotte severin,  living, keeping on, painting, creating, supporting others, teaching, traveling..   in recent widowhood, and with health challenges..   

she shared with me her day to day life motto:    choose joy

love you charlotte!   xoxo   and "thank you!" so much for these heart seen contributions

Monday, June 26, 2017

Two Most Important Things He Said (jack ma!) by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i have a project which is a priority.. and which prevents me from writing in detail write now on these topics, but I want to remember:

two most important things jack ma said during the interview with my charlie rose:


customer's happy
employees happy
shareholders happy

even more wonderful:   letting culture influence the behavior; not rules and regulations...

/big YES on that from (me!)    lots on the cultures of different places ive worked..


notes jotted at midnight:

different topic:  the most important spaces to preserve:    safe places.

/lots on preserve national parks; open space, etc.    but places,   -safe places, where the public can currently go, live, learn, hangout, explore, etc.      -safe places, where they are safe...  but without needing metal detectors, iron rods, three levels of gates/security, cameras,

  distinctions between entering an airport, or sporting event vs.

   a library, grocery store...     imagining  every single place you go, from the local grocery store to the park, requiring the same level of security employed at airports/jails...

recognizing/appreciating, upping the level of importance for preserving safe places, that are safe without the need for so much security..    how/where do they currently exist?    how/where do they disappear?   how can we grow/multiply those safe places/areas/spaces..    vs. lose them

employing a similar code system to species, for safe spaces:  endangered..    extinct...   vulnerable... under threat...    -thriving..


back to project...

In Jesus holy name...    amen!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pallet Painting/Haiku by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I just think the annual Art Under the Oaks event is    -awesome!  and love at this time of year, to point to the nursery and say to customers who ask...

"Art Under the Oaks...   look out there... it's all that beauty, but then add, live music, wine tasting and lots of artists..."             -and,  my de-cluttering/moving project may have provided a clue to what year I was first introduced to alden lane, which I believe was at one of these annual events, because I found a small paper flyer from 2008.

2017 SAVE THE DATE:  July 15th & 16th, 11am-4pm

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day to (My dad!)

ONE of my proudest accomplishments is a family video I created quite a number of years back for my dad, for his birthday..   it is as hokey as an ameuture family video can be..   none of the technology on phones or laptops today that makes instant mini movie making so easy was available to me at the time. 

for background music I would run, push play on a boom box... and then run back and pick up the video camera..

For 'slideshows' of still shots..   I placed pictures side by side on the floor and then moved the camera over them slowly ...

But the thing I most wanted to capture was my dad's granddaughter (My daughter, 4 years old at the time) repeating all the nursery rhymes I was also taught, as his daughter..Xoxo

As I've mentioned before..  my dad never changed his material, he just waited for a new audience...       -grandchildren!

Here's one of my favorites:

Mary had a little lamb
Her father shot it dead
Now it goes to school with Mary
Between two slices of bread.


Old mother Hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To get her poor doggie a bone.
But when she got there
The cupboard was bare

So the dog bit her!


Hickory, dickory dock

Three mice ran up the clock
The clock struck one
-and the other two got away.

Hickory dickory dock


There was a thousand legged worm
Who let out a little squirm
Has anybody seen a leg of mine?
If it can't be found
I'll have to hop around
On the other nine hundred ninety nine.


The dog was standing on the deck
Flames were shooting round his neck


Really, I did capture some magic and some awesome one of a kind moments no one can script...   and when I have the opportunity.. I will upload the entire video to YouTube and share it with the world at large..

Love you Dad!    Happy Fathers day!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

embarrassing moment # 79212 for (me!), sandra, tvgp

so what happened this time, is that..    keeping in mind, my age,  lighting, and my (in)ability to see certain things.   

i readied myself for work..   shower, shampoo, shave, shine..

and in the bathroom, -according to the mirror in that lighting:   good to go.

but then, when i went outside to get in my jeep blue SEE...   and caught glance of my face in the reflection of the window    -in that natural, bright light, the sun revealed...

"like,  OMG, i have a beard!"    

so, if you were watching me from a short distance... which, i would later realize, a neighbor was..    you would have seen me go to get in my jeep, and then dead stop.   check my face in the reflection.    and back away in a panic, and then go closer, and then stand there and start cracking up...  laughing.    and then look again...

and then run inside the house, saying "try again, try again..."

but the reason i stood there laughing for a moment, is because it flashed in my mind:

i was sitting in a luxury leather recliner, with shaving cream all over the sides of my face, and covering my chin and above my lip,

and there was a super sexy man, with a warm wash cloth and a razor...     shaving my female mid-life beard

and he was leaned in to me..  real close.

yes..    close shave that was!


In Jesus...   thank you for the sun and truth's   name..    amen! 

AWARD WINNING LANDSCAPES for ALDEN LANE NURSERY at the (alameda county fair!)

i'm so proud to work at alden lane nursery   "Congratulations!!"    to the landscape design team for winning


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Customers Cerebral Hyperlink; opened with one penny.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):  "your total is $9.99.."

customer:   -hands me a $10 bill.

(me!):  "so, sometimes, it's fun...   when you get just one penny back for change..  to take a look at the date on the penny, and come up with a memory from that year..."

customer:  "i don't have a good memory"

(me!):  "no?  no memories from...    [look here, and wiggle the penny until I can make out the date]...   from 1975?"

customer:   "1975?    terrible memories.   -you wouldn't believe me.   -you wouldn't believe me."

(me!):   "no..   I probably would."

customer:   [gestures toward himself]  "see... I'm Eastern Asian..    1975..      the killing fields."

(me!):   ".. those are terrible memories...    yes.    -good to be on the other side of that...."

    -tried so hard to leave the wound I opened with some salve..

-now is he a direct survivor?   the details I may never know.   and if he crossed my path again in the near future, I don't know that I have retained exactly which customer..   -these are very brief, passing conversations...

but,  -fascinating how cerebral hyperlinks work; isn't it.     -the date on the penny idea...    a thing I used once upon a time for creative writing workshops I taught

and, a gift too, when it comes to learning more about human memory storage; yes...


and wars, genocides, holocausts...     I have no words; no answers..  only questions.  and heartbreak.

In    -if I gave Jesus a penny with a date...   's  name..      hallelujah & amen.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

my favorite word pairing: " WORLD CHAMPIONS!" (golden state warriors!)

Monday, June 12, 2017

"WINNERS!" 3 favorite photos for (me!) WriteousMom.. xoxo

know what you believe. from (me!) sandra, tvgp

operates on a day to day basis according to what they believe
-not what they know;
but what they believe.

which is why it is crucial to know what you believe; and why you believe it.

in Jesus name,    -amen.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Glossary of terms used by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Vaudeville  -when I use this word/expression, what I mean, is something not entirely authentic..  something where, the point is to get people, an audience, to participate with booo' s or cheers..   so extra drama is incorporated on purpose.

When I say 'WWF'  it is similar..  I am using this term to indicate that I suspect there is deliberate choreography going on behind, and sometimes within the scenes.  It is not spontaneous and true

It is entertainment.  It is business.  But you don't only find vaudeville and/or WWF habits in the entertainment industry


3 times in 10 years.. best guess for (me!) sandra, tvgp

ive mentioned before, it is the exception and not the rule, that people ask me about my tattoo.  and only one time so far has this happened:

him:   "i have that same tattoo on my leg."

(me!):   "well, what do you tell people it means?"

him:  "why... what do you tell people it means?"

(me!):   "i tell people..  'it means conquer the world with kindness.'    -unless, like you, they know what it means, in which case, I say,  'because that takes quite a bit of courage, doesn't it."

and he liked that.


and I think over the past 10 years plus that ive had my tattoo, only 3 times   -and I'm guessing, I never wrote it down or documented it, but perhaps 3 times, ive encountered people who just can't seem to let it go..   how much they detest my tattoo..   they want to go on and on about how much they hate them.. would never get one...  cant stand the way...    etc., etc.,

I am a good listener and a good sport for a while..    but, I feel compelled at some point to remind such people

with as much politeness and respect as I can muster,

"yes..   I understand you don't like tattoos.  I hear you...    but, your liking it was not part of my criteria for getting it...      -I understand they are not for everyone..."

-and they don't like that.     people who want their opinions to control/dictate other people's opinions/decisions/behavior..   they are not so sure what to do with themselves when it doesn't work.


false labor:  not uncommon for a first time pregnant mom to show up at the hospital and learn she had 'false labor' pains..   and the only way she knows/learns the difference/distinction is when she has had the real actual labor pains to compare it to...     yes.

I am not a first time writer..   but!  I think I have had..    and only because write now I believe I have a real/actual true start   -only in comparison with what I am writing now, everything else feels like a false start..   to a real memoir.   my argument/plea/proposal if you will, has been for an advance.. so I can buy myself the time/space to organize the overwhelming amount of material that already exists on my blog.. but not in a reader-friendly format...     it takes time/energy..     but, all efforts for an advance have been unsuccessful.    -when I prayed on it..    and Joyce Meyer, will know immediately of what I speak..     I did not have my prayer answered in the form of an advance...  I had my prayer answered in the form of being provided  -verve in extra doses, and determination..    -so as time allows..  the writing continues.


label me suspicious:   in a conversation with my co-worker friend kurt..  my coworker friend and fellow Warriors fan..   he said to (me!)..  I never wanted to think so..    not in professional sports.. but..    did you see the game yet?       -and I knew in advance what he was eluding to..  I said, 'without specifically suggesting corruption... I already planned on writing about it.   -and, he shared his concerns, and I was sorry, but could only mostly validate his concerns...     in my 5 decades on the planet, I have learned..  that almost anywhere you have that kind of money on the line..      -so, yes..   I am also suspicious.    but! 

and light-heartedly, I joked/apologized I was not able to watch the game, and always joke that is why they lost...  

and offer the spiritual perspective   'it didn't happen to them... it happened for them...     so they can win at home in Oakland!"

-and since I will be able to give that game my undivided attention...  we know with great certainty!

and can't you just feel the celebration in the air...


and the reason I could not give my undivided attention to the potentially history makin' 4th game of the NBA World Championship FINALS, is because

I was giving my undivided attention to the dancers/performers at the Dublin High School Center for Performing Arts where Jazz n Taps was presenting their annual show..

and, I say it every year...   because every year it's true... but, THIS YEAR!!   best of the already best..

the theater itself; wonderful, spacious..
best seat I ever did have!  I could see the facial expressions of any dancer I focused on..

and, I focused quite a bit on my beautiful mom friend's daughter..  my reason for going..   

   -watching her evolve year after year..   and master tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre.. modern..

   /I'm not sure how many different genres'... but EXCEPTIONAL in any number she participated/contributed..

   -to see young children evolve into young adults...     always brings love tears from my eyes..   and to see young children/young adults discover their God given gifts/talents and to put such time, effort, energy, dedication and heart into developing, challenging, growing, improving...

and,  -to witness the consistent level of excellence for the duration of the performance:   lighting, costumes, music, choreography..   back to back fantastic dancers     -what a great job jazz n taps does .and what an honor it must be to be a part of the JnT family..



much going on/to look forward to at alden lane..   berry festival, art under the oaks, quilt show..  to name a few, but the official  -spring season-   is reaching its end.   I have been educated.   the spring season in the nursery industry is analogous to Christmas season in regular retail...   only longer by a number of weeks..        -but how exciting!   the pace, the volume, the variety of flower, plant and trees that have crossed my visual path over the past several months..    learned more than I have time to write about..  but want to remember the level of happiness from all the gardening customers  -so many people   -excited-  again, to plant what the long drought had prevented them from planting and enjoying..

and, I want to remember one of the silver lines:   that as a result of the drought, many people purchased/experimented with succulents for the first time..   and almost across the board, this introduction

a direct result of the drought, and probably not happening otherwise...

started a bran new love affair with succulents/cacti that I have no doubt will last for life times.

and there is quite an analogy there also, isn't there..

when in drought...


I am fascinated by things I don't think medicine/science can measure/see yet, by x-rays, or fmri, or blood samples, or dna, or urine, etc.

like,  -verve..   quantify/measure; report.      love.  peace.  ...   bonds ....    like, if I went to a doctors office, or scientist..     do you have tools which can show you my friendship bond with sue-sue?  because we just got together again, and its been a good long while, and I just love her to pieces, and our conversations pick write up.. and we share and enjoy each other's company so much..   

I know these friendship visits have incredible value..   on my heart health.  not monetary, not..

my friends mean the world to me..     do we have tools which can show/measure/quantify?   -because I don't think if you used number of calls, texts, or time of actual visits..

it really is a quality over quantity experience...      such a number of my friends are people I see/visit infrequently...   but very beloved friends they are!      I'm blessed.  blessed and grateful...

and again..   fascinated by what can/cannot be seen/known by doctors or science..
LOOK  -today, so popular, we have two things:  1. genealogy.  2. dna.
that is, we have ways to look back, and learn about our ancestry.  and we have ways to spit in test tubes, and learn about potential health risks, physical factors we may face in the future..
          I will not go on, write now, about the legitimacy/integrity/credibility of either/or,
my point, is we can -theoretically/practically look way back, and look way forward

but in my own life   -would any of this have been valuable to (me!) ? 

If I had an ancestry report in my left hand, and a DNA in my write..   would either prepare me for a predator breaking into my home? Jumping out from behind bushes with a gun?

-what would let me know I would have evil, wicked kidnappers/rapists to deal with?  PTSD does not show up in ancestory/DNA reports... 

it is  -post-   TRAUMA.    so, unless you can predict...   TRAUMAS...
violent attacks; sudden death; kidnapping/rape; human trafficking; terrorist attacks; domestic abuse, car-jackings, murder..  

so, i'm saying this so you can see...  with all the information we (potentially) have at our fingertips..  
            none of it is as valuable to me..    if you are using knowledge to prevent...

what good to know my aunt/uncles name from 1542?  or that I might one day battle alzheimers..
when what I had to worry about between then, my birth, and my unknown future were RAPISTS.

so, my interest is not as it seems to be with others -genealogy; dna reports...  looking back/looking forward
my interests are toward good and evil and spiritual warfare and helping humans evolve -spiritually.

any reports where science can quantify the fruits of the spirit?  how evil/how holy..  the soil of the mind/heart..

/am I being productive write now...   or procrastinating on the memoir God has gifted me the verve to...

let me not waste...

In Jesus name...    "Thank You!"             -hallelujah, yes and amen.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

...than time to write them... (me!) sandra, tvgp

Friday, June 09, 2017

SLAFE. WOWN. FLEAS. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is a spiritual practice:  shrink attention to the negative.  magnify attention toward the positive.  and in my effort to shrink..   I don't write much, and try not to think about my commute.  although, I have to say, it does tax me, and I always have to spend a couple minutes  -recovering- when I arrive  "I'm alive!" to work.

and as cars speed by, cut between, zig zag, and selfishly put so many other people at risk, in order to not let their arrogance, ignorance get the best of me, I just pray.

I look directly at the car going terrible speeds..     and to Jesus I say,

"keep them safe.  slow them down.  wake them up."      and I must say it six or ten times to and from work..  the opportunity presents itself quite frequently..


and so, ive gotten pretty good..  I stay calm.. I pray...  I listen to music..   I drive...

but then,

I do have a number of accidents ive directly been in always reminding me..  how quickly it can all go wrong   -one false move..     one bad judgement on whether or not you can fit, at 85 mph between two cars going 70 mph..

and so, I was all cool, calm and singing, driving when I glanced in my rearview mirror and in just a prior glance, no one for several car lengths behind me, but now all of the sudden..    a car going 90, and coming up so fast...   -1/2 INCH FROM MY REAR..   like someone changed my rearview mirror to super sonic zoom

" slafe...  Jesus...   flease... them awake.. slow..."

I could not think or organize my thoughts.  it startled the order write out of my prayer and rearranged sounds..

so, now I don't bother with the whole... keep them safe. slow them down. wake them up.  who has time for all that...

I just say

safe. slow. awake.

and sometimes,

slafe. awow.   sake.

and sometimes I say,

Jesus take the wheel...   

and sometimes...       can someone please get me out of here.

hallelujah & amen.


 I can drive all freeways with God who strengthens (me!)....

amen!    I will not write on this topic again.    


"Thank You! Jesus!"  for all the blessings I am swimming in..  itemized list in prayer..



Thursday, June 08, 2017


...who could breathe?...

how exciting!!

"thank you! Warriors!"

if any team can make history...  we know it's you...



Wednesday, June 07, 2017

in bloom now at (alden lane!)

anthony:  "did you bring your camera?"

so, i know there will be .... something....   something to see without knowing what it will be.   and during my ten minute break, i followed him through the statuary garden and around a slight bend

(me!):   "that is magnificent!  is that all one plant?"    click.  click..  click/click

and he did tell me its name..   but i already forgot.  and i must have asked about a dozen more trees and plants in the area..   "what is that one called?  what does that one do?   that?! is a flower?  -how wild!  is that...  what it's supposed to look like? or ..    is that in bloom, or pre-bloom?"

    (photos when time allows here...)

and i'm not sure why i ask so many questions because i cant retain all the answers anyway, but i sure am impressed with, and grateful for all the people who can

"thank you!"   anthony         -can add to my list of those i will

 recognize by face, but not by name.


and im just certain, my future grandchildren's photo taking devices will include auto-recognition/identifiers for all living things..    "cheers!" to e.o. wilson here..   and "thank you!" to our heavenly creator   -amen!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

and that 'Somebody' was left-handed.. notices (me!) Sandra, tvgp

sapiens. a brief history of humankind.   yuval noah harari.

Oh my gosh, I can't even get past the very first page without responding immediately. 

as a left-handed person myself, and an artist, and having painted my own nails, and traced my own hand

i can see write away, this 'somebody' was left-handed.   -because you would place the hand that you don't draw/paint/chalk with on the wall   (empty canvas... )

so that the hand you do draw/paint/chalk with would be free to hold the tool

was it okay 30,000 years ago in france to be left-handed?


it is not the first time ive visited this topic..    so fascinated by learning the history.  how much unfounded, unnecessary fear was directed toward left-handed people  -during what time frame? in what geographic areas?  how it was an accepted practice to try and 'correct' left-handers and 'make them'    -write handed.

repeat here:  i am a write-handed lefty to be sure   [and to (me!) anyone with instincts/inclinations to write is write-handed...   no matter which they use to hold a pen or pencil.  and you need both for keyboards don't you..]

anyway..   eventually we did     -we have

EVOLVED enough to realize..    to stop trying to unnecessarily punish/correct lefties, and MAKE THEM use their other hand...   -the whole thing was silly; quite sdrawkcab

and a division surfaces for me:    orientations vs. behaviors.    

i cant go back 30,000 years..    my observations/curiosities/fascinations are just from what ive experienced/observed during my own life time

without going on and on, like i certainly could.   i think on the following:

honoring orientations. -born with...     correcting behaviors...  which form from..     and distinguishing between the two..

what is innate vs. what is shaped..   nature/nurture

and most importantly...  in 2017..   what stills falls in that category?

things we fear today...   try and correct; or force to be differently..     when, if we just let it be

   -like we have learned/evolved to just let left-handers be left-handers...

it would be to all of humanities advantage.  


ever wondered?   -when Jesus spit on the ground, and wrote in the dirt..

which hand?   Jesus...     why would it even matter?     amen.

Monday, June 05, 2017

The Heart Seen.. by (carla graci!)

..on first street near a bus stop....   -great find!  wonderful contribution..   and blessing.. "Thank you!"  xoxo

"Warriors!!" photo by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and amen!

"Twins!" photo by, proud grandparent.. (anthony lovercamp!)

Saturday, June 03, 2017

"Our God is a God of Hearts" repeats (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Three steps to the write. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-before I opened this book this morning, I had already prayed.  and tucked within a larger prayer, I said to Jesus, "... thank you for understanding..."

and then, I spent a few minutes just thinking about that word..   understanding.   -how wonderful, beautiful, helpful, validating, comforting, reassuring it is when you meet someone who  -understands.  when you hear someone say,  'I understand'

if even someone says, 'I don't agree... but I understand'    -this is helpful. it is still good to hear.

and better yet

if they really do.


and so, you can see then, why I stopped to highlight and share this page I read this morning.. because the word stood out having just prayed and thought about it..  and then,  -look-   it is included in every passage on both sides of this page under the topic of wisdom.  

a good word to contemplate.    ; to understand...


now, I've been on the hunt for a catch phrase/or one word to capture what I just described above.. the way you can suddenly be introduced to an image/thought/word/object...  which was before you a million times before; in-specifically-noticed, but then suddenly..  you see it everywhere.   I think ive addressed this before..   

but, it sure has happened again, since watching the video on the filoli website.   -and I didn't even retain many details, there was so much story/information, but..    suddenly, I must see at least a dozen trucks on 580 to and from work with matson painted on the side..    never noticed them before.

please feel free to put in comments if you know a word or phrase which short-cut explains this experience.


and I am most grateful!   for two catch phrases ive heard watching tv, that do exactly that..  simplify things I say, using way too many words,  -long sentences..

example #1:   in a light-hearted way, I describe, and like to tease, my mom's husband, for the type of warriors fan he is...    -very passionate to be sure..      an authentic warrior fan.   -but if you listen to him during the game..     if the warriors get a basket or two behind, he talks like they are bound to lose...   and if they get one or two baskets ahead.. he cheers like they are destined to win...    and he will admit he doesn't always keep the faith..  and is surprised when they have those 22+ point come-backs..

/now, see how long that took me to explain...   

I heard a sportscaster use the term:    prisoner of the moment.                  and I was like, "thank you!"   -don't be a prisoner of the moment!  that's the type of fan rick is...     but don't be a prisoner of the moment   -ever!    as in, not just sporting events; but in life...    don't think a bad day, or bad season ='s the rest of your life...  and don't be deceived to think a great day, great season, represents your whole life...       life is full of ups and downs..      -keep the faith! be a prisoner of hope, faith, love

/and now I hear the song, I dedicated to my sister...   God gave me you for the ups and downs...


also, I heard recently, someone say, "they corrupt you so they can own you"   -think it was Stephen Colbert..   but anyway,   -yes-   that registered also..    and sad to say, how long I went without realizing; without seeing..    how there are people out there; awful people..    who consciously cause others to stumble, quite on purpose..     and then hold that over them.   forms of blackmail I guess you could call it..    and all these phone cameras, recording devices, are new tools used for both good and evil..       and the set-up..    good people, unknowingly entrapped  -self blaming, when they were manipulated all the while behind the scenes by crafty ungodly types..

    -I quite believe in a God of justice though...

and a God who   -understands.


In Jesus,  mighty counselor, prince of peace's name...   amen!

Friday, June 02, 2017


and, now..   love how they don't make you choose between watching the game, or dancing; you can do both; at the same time!   and it was so similar to before, i'd just about be writing the same things, just changing who was there; so..  it was much like this

"Thank You!" Jesus..