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Speaking of Victory... (me!) sandra, tvgp

Keeshie,  Keeshie, Keeshie..     don't panic.  -here is my understanding according to more seasoned Warrior fans   -the best I can explain.  k.   goes like this:

  -they can handle the loss of a few games, here or there, without jeopardizing their current status as number 2; and therefore assured in the playoffs


 -even if they won every game from here on out, this would not place them as #1  -there is no catching up, 

-but the team in 3rd   -even if they won, won, won...  they are no threat, statistically from catching up and taking 2nd..

so,  the Warriors WILL BE in the playoffs..  this is already a done deal, and it doesn't so much matter whether they rank 1 or 2, because both 1 & 2 will compete

so,  -strategically..   safe to rest our best, and ride things out between now and...


    /let me know if that makes sense..       love you!


Baillie, Baillie, Baillie...        

How many rockumentaries have I watched..   biographies/autobiographies of famous musicians..  there is no counting.    And, even though I do not own a Bruce Springsteen CD..   and have never seen him in concert..

    /although I have seen several interviews via Charlie rose, 

but, even though, even though..

Yours..   is my favorite documentary of all time.   /all time, being in 52 years...

because, how cool is that?!?   just to get to witness the fans..  their exciting/moving stories/experiences!     the impact of his music, his lyrics, his concerts on human lives..    

could I ever relate!     ~beautifully done!    "thank you!"


lots more topics; but no more time...    


In Jesus is the Reason for Easter Seasons'   name...    hallelujah! & amen!

Monday, March 26, 2018 know how i feel... blossom on the tree.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Very Important Conversations to (me!) sandra, tvgp ~writeousmom ~tops

I am so burnt out on the bullshit of that argument.  its a lie.


what I'm talkin' about..  

I was having lunch with my son, jack, at giant burger, and we talked about many things, but among them, low income housing

and he started to mention how Pleasanton doesn't want to attract low income people because it increases crime

a large part of me wanted to stand up on the table, and with a megaphone shout

"that's bullshit!"

I'm so tired of that worn out threat and lie..

and so I said to my son..   I explained how I have a great work ethic..  I have given..  look at everything I have contributed to Pleasanton..   sending you and your sister through the school system, volunteering in the schools, the good neighbors holiday boutique, being a keynote speaker here and there, the poet laureate, 5 years the reflections chair, contributing on local tv, with in a word, and conversations, teaching arts/crafts in the pre-schools, and creative dance at pams dance studio..  there is a very long list..   hard work, volunteerism, contribution,   -writing classes through the parks/rec..

and ive worked at all these Pleasanton places of business..  Amelia's deli, creative imaging, ricks picks, ruby hill, Pleasanton patch,      -making minimum wage give or take a dime an hour

and the people ive worked with... great people! enormously hard working..   many, many, on low hourly wages, shift work, part time..       owners cut hours at will...   no benefits...

these people are not a crime threat to the population  -they are some of the hardest working, caring, wonderful people anywhere

and I am not apologizing for not making a lot of money, like its some kind of crime..   and I am far, far, from a criminal even though I spent a decade below the poverty level.

you know who else is low income...   all the teachers that have helped you get where you are write now..   they don't make enough to buy a home here in pleasanton.. their contributions are HUGE!    you mean to tell me..  all these pre-school and elementary school..  middle school, high school teachers..

hard working, mighty contributing teachers are a crime threat to your neighborhood if you were to provide places to live that they could actually afford   -that's a lie.

there is not one minimum/low income person I have worked with who would threaten to increase the crime rate if they were to rent an apartment here..

so, I was very glad to hear   -AT LEAST!-  they are building low income housing for the teachers.. so they don't have to commute hours each day back and forth...    they should be able to live where they work and are contributing

you know what high crime is..    

the lack, the dodging..    the legal loop holes, the avoidance of providing residence for people of all income levels..   because people of all income levels are contributing to what makes Pleasanton, pleasanton


I'm going to skip here..   the crimes, stealing, drug/addiction issues taking place among the wealthy..
and what a true crime threat disposable income is for a percentage of the 'rich' kids


instead..  just like to ponder  -if we take a micro-view of the entire working population/job opportunities within Pleasanton, and make one of those fancy power-point graphs

which would show:   the # people earning $20,000 or less; this many 20,000 - 30,000, etc.

and then, another graph with the total # jobs in each wage/income level

and then, the third graph..    housing/apartments, prices in each level..

   -well, if we could see actual numbers in those three graphs..  wouldn't that be telling.

and at least, in my imagination..    there should be local affordable living opportunities which come close in distribution to the jobs.


and he is such a good listener, my son..    and he let me rant/rave, and then we talked about upcoming family get togethers, school, college, cars, and just how great the burgers, the shakes..


Next Very Important Conversation was with my sexy; Robert..   we were driving somewhere..  and he re-mentioned how dramatically things had changed for cops..

how, just after 9/11, police-officers were respected, celebrated..   but, after the media..  the corruption by the few that got blasted over and over..   how drastically it changed..   how his children, once very proud to say their father was a cop.. became fearful..   just didn't mention it at all..

and Robert said   "man, I've had to start looking over my shoulder all the time, like for the past 5 years.."

and I thought to myself     only 5 years..    but out loud said, "you should try being female."


but I haven't stopped thinking about that..      -the entire reason cops have gone from being respected/celebrated to being fearful, looking over their shoulders, and shunned/threatened by the public at large

is because a small % of the corrupt ones...   but how, the media so magnified; so blasted; so repeated, repeated, repeated

and it is a very well established pattern of human behavior, that we project onto the whole of a given population the misdeeds of the few..

few bad cops =   all cops are bad.

few cops are racist   = all cops are racist

few bad white men in power  = all white men are bad.

few corrupt religious leaders   =  all organized religions are bad

few lying/cheatin' men  =   all men are dogs

few lyin'/cheatin women  = all women are hoes

few coaches are pedophiles/molesters/rapists   = all coaches become suspicious...

this is a very long list..

but, the point before I go on about my day, is this

what Robert was telling me...   how the way the media/the news portrayed cops made it so he had to start looking over his shoulder all the time

that is EXACTLY what the black, African American, population has been trying to explain, for the past 100+ years!      -the way the media/news has portrayed them..   has made it so that they have to look over their shoulders all the time

and I would add on, the way the media/news portrays blacks, makes all non-blacks feel like they have to look over their shoulders when they are around blacks..


the common denominator -  is THE WAY THE NEWS/MEDIA PORTRAY...


THE WAY THE PUBLIC AT LARGE RESPONDS...     projecting on to the whole, the behavior/crimes of the few..


and this is only one of many reasons I do not watch the news, and only VERY SELECTIVELY watch tv in general...


and, notice I am skipping here also..   the way the media portrays females..


but clearly, clearly, clearly

where we most need the paradigm shift,  dear new generation..

is in the media.


see how powerful it is...    


it can be used for good or evil...


and so you see then,   -what they like to do, is show pictures of the small % of low income areas where crime/drugs are high..   and get you to project that image on to the entire population of people making $20,000 or less..

the first thing to understand is that the % of crime/drugs is small, relative to the entire population of 'low' income people, families

and I challenge you to walk into any business, restaurant, hotel, retail establishment, warehouse, factory,  and look at the wage earners..  and ask yourself..  if I were to provide them a place they could afford to live, without changing their income..

would the result be high crime?  can you look at the barista, or server, teacher, or volunteer, or packager, or receptionist, etc..     and say to yourself..    'don't want YOU living in my neighborhood..'


In Jesus,    -is portrayed how? in the Bible vs. the media..   what do you project onto Jesus   -name,   -amen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

..speaking of the C.I.A... (me!) sandra, tvgp

I like to check in on swalwell periodically..

Monday, March 19, 2018

Find A Way To See This Movie.. wonderful!! to us: (sexy! & tops!)

The Comedian

Sunday, March 18, 2018

k then... SON of a C.I.A. agent... smiles/writes/edits (me!) sandra, tvgp

CH = C.I.A.

and, so, since it is one of my favorite, favorite, cerebral hyperlinks, I asked squidmann if he could
re-release his blog posts and  'the picture'

and the short version for why I posed for this picture goes like this:

I wanted to lift leonard stegmann's spirits; I wanted to make him smile


because, these two very awful facts..

well, I had been reading and responding to his blogs for YEARS!  -a friendship of the online/writing/blogging kind grew over and through all that reading/responding

and so somewhere near in time, I knew..  I knew, his mom was ill; had passed     /and over the years, other very dear, very close family members at different times, for different reasons..

and, then..  

well, from 1978!  his mom..   she had gifted leonard and his brother these 'naked Hawaiian girl calendars'   /not the real title, but you have to read his post to appreciate..

anyway..  when he went to re-order the calendar his mom originally gifted him -the one he had been reordering every year for many, many.. years! like,  -decades!

and they sent him a letter they were no longer in business.. no longer publishing...

 I just couldn't bare it..   /k, that's funny..

I mean,   - I just couldn't take it..

and, combine the death/physical absence of his mom, with the -no longer printing the naked Hawaiian girl calendar

and so,    

I had my sister take this picture of me with the intention of cheering him up.


but, if you've read me long enough
and know about all my cerebral hyperlinks   /overwhelming...

at least this is a very, very, fun one


when Robert..   my sexy..    love of my life

when he shared with (me!) that his father, now deceased, had a career with the C.I.A.

I just smiled so big..       / -have I got a secret code for you

how wild is that?!?

I mean,  -I need to make a few very minor edits, of course..

-son- of a c.i.a. agent..

and he's not blind..   /but I do like the room pretty dark, and sometimes he closes his eyes when we're kissin'

 ...he is highly trained..

and ambidextrous, might be a bit of a...     reach, but
he is quite capable of using both hands 

and so, 

can you imagine my

I mean,  his


and of course, this is all still  -tops-  secret

but, I mean   

well, i'll have to research to be sure, but
I believe he has something like
25 years from the date of my comments above 

before the classified information in my nipples is automatically declassified anyway

but meanwhile, 

the security of our entire nation might be at stake    -write.

and so, 

"keep reading..   sexy..    trace my nipples with your fingers..

and since this is flesh braille, if it becomes hard to decipher

  you just kiss.. 


and then softly blow..

the secret clues will be even easier to read."


and just for fun, of course..    
I told squidmann, via email, upon seeing this picture again, several years later
I said,   it speaks to the level of our friendship..    /or to me being slightly tilted.. but let's go with the altruistic version

and in the squidmann fashion I've come to know and appreciate,  he responded by saying

a real friend would have dropped her arms.

/see, why I enjoyed reading/responding for all those years;  fun!


and in case you are just droppin' in

I read and responded via comments to every day -ish for NINE YEARS.   when he published/converted into books,  his work/posts/writings via amazon, one of the STUPID rules is that you cannot have your writings also posted online   -so, nine years of archives; unpublished.  -just like that..    and,  all happened when I was just on the brink of successfully promoting us,  'squidmann & she' as the 21st century 84 charing cross road..



he has very graciously and very temporarily reposted the calendar/nipples/c.i.a. related blogs, and green-lit my temporarily re-posting them here   -see, That Damn Naked Hawaiian Girl Calendar


and, now..  Robert, my sexy..

he is busy with Tops ~Secret Information.


In Jesus, is the King of Spiritual Intelligence Agents..  name.    -amen.

THAT DAMN NAKED HAWAIIAN GIRL CALENDAR -3 posts by (leonard stegmann!)

  -from the archives:   with permission for temporary re-posting

-These are the three posts related to the  ~aloha~   'naked Pleasanton girl' photo

***** ONE *****

The Naked Hawaiian Girl Calendar Post, by Leonard Stegmann,
original post:  ? 2005, reposted in  2010?

How do you mark the passing of each year? What annual event is it that makes you pause, perhaps just for a moment, and acknowledge that another 365 days of your life is in the can? Some people do this at Christmas. Others stop to reflect as the clock chimes twelve times on New Year’s Eve. Most often, of course, people feel the passing of another year as the lights are turned off and they blow out the flickering candles on their birthday cake. Me? It’s when I once again send in my check to The Calendar Company to order the coming year’s Naked Hawaiian Girl Calendar.

Which I did today. First of all, that phrase from the last paragraph shouldn’t even be in caps. That’s not the actual name of the calendar—that’s just what I call it. It’s almost become a new word that I created and have been using for years with family and friends. “Meet for lunch on the 12th? Sure--let me just write that on my Naked-Hawaiian-Girl- Calendar.”

The truth is the girls on that calendar aren’t naked at all. They’re simply topless, and that’s just fine with me. I received my first of these calendars in 1978, when my parents returned from a trip to Hawaii and brought back two of these calendars—one for me and one for my brother. I think my brother continued to reorder the calendar for another five years or so and then quit. Slacker. I’ve ordered the calendar every single year since 1978 and, if I was forced to by some provision of the Patriot Act or something, I could probably search the house and come up with every copy. That’s 28 Naked Hawaiian Girl Calendars. And if you figure that there were twelve of these native beauties (I’m not sure how “native” they all were. A few of them look somewhat like the Long Island Jewish girls I grew up with.) on each calendar that’s 336 topless Hawaiian girls that have hung on my wall. And if you multiply that by two, that’s 672 beautiful, tanned…OK, you get the picture.

Another thought, this one more frightening, also crossed my mind today. Most of these girls seem to be in their twenties, although at my advanced age it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to estimate the age of any woman under the age of 40. They’re all starting to look the same: young. But say the average girl in those calendars is 25. That means that the little hussies I was drooling over when I got my first calendar in 1978 will this year be about 53 years old. And that’s fine. Aging, as we all know, is an inevitable and natural part of life. Even so, when my brand new Naked Hawaiian Girl Calendar arrives in a few weeks, I just hope they’re not on it.

1 – 5 of 5

Blogger she said...
a very smart mom you have!

figuring out such a clever way to help her boys keep track of time

i'll remember this for my jack.


hurry.. go see what day it is

8:47 AM
Anonymous FUNGUS!!!!! said...
It's also a great way to master multiplication!!!!!

A beautiful naked woman is a thing of wonder...A young one is great until she opens her mouth and demonstrates how stupid she really is!!!!!

Funny thing...I don't remember seeing those calendars in the old apartment!!!(That was after 1978 wasn't it?????)

Keep those old calendars around, they'll remind you of all the young juice you used to have once you hit 60!!!!!
2:23 PM
Blogger she said...

the more i think about it, the more i admire the idea

i'm going to circle my birthday & mothers day real big on a calendar i know my son will for sure look at...

then give it as a gift

clever, clever...
9:10 AM
Blogger she said...
k mr freelance writer...

i'm not going to be as "congratulations!" & "good for you" about landing paid writing gigs

if it starts messing with the free entertainment i've found here for 5 years

your vacation is exceeding my patience...

and if you're going to be absent

let it not be when i need you most

-monday- ~s.c.
8:23 AM
Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
Hey, look up there!

comments from a reposting of same blog:
1 – 2 of 2

Blogger she said...
honey wanted me to let you know, write..

if i noticed anything..

how do i say?



you just reposted this aug 13th.

reposting is allowed,of course.

i know you are busy being the naked eavesdropping blogger-man

but reposting the same story, twice in one month?

i think we should establish some clearer guidelines -as it is true, that a repost is better than no post at all


how 'bout -no reposting within 6 months of original.


happy thursday! ~s.c.
12:14 PM
Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
You know, I thought this was a different one on the same subject so I didn't bother to check. Sloppy research, huh?
more comments from reposting (again!) of the same blog:


At 8:38 AM, Blogger she said...
squidmann, squidmann, squidmann

this is like your 3rd or 4th time posting about this damn naked hawaiian girl calendar

if you are tryin' to get me to feel sorry for you


dress, or should i say, undress and take pictures of myself on a pretend beach

to create a new calendar that will cheer you up


it's working.

happy weekend! ~s.c.
At 8:50 AM, Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
Well, I'm into the "U"s now and this post was next in line. And it's the only picture of that calendar I could find online.

Howsa bout you send me a photo of you in a grass skirt and I'll swap the pictures out?

*****   TWO **** 

“Without our traditions our life would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.”--Tevye

In this time of e-mails and texts, twitters and tweets, it’s become a rare thing, I think, when bad news arrives in the form of a regular old snail-mail letter. But arrive it did, and the old school method of delivery did nothing to soften the blow of this, my first personal tragedy of 2010.

The letter read:

The Calendar Company
Kailua, HI 96734

Dear Customer,

We are sad to tell you that after many years of printing Hawaiian calendars, we have decided not to print any titles for the year 2010. Please check back with us later regarding the 2011 editions.

Returned is your order.

With lots of Aloha and thank you,

Christina & Vanessa

And now a bit of background: In 1979 my parents took a trip to Hawaii, and among the souvenirs that they purchased for each of their sons was a calendar called Exotic Island Girls. The calendar featured stunning photographs of beautiful “island” women (some, frankly, looked like natives of New Jersey, but no matter) in what was described as “semi-nude” poses. Semi-nude means that the girls will show those and even that, but definitely not that.
The calendar came with a handy re-order form, so that securing the next year’s edition was a simple matter. My brother, slacker that he is, managed to re-ordered the calendar for a mere decade or so. I, on the other hand, religiously filled out the order form each and every year without exception, and so welcomed a fresh new dozen exotic island girls into my home for thirty-one consecutive years! Right up until, well, you know.

“Too bad you didn’t save them all,” says Mom. You’d think she’d know me better after all these years. Of course I saved them all. I can’t claim to be able to put my hands on all of the calendars (nor the actual girls, sadly) at a moment’s notice but I know they’re scattered in groups of three or five or nine in various locations throughout the house. Given a week, and a strong motivation to do so, I could find them all.

Peachpit says, “Why don’t you find another naked Hawaiian girl Calendar?” This, of course, is someone who does not understand the value of tradition. I don’t want another calendar, I want this one, the one I’ve been receiving for over three decades, for over half my life; the one where the new 2010 girls would be as fresh and fragrant as a tropical breeze and the original 1979 girls are most likely by now on Social Security. Or at least in AARP.

The letter says they may return to publishing the calendar next year. Why the gap in production I have no idea. Are they waiting for some tree to grow in Hawaii for the paper? Or perhaps this year an extra-special new crop of young ladies will come of age. And so I’ll wait until next year, when hopefully a new calendar will be published with new semi-nude exotic island girls.

But until then what am I supposed to look at on this year’s calendar, fucking kittens? In truth I just returned from the discount store where I found a nice selection of wall calendars for only $1.49 each. There were puppy calendars, flower calendars, dolphin calendars and yes, even kitten calendars. I bought one that shows some of the world’s great travel destinations, including the Taj Majal and the Great Wall of China.

It’s very nice.


At 8:29 AM, Blogger she said...
no reason to look at fucking kittens squidmann

there's a reason you've been saving those calendars

go get 1999 and post it on your wall

current, but the beauties haven't aged a bit

plus.. they'll appreciate, being appreciated again

and you'll get points for recycling

"go green!"

and you'll have a happy new year

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
SHE, only a woman would suggest I look at women I've already viewed. To paraphrase (clean up, actually)what Bill Maher said, there are only old women and new women. Maybe FUNGUS will be along in a bit to explain it to you!

 ***** THREE *****


Occasionally you might find me watching one of those plastic surgery reality shows. In truth the actual operations are a little too gory for my taste: I don’t need such graphic reminders that we are all basically wobbly bags of sinew, fat (some more than others) and a dozen colorful varieties of glistening goop.

I am, however, more of a fan of the examination portion of the program. And it’s not just the sheer fun of watching as the patient is humiliated by a surgeon who sketches black lines all over her naked body until she looks like something Vince Lombardi might have drawn on a locker room blackboard. No, the real appeal, of course, is that I get yet another opportunity to see a naked lady. And on basic cable no less.

But the ladies are never really naked, are they? Many of the women are there for breast lifts, or some such, and their breasts are quite exposed. Except, of course, for the nipple. For some reason that eludes me, somebody, somewhere has decided that this one square inch of skin (size may vary, as you may well have discovered for yourself ) should never be seen by the general public, and so the nipple is invariably concealed, most commonly through the use of pixelation. (Don’t scoff—Janet Jackson’s nipple was partially exposed at the Super Bowl a few years back and many experts will tell you it’s the main reason we lost the war in Iraq.)

Ah, but not every nipple is censored on these shows, is it? There have been many nipples that have seen, have there not? The difference is that these particular nipples were attached to men. Apparently it’s OK to show male nipples but not female ones. And why should that be? Is it because the female nipple is attached to a breast? Haven’t we just explained that breasts are allowed to be seen and only the nipples aren’t?

OK, I swear I’m not obsessing on nipples. Here’s what started this whole thing. The other day I was watching one of these plastic surgery shows. The patient was a woman who was in the process of going through a sex change. (I mean “gender reassignment” or whatever the fuck they call it these days. God, staying p.c. is so exhausting.) She had already begun taking hormones and was now having her breasts reduced to look more like a man.

So as they began the operation the basic cable censors covered the nipples with the dreaded pixelation, and so Mankind was protected as the surgeon got to work removing globs and globs of the offending breastal material. Now these surgeons are very skilled people, and so it wasn’t too long before, lo and behold and abracadabra, I was looking at a remarkable recreation of a male chest. The only thing left to do was to reattach the nipples, send the patient a bill for an obscene amount of money and call it a day. And so the reattachment began, and don’t go getting ahead of me here, smarty-pants.

Yeah, you’re right. When the nipples were reattached and we got to see the result it was a view that was unblemished by any of that annoying pixelation. In other words, the same nipples that had been blocked from view at the start of the operation were now clearly and visibly on display at the end of the operation! Have I pointed out that these were the very same nipples attached to the very same body?

Many millennia from now when a different species has become lord of our planet they may wonder about the humans who preceded them. They may seek out clues as to how we lived and, even more intriguing, why we disappeared. They might theorize that we vanished as a result of global warming or that we used our own horrific weapons to finally and permanently annihilate our foul species. But they’ll be wrong—the answer will be much simpler than that. The reason that humans no longer roamed planet Earth as we once had is painfully obvious: we were just too silly to live.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous FUNGUS!!!!! said...
The really bad part of the nipple issue is that you can see all the female nipple you want on a black african women or an island woman as long as the breast is long and worn out from nursing babies and the woman is in a tribal seting!!!!

I guess the only way to see the real thing on TV is to pay the extra few bucks and get the premium channels!!! (Life is SO unfair!!!)

By the way...

The royal wedding was good entertainment for a day...

The Fungus wedding has been good entertainment for 29 years and counting!!!!
At 5:41 AM, Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
Yeah, we had to rely on National Geographic. These kids today, with their Google Image search, have it so easy!
At 9:17 AM, Blogger she said...
well, i can't speak for other people -men or women,

but the reason i can't show anyone my nipples is because

there's a secret code built-in


top secret. "fresh~braille" they call it. or 'flesh' braille, i can't remember,

but! it can only be read in the dark and cold of the night

by blind and highly trained ambidextrous cia agents

so, it's not modesty that made me cover my nipples in that naked pleasanton girl picture i sent you

it's classified.

happy monday! ~s.c.
At 10:00 AM, Blogger Leonard Stegmann said...
Please, please please. I SWEAR no