Monday, May 08, 2006


confession 1a) i sent a congratulations note to this author when, this, her first book, was published in 2003. in 2003, however, i was putting in 28 hour days so did not have time to read her work. i read "about her" and "about her first published book" in newspapers, but not until a couple months ago did i sit down with it, open it, start reading. -slowly, completely, every word, sentence by sentence, page by page. it is nothing less than wonderful; so much more than i imagined. six chapters of brief autobiographical retellings of sufferings each person faced, the process they employed to transcend their pain, and then, most valuable i thought, the resulting wisdom.

confession 2a) kathy cordova was a student of mine when i taught creative non-fiction back in the day. and, so delighted really, to find on page 4, my class is mentioned! (kinda), like this:

... A local community center class rekindled my passion for writing, long ago buried under the rubble of my success. Within a year of taking that first class, I had been published..

(local community center class! yahoo! that was my class! that just makes my day! thanks kathy! ~every instructor's dream i think; to rekindle passions!)

AND, grace navalta, who authors, when lightning strikes, story found on page 176... she was my student too! i had a very talented group of people in there!

pg 176, when lightning strikes, grace navalta: a good friend recently asked me, "ever worry that life is going along too perfectly? that lightning will strike and something horrendous will happen, that changes your life forever?"

"no," i answered honestly, "i don't worry, because it already has and we're okay. we're doing just fine." (unfolds beautiful story about her daughter arianna, born with prader-willi syndrome).

introduction/kathy cordova: .. the good news is miracles. instead of working so hard to find or create magic in our lives, we can relax, go with the flow, work together in harmony with a power greater than ourselves, and experience more love, joy, and purpose than we ever imagined. and the formula is simple: love and surrender.

Congratulations Again Kathy Cordova and Grace Navalta! ~sandra