Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The opposite of ADD for (me!) sandra, tvgp

i have the opposite of ADD (attention deficit disorder) when it comes to watching The Voice.    i have no tolerance for commercials and any of the recaps/reviews..   so i am very grateful to fast-forward through those life-sucking/life-draining moments..

but! when it comes to watching/listening to the highly gifted/talented variety of singers

i could watch & listen from sun up to sun down...

beautiful, ~beautiful! amazing voices...   one after another after another...    what a privilege...

and i am about to prophesy here, because i am so certain i know who is going all the way...

do you?


and speaking of TV:    hats off to Stephen Colbert!   -big fan!  awesome tribute to carol Burnett and! Last night was the hardest I've laughed all week..  "Thank you!". 

Let (me!) try one more time please.. sandra, tvgp

what I meant to say in prior post but severely messed up on is this:

we have the creative process.  the process remains fixed; the creative manifestation is a variable.  the process common to all is this:

you start at: unconsciously incompetent.
you then become: consciously incompetent.
and then: consciously competent.
Until finally as a master of whatever art form, you arrive at:
Unconsciously competent.

-apply it to anything:  learning to drive..  to cook, to paint.. to act, etc.


there is a direct analogy when it comes to the sanctification process.  that is, the process is fixed, while the stronghold is a variable:

at first you may not even be conscious you have a stronghold.  let me use shopping as an easy example..

shopping is just a part of your everyday life. No big deal. (Unconsciously incompetent).   Then a large credit card bill arrives that you are unable to pay (now you are conscious there is a problem)  -you then make efforts to correct..   and there is an ongoing struggle with some minor victories (consciously competent).  until finally, the struggle itself disappears, the stronghold disappears, and you are totally FREE; effortlessly..
-unconsciously competent; succeeding without any conscious effort at all!

Plug in any stronghold..  Smoking, gambling, gossip, people-pleaser, sex, porn, videogames...  -the stronghold is the variable.. But the process to freedom is the same..

I am free from such a variety and number of strongholds..  effortlessly now..  that it is only natural for me to want to help others.. 

My path to freedom:  Jesus.   "Thank you!" Jesus!    -amen & amen! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Heart Seen.. by (julie koopman!)

-from her very own garden...   and as green is one of my very favorite colors..  I am extra fond of this shot..   "Thank you!"

The Heart Seen.. on Angela by (me!) sandra, tvgp

The heart seen... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

So Torn About Digital Books. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

1. I love books. Paper; pages; fonts; covers: books!
2. I love digitized books.. ONLY/EXCLUSIVELY when combined with a search bar, so you can quickly, easily look things up

I.e., google:   bible passage regarding gray hair.

Voila!   Instantly you see it is considered 'a crown of splendor'

/polar opposite of how it is regarded by our culture today.

anyway..   We know that time is the greatest gift, most precious resource of all..  And the less we waste, the greater our lives..

so, when I consider how much time it takes to research..
My heart says "digitize every book in the world and add a search bar!"

and when I asked about that as an ultimate goal on the library tour I was on..  It was explained to me, /and not for the first time

-copyright issues; intellectual property laws.. etc. Etc.   -for some literary items, there are multiple authors and getting legal permission across the board..   -one legal issue after another..


then! when I consider.. How easily digitized works can be altered/changed/tampered with..

And in completely undetectable ways, by savvy hacker types.. 

that knowledge then makes me want to advocate for both:

printed. Paper. Hard copies.  -multiple copies. Notarized.  At least one original somewhere..

AND digitized versions.

if we go exclusively digital, which is more convenient, less expensive, etc.

I see that we are at very high risk of undetected tampering.

and the cost of that far exceeds the cost of keeping books in print.

Direct & immediate inspiration for (me!) sandra, tvgp

library/cultural tours/museum tours; all overwhelming. all too fast.. -there is no way to take it all in; appreciate each item, each piece, as it deserves..  I feel like I get overexposed and retain nothing in the end.  -but this piece stopped me in my tracks.  Not for noble reasons, like appreciating the art piece and artist

but because I positively love how the books were incorporated into the sculpture. And I knew within 1 second, I will be doing more art pieces using books.  And at least a dozen very clear visions of book art did a slideshow in my imagination..

what is it about books?   and I do mean literally books. -not what is written inside; not the literary content

But the collection of paper pages, the covers, soft or hard.  The object.

Just to be surrounded by books, if you never open one..

I would not be exaggerating to say,  -internally

to stand near a waterfall outdoors
and to stand near floor to ceiling books indoors

creates a very similar type of awe.

Bible. 800 years old. Handprinted on vellum.

-and i touched it; and this really touched (me!)

A taste of my own medicine.. (me!) WriteousMom

my reputation is well known..  not writeousmom, not fun & exciting mom, not way cool mom..

-boring mom.   because how many times did my children want to do something interesting/exciting/adventurous.. 

but i forced them to do something educational/cultural..

"not again mom..  come on.. we'll be the only teenagers! its gonna be all old people and us.."

"No.. This is for whole families! I promise! It'll be really fun, you'll see.."

-and of course..  they were the only teenagers. it was only interesting for me, and they did nothing but wait for it to come to end..


meanwhile their dad is taking them and all their friends on boat rides, tubing, knee-boarding...


so anyway..   the colleges have created a clever way to wean the parents away from their beloved children, and the opportunities were as follows:

a brew crawl to visit the local pubs in the area. ("I love handcrafted beers!"). 

a wine stroll to do tastings at the local wineries ("I love going wine tasting!)

-horseback riding along the coast. (I love the coast!)

But as it turns out..   -something to do with either

1. signing up too late, or
2. children's revenge

I did not visit the breweries, or the wineries, or see the coast. 

; no..  

I was instead on the library/cultural tour.   envisioning all the other parents drinking beer, or tasting wine.. galloping along the gorgeous coastline..

while I was staring at historically significant items attached to a board, labeled and framed.

I could literally hear my children's voices.. with hints of gratification and whispers of sarcasm..

'having fun mom?'.  

-telepathically I whispered back, 'ok we're even'

and telepathically i heard them say, 'even?!   -do you know how many of these things you dragged us too...  we have only just begun.'


and in truth.. i really did love the tour.

I mean, I would have loved it even more if say, -they combined the beer/wine tasting along with the visit to the library..  But still

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Definitions of success, as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

in pure capitalistic terms: if you are wearing a T-shirt with a brand name on it, and you paid for the T-shirt,    -no.

but if you are wearing a T-shirt with a brand name, and the brand name company is PAYING YOU to wear it..    -that is some serious success.


yes, this is the very important wisdom i feel compelled to share with my daughter as she embarks on her next journey..

"and, see that big 'ole monument over there...

-and see how this street we are walking on is named after one of the alumni...

that's what I'll be looking for...   when they build a monument in your honor; name a street after you; and when i see people paying money to wear t-shirts that have your name on it...

-then, ill be like..   ok;  i did my part of the job."


-make a name for yourself my love...

in Jesus name.. amen! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sanctification. as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i am not 100% certain my memory is accurate here, but my memory is as follows:

the first time i heard the word sanctification   -that is, the first time i was consciously aware i heard the word; not necessarily my first exposure to it..

but the first time i recall hearing it and paying any attention, was when i was watching the movie, Rudy.  what year; no idea..

but i remember hearing it, rewinding and playing it back, and trying to figure out what it meant exactly..  

and i remember looking it up.


fast forward many years, and my testimony, based on my life experience, and acute awareness of all things internal:

acute awareness of my thoughts, feelings, emotions

-how they have changed and evolved over the past many years

-very, very! incrementally i might add..

but my testimony today would be:

sanctification is a very real thing. this primarily internal evolution.. where i was   -well, in crude terms:

a mess.  and unaware i was a mess.
in a pit; unaware of how deep, dark the pit was..
controlled by a variety of strongholds..

and very, very! incrementally
I became less of a mess..
lifted from the deepest, darkest pits,  -exposed to light.
delivered.. slowly, incrementally, from one stronghold and then the next..

I became exposed to and experienced: freedom, peace, happiness, joy; -all authentic..

and at least from where i stand.. None of this possible without my repetitive exposure to a variety of spiritual leaders who teach about, and in, the name of Jesus.

The mighty counselor! Prince of Peace!

and having made it this far..  and knowing i  still have an unknown amount of growth to experience ahead..

my deepest gratitude is for entering in  -and apparently being accepted,

into the sanctification process.   the internal rewards so magnificent, nothing of this materialistic world can compare.

In Jesus name!   amen & amen!


there is an unformed analogy here if we revisit the creative process:

Let me see if I have it memorized:

from unconsciously unconscious, to:
consciously unconscious, to
consciously conscious, to
Consciously unconscious

/I'm close... 

similar with sanctification..

You at first don't even realize you are in a pit.
then you become aware, but can't do much about it..
then you try and do things.. consciously, to get out of the pit you are now aware you are in..

and some point, in relationship with God..

you are not only out of the pit, or done with the stronghold..

but it is effortless.  you don't try or struggle

you are just...  free.

What a gift!!    and having received this gift..   I now want to also go post up signs that I've seen other people post..

who I once thought were a little off their rocker.. 

But I am one of them now:

"Follow Jesus!".   -amen.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happiness is... for (me!) sandra, tvgp

my mom's homemade fudge; for breakfast.   "Thank you! Love you!" -xoxo-

Sunday, September 20, 2015

art of the.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

mMiExS   eSd    AGE.

Only those who understand; understand. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

if all of society truly understood the impact of our daily surroundings on our internal lives and states of mind and being:

every jail cell would be wall papered or painted with stunning landscapes from around the world.


at least it was a noble passing thought..  halted rather immediately with a mental slideshow of wars throughout time and across the globe

in some of the most breathtaking landscapes God created.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

... just for (me!) sandra, the former 49er...

as i may have mentioned once or twelve times before..

i was born in 1966; the same year as the Superbowl.  And! My birthday is in February..

so every tail end of one year and first few weeks of the new year, I get the extra privilege of seeing my upcoming age in roman numerals


of course, without my personal knowledge of how old I am, I would not know for sure based on roman numerals alone, because I am not roman numeral literate..

so every year its been more like a cool surprise..

"Oh that's what 37 looks like in roman numerals.."

"oh.. that's what 43 looks like..".  etc. Etc..

and for the 2016 Superbowl..  for the first time in Superbowl marketing/advertising/promotion history..

no roman numeral.

Just a great big,  very bold,

and most importantly very gold!


and every time I see it, I think...  Aw, thanks guys!  Making such a big deal about my milestone birthday like that...

and wild to me that this 2016 Superbowl will be write here in my own backyard, as the saying goes..

Levi's stadium.   

/in case anyone was wondering what to get (me!) for my


tickets are on sale now.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

oh. princess redface sinking heart. (me!) sandra, tvgp


[roll down car window] "hey Jessica!". 

Jessica waves.  I tell everyone in my car at the time how Jessica walks like 9 miles around town everyday..  how she is like  -James

Who i nick-named the walking man... because he walks I don't know how many miles everyday around pleasanton too..

Can anyone else here James Taylor singing in the background here?


anyway.. you never know exactly where you will see Jessica or James, but I promise you this..

if you do any amount of driving around town at all, you will definitely see one or the other..   somewhere..   every time..

I do not know either one really well, but I do know them enough to have spoken to them individually each once or twice over the past couple years

and then the balance of our relationship is just a mutual wave when we see each other.

Like, 100% of the time I see James, I always slow down a little and make sure he sees me wave, and he always waves back.  -that's it.

-and one time, I drove past him on my way to work, but write when I waved, I also passed some trees, so I knew he did not see me wave.

that would have severely ruined the rest of my day, and thrown everything off..  so I drove around an extra block, made a u-turn, and drove past him a second time so he could SEE me wave..

and then he waved back.  And if I remember correctly..  our sales numbers were very high that day.

-these exchanges should never be underestimated..

anyway..  I've known James much longer.. How many years I've been waving to him I can't be sure.. But a good long while.

Jessica is newer on the scene..  And I can't help but wonder if they would enjoy walking together, but I get the strong feeling they both want this to be their solo quiet time..

some otherwise great walks do get dampered by the requirement of conversation

-oh! There she is write now!   [Roll down window]. "Hi Jessica!"


James, the walking man..  He has never been inside ricks picks to my knowledge.  He does walk along main street..   And no doubt his feet have made contact with every street, sidewalk and dirt road this city has to offer.. But, I've never had him come Inside the store during any of my shifts..

Jessica, the walking young woman..   She has! 

in fact, she has been in ricks picks many times..  is a fan of the store and prices..   and everytime she comes in, if there is a coworker or customer to share the news with:

"Anne.. this is Jessica..  she walks like 9 miles a day!"

and then we all small talk together for a couple minutes.  And she is just a sweetheart of a human being..

on her most recent visit into ricks picks, my daughter happen to be in the store too..

My daughter already knows her from sight.. Because I point her out every time we pass her by in the car.   But they had never met in person.

But just before I went to introduce the two of them..

Jessica reached her hand out first to my daughter, and with the worlds sweetest smile, and the most subtle, kind and yet, extra articulated, and ever-slight increased volume of her voice she said to my daughter,

"Hi. My name is Julia. What's yours?"


now, of course I apologized and I wrote her name twelve times on paper, and repeated it during my nightly prayers, so I would not make the mistake again..



well, now I'm not sure if James might not be Jeff or Peter even..

and I said hi to our customer victor, yesterday, but now every name I say out loud comes out sheepish instead of confident and friendly.

and I was extra-extra grateful victor handed me his business card so rick could call him  about some furniture..  Because there it was in print:  Victor.   So I was back to saying it with confidence

"Thank you VICTOR!  Good to see you VICTOR!  I'll be sure and let RICK know which furniture you like..


so, I'm a big fan of business cards.. 

and!   Nicknames.

You can't mess up as often or as badly with nicknames as birth names..

but another funny story in fact, is how I've been calling Mr Motown, Mr Motown for so long..   And introducing him as Motown..

that when my sister went to introduce him to someone.. She couldn't remember his actual name..

and it turns out, he is a special case, because he really does have more than one actual name..

None of which I am going to try and remember write now,


Oh look!  Its ..ja...  

The walking man.      [Roll down window].  " hi! there.."

and that's all that really matters anyway...


in "JESUS!" name..   amen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Great Vision! (anne!)

my picture does not do it justice.. plus glare, etc. but!  -the window display just looks extra beautiful

and it has received more compliments from passersby and customers than any other display since I've worked there..

such a pleasing welcome into fall...

Full Time Job Opportunity. as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

..un-skewing top stories in the news...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Perk of being Pleasanton's past poet laureate, as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

"honey... i get to treat you to a very nice dinner    -without having to cook! or pay!"


and!  -Ohio State won 42-24 last week..  which means he lost the bet i created, so

he'll be wearing a kilt!    and ill be wearing a camera..   

Saturday, September 12, 2015

1.8 million to eliminate back log of rape kits.. as viewed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i am admittedly belated as the grants have already been granted. im  just frustrated and don't understand.  if you type, rape kits, in the  search bar of my blog, it explains my great frustration

-only valid if the following is true:

medical rape kits are a mandatory part of medical exams provided to victim/survivors.   so: not 100% of rape victims report it, or get examinations, but of the percent that do, a rape kit will be included 100% of the time, which collects DNA evidence.


so far, so good..

where the problem comes in, is that some 80% percent of rapists are known and can be successfully, accurately, unquestioningly identified by their victims without DNA evidence being needed

-there may be large debates about mutual consent..   but some 80% are in fact identifiable without needing/requiring DNA evidence.

so, while a photograph of shelves and shelves of untested kits might look like a dramatic, inexcusable problem

the reality, is that DNA testing is not even necessary on 100% of kits that exist.

-this is my understanding after a conversation I had several years ago with Christine dillman at the Tri valley haven in Livermore.

where I once served as a trained/certified volunteer.

From their perspective..  struggling financially to provide services/shelter to rape survivors and domestic abuse victims, among others in desperate need...

from their perspective, this grant money could be put to MUCH GREATER USE helping survivors directly

Vs. Spent testing a bunch of backlogged rape kits where the DNA evidence is not even required in the first place.

So..  if I am in fact understanding the situations correctly

-how could anyone argue with the fact the grant money could and should be spent on prevention..  and direct support for survivors.


my case, is actually the rare exception, not the rule.  a serial rapist who prevented his victims from being able to see and identify him, and who remained at large; never caught by police..

in this rare, exception..  DNA evidence would have been wildly helpful in proving whether or not the person arrested for a different crime, was in fact, the lakeside serial rapist.

but this happened one or two or some small number of years prior to DNA evidence making its debut in the courtrooms..

So, while I directly understand and appreciate the value of rape kits and DNA evidence..

I am also very aware, that stranger rape is the exception..  that most perpetrators are known by their victims and a very large percentage of rape kits do not even need to be tested at all...

if anyone has the counter argument/explanation, I am open to hearing, learning, understanding.   without it, I am left only to believe this is a sad, and tragic waste of very valuable grant money.


all that said..   my science mind weighs in too:   like.. 

what, -how much can we learn by comparing/contrasting the DNA of these kits, where the obvious common denominator is rape.

Can ANYTHING we learn help prevent the crime in the first place?
   -because that remains my sole,

and my soul,



in Jesus name, amen.


this is not off my mind:

according to article in pleasanton patch:

In Alameda county, 1,075 kits remain untested..

fast forward, and contra Costa county's backlog & award even larger:

1.8 million to eliminate 2,400 untested kits.   /help with math.. that's how much per kit?!

[Sit with those numbers for a few more seconds...]

K..    is it true that

DNA testing for evidence is required only for circumstances where the perpetrator's identity is utterly unknown and can ONLY be proven via DNA test and/or perpetrator denies any contact with victim, and DNA evidence can prove otherwise..

which leaves me wondering..

just how prevalent is this hideous crime?

just how long does it take, and how much does it cost to process/provide kit testing information?   -and how many rapists are skipping through life in the meantime?

what the hell is wrong with people? society/culture in general that statistics are this high..

and lastly,

dear Nancy O'Malley, dear Cyrus Vance Jr., Dear Eric Swallwell and Dear President Barack Obama..

what can I do to help?


still not off my mind..

I know I can, have, will continue to help rape survivors directly.  but my higher interest is in reducing (realistic)

stopping/eliminating (idealistic) the crime itself.

like, my dream would be to get the current  total number of sexual abuse/rape crimes in a given county.

create a task force.   -and within a given time frame..  see that statistic drop dramatically.

I'd sure also like to figure out/problem solve for why these kits, this testing is so outrageously expensive and timely..

I'm quite confident there is room for improvement in every area that surrounds this issue.    I'm just not sure where to begin...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

"That's America?!?!" asks (me!) sandra, tvgp

upshot: I briefly mention to my 15 year old son, and 15 year nephew, as I am driving them to high school, that one of my personal concerns regarding our economy write now is the wage gap between the CEO of a company, and its lowest paid employee.

-when you see, for example a CEO with three houses, a jet, a solid retirement, etc, etc.   -and the lowest paid employee struggling to put food on the table..

-when, without the lowest paid employees labor and service contributions.. -you have no company succeeding. It is a team effort..

and both my son and my nephew had the exact same response at about about the same time

"That's America!"

and they explained to me..  that the janitor and the CEO..  "You can't pay them the same!"

and they were dropped off before we could dig any deeper.

but it makes me very, very sad...  

I've written about it before.. But.. I believe the stats are pretty alarming:  like, in the 80's.. CEO's made 25% more than the lowest paid contributing employees, and now its in the 400%'s.

that's not America; that's hideous greed.  they should not be confused.

I proposed a similar exercise before.. And I will be brief as possible, but think everyone should think about the following:

you are the CEO.  The company starts making a profit.  The lowest paid employees

-who contribute to the success, are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars and barely can pay rent.

You as CEO,  can now afford to buy a home.   and now two homes.  And now two homes, and three week vacation, and put two kids through college, and have a secure retirement.. 

at what point do you increase the wages of your lowest paid employees who are contributing to your success?  by how much?
when and why? based on what formula?

or is it set up, so that the lowest wage remains fixed no matter what the company profits?

I'm sickened by what I see, hear and read regarding this growing greed gap.

and to have it perceived as a natural part of the reputation

"That's America Mom...  "

"That's America Auntie Sandy...  don't you already know.."

If we do not change the page, rewrite upcoming chapters

-that's a sad story..  with a tragic end.

Monday, September 07, 2015

MONDO. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-that's its name: MONDO.   and i went back to the ridge with my sister today..  to MONDO is as far as she could hike today because of the heat..  so we sat there in the shade for a bit, and a family of hikers walked by with small children so I couldn't resist:

"See!  this is MONDO..  see how it has broken free from the tree..  taken form and started crawling toward the trail...  Wild, huh..  can you see it?  the head write here.. and the claw..

I was here yesterday..  and its moved even closer since then!   -the next time you come back.. Check him out..  He'll be even closer!"

and the parents humored me..    and the children looked unsure.

as they continued on I heard the little boy ask his dad, "did it really move?"

and that made my whole day.


now, I'm going to go make some marks near where Mondo was.. 

and where Mondo is...

and one day

   -he'll be on the other side of the trail!

the heart seen at the pleasanton ridge, by (me!) sandra, tvgp

"I HAVE A DREAM!". (Me!) sandra, tvgp


Sunday, September 06, 2015

also.. this weekend.. in, near a celebrity news (chris lampson!)

.. with the Mountain!.. at the 2015 annual Scottish festival at our local Alameda County Fairgrounds..  and my nephew will get to meet the mountain too

which, for fans of games of thrones, is a very exciting experience.

and, I've been talkin' it up at the store.. and it is pretty funny how the numbers get tossed around when it comes to the mountain..

"You know.. That 7'6 500lb..."

"Isn't he the one who is 6'5, 350..."

"Yes.. the 6'7, 420lb..."

But according to the San Jose mercury news article:

hafthor bjornsson tips the scales at 420 pounds and stands 6 feet, 9  inches tall

it doesnt mention what year he was born or if he is single..

But! Honey..  the kilt and the tarts

..sure make me curious...    

what is it about those kilts..  I go weak in the knees...


[text to sister].    tatts!

[response].  LOL..  I was wondering what tarts were...

this week in, "near a celebrity news". (Carla graci!)

..who got to see a preview of the 7 part upcoming documentary , belief, which will air on OWN next month..  and! Who sat just 4 rows behind Oprah Winfrey!... 

Saturday, September 05, 2015

"I love how this messes with your mind!". (Me!) sandra, tvgp

love;lust;let it go...

love;lust;let it go...

love;lust;let it go...

lust; lust; mastermind a way to own this!   "I MUST!! MAKE YOU MINE!! YOU MESS WITH MY MIND!! AND I LOVE IT!"

one of the first skill sets you must master at ricks picks, as an employee, is the art of immediate detachment. and I've already written about it, so will skip to:

I would in fact consider myself a master of this art form.  See it, create it, -let it go. Immediately! My emotions/my thoughts, they do not linger after I adore a home decor piece.. Or merchandise a shelf; or watch something in the store I admired walk out the door in a customers bag..

ah! but there are two exceptions..  1. last year included in one of ricks buys, we received the coolest! wind chime which is very fanciful, funky and contained my lucky number..

-when that left with a customer  -and it left with a customer we love..   I felt my heart break a little.  But my recovery time would impress you..   It certainly impressed me.

fast forward a year..   We get another one in!  and when I looked at it, my heart did a dance, and a cartwheel..   "You will not leave this store without me this time!  -not a 2nd time!".   and despite my current financial situation..  I bought it yesterday and it is in my rented room with me write now.   /smile, smile, smile...

But it only had about a $15 price.   

this current piece I'm lusting after..   And I do mean lust!  -it has a $500 price tag.

I have found that the price of a thing does heavily influence my artistic ability to immediately detach.

but I can't stop looking! Dreaming! Hoping!    and yesterday my artist/genius coworker friend, Julie..

yes! THE JULIE KOOPMAN that made contact with THE STEVE MARTIN..      -when he came by ON MY DAY OFF


well, anyway, .. That Julie is helping me recreate for about $50..  this $500  -awesome-mess-with-your-beautiful-mind- piece.. I can't seem to stop thinking about


it is not signed. I do not know who to credit; who originated?  -but what I'm looking at and lusting after is a 3 panel partition, with a metal frame,

and glass, window slash mirror designs on each panel.  The stenciled design is very lovely itself adding to the aesthetic value for sure..  and some of the shapes the design yields are similar to my itz~itz shapes..      shapes without names, which I love..

but none of that is what has me lusting..

what has me lusting is how this part window/part mirror thing messes with my mind!  You simultaneously are looking out and beyond at the very same time you are looking at and behind - seeing reflections..

the confusion is very seductive.  it demands you stop and look to figure out what the heck you are looking at.  Add on that this is a three panel object, so it bends at each hinge and is multidirectional. -it is reflecting objects from so many different angles! And allowing a window view to different areas..   Not just straight ahead.  Its part kaleidoscope.. Part..  I don't know what!

but..  If I could get away with it..  And if it wasn't so heavy..  I would spend hours just moving it from place to place to place because of how much it amplifies its environment, and because I'm so curious what it would like over there... Next to that...  Or over there, in front of that...  

and it has taken over my mind!  Like, I was looking at our sliding glass doors that open from the house to backyard..

"How awesome would that be!".  Part window/part mirror designs..

" everywhere there is a window I want this!"


and so julie, being the artistic genius she is...  Help me put on hold two glass frames..  On clearance! Under $20 with my employee discount..  And I'll just need to get some mirror paint stuff..  And watch some how to videos...

and then watch out..   Because I don't think I can stop at just one or two windows..

You've heard the saying, "paint the town.."

  I will bring new meaning.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

most animated guest chef award goes to (massimo bottura!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

don't miss this:  famous, award-winning skinny Italian chef, Massimo bottura being interviewed by my charlie rose.

watch those hands!   the same way I know I must be part Irish because I like beer and write poetry..    the same way I know I must be part black for how I long to be responsive in church and talk during movies, -the same way I know I must be part elderly Asian for my mismatched outfits, and part native Indian for my spiritual dances and chants.. -the same way I know I must be part man for not carrying a purse..

is the same way I know I must be part Italian..  because I talk so much with my hands.. 

but Massimo!   -he wins.   You really should just mute the interview and exclusively observe..   

of course this triggers my elementary school memory:   I'm in the principals office for something; can't remember why.

what I do remember is talking for a while and then the principal goes, "sandy, do me a favor..  sit on your hands"

And so I did.   I sat on my hands, but then when I went to talk some more..  I started stuttering.. 

I REALLY NEEDED my hands to talk.. and I sure get the feeling that's true for a lot of people..   and I cant help but wonder..

if during this very ambidextrously~animated interview, -if my charlie were to stop Massimo mid-sentence, and ask him to sit on his hands..

what would happen?


so, then stuttering became a problem..  and when I was in Jr college, the counselor recommended I put a rubberband  on my hand.  Everytime I stuttered I was supposed to snap the rubberband which would cause a sting and I guess that was supposed to decrease my stuttering

but when I snapped the rubber band, I looked at my counselor and was like..   'I ka, ka, ka, kinda la,la, like that..'

and so, the short version of the story is that things kept getting way worse before they got even a little bit better.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

First dates. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-yes, well, -the only kind of first dates im interested in these days are:

origins of gravity; origins of consciousness; origins of conscience.

speed date:   tell me about your first encounter, -your earliest memory, of when you became conscious of your conscience.

and! did you honor or override it?    

Now, your most recent encounter with your conscience...


I think we have the makings here for a new HBO special! ....