Thursday, September 10, 2015

"That's America?!?!" asks (me!) sandra, tvgp

upshot: I briefly mention to my 15 year old son, and 15 year nephew, as I am driving them to high school, that one of my personal concerns regarding our economy write now is the wage gap between the CEO of a company, and its lowest paid employee.

-when you see, for example a CEO with three houses, a jet, a solid retirement, etc, etc.   -and the lowest paid employee struggling to put food on the table..

-when, without the lowest paid employees labor and service contributions.. -you have no company succeeding. It is a team effort..

and both my son and my nephew had the exact same response at about about the same time

"That's America!"

and they explained to me..  that the janitor and the CEO..  "You can't pay them the same!"

and they were dropped off before we could dig any deeper.

but it makes me very, very sad...  

I've written about it before.. But.. I believe the stats are pretty alarming:  like, in the 80's.. CEO's made 25% more than the lowest paid contributing employees, and now its in the 400%'s.

that's not America; that's hideous greed.  they should not be confused.

I proposed a similar exercise before.. And I will be brief as possible, but think everyone should think about the following:

you are the CEO.  The company starts making a profit.  The lowest paid employees

-who contribute to the success, are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars and barely can pay rent.

You as CEO,  can now afford to buy a home.   and now two homes.  And now two homes, and three week vacation, and put two kids through college, and have a secure retirement.. 

at what point do you increase the wages of your lowest paid employees who are contributing to your success?  by how much?
when and why? based on what formula?

or is it set up, so that the lowest wage remains fixed no matter what the company profits?

I'm sickened by what I see, hear and read regarding this growing greed gap.

and to have it perceived as a natural part of the reputation

"That's America Mom...  "

"That's America Auntie Sandy...  don't you already know.."

If we do not change the page, rewrite upcoming chapters

-that's a sad story..  with a tragic end.


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