Monday, September 07, 2015

MONDO. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-that's its name: MONDO.   and i went back to the ridge with my sister today..  to MONDO is as far as she could hike today because of the heat..  so we sat there in the shade for a bit, and a family of hikers walked by with small children so I couldn't resist:

"See!  this is MONDO..  see how it has broken free from the tree..  taken form and started crawling toward the trail...  Wild, huh..  can you see it?  the head write here.. and the claw..

I was here yesterday..  and its moved even closer since then!   -the next time you come back.. Check him out..  He'll be even closer!"

and the parents humored me..    and the children looked unsure.

as they continued on I heard the little boy ask his dad, "did it really move?"

and that made my whole day.


now, I'm going to go make some marks near where Mondo was.. 

and where Mondo is...

and one day

   -he'll be on the other side of the trail!


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