Thursday, April 13, 2006

On a sleepless night in spring... by sandra kay

my mind insisted on telling me a love story. "it will help you fall asleep," she promised. and so i agreed to listen -but with my eyes closed.

"at a small oak table," she whispered, "there sat a very handsome man who could solve gigantic mathematical problems in an instant. no paper, no pencil, no machines. -he was a genius," she said smiling, "and although everyone within earshot knew his answers were correct, still they insisted -delighted in- proving with the calculator. "

and i started to recall scenes from the movie good will hunting... then saw robin williams, then scenes from the fisher king... dead poets society; mrs doubtfire... and i tossed and i turned, but she waited patiently for me to settle back down and then continued:

"the fanfare attracted a beautiful woman who was quick to fill in the empty seat directly across from him," she said, "and in an instant, she knew they would fall in love. no words. no time. no question. -she was a genius too," she said smiling, "and although no one else within earshot could hear the wedding bells or baby cries, still she insisted -delighted in-
looking in his eyes."

that's a sweet n' short, g-rated story, i said to my mind. -thank you. i think i can fall asleep now.

"not so fast," she said, "type it first, or it's gone forever after."

the end.