Wednesday, August 24, 2005

HEYWOOD JABLOMI - Mother Theresa of Cinema

a wonderful re-read!

pg 100: Well, Heywood Jablomi says the stages of our lives can be measured in a very clear and simple manner: how large the amount of money you find on the ground before you'll bend over and pick it up. I'm sad to say that today while Christmas shopping I looked down and spied a shiny new dime winking right up at me. And I just walked past it. And so a new stage of my life begins.

Pennies, of course, are a joke. They're worthless, annoying and I actually throw them away. Right into the street. (A lot of times if I'm with someone they get really pissed off when I do this, "You're throwing money away!" they whine. It's great! Where else can you annoy someone this much for two or three cents?) And who picks up these discarded pennies? Right, kids. Fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked, they're still in the first stage of life and will stop whatever they're doing to bend over and pick up a penny. God bless the energetic and flexible little bastards.

I don't recall when I started ignoring nickels. I'm sure it was long after I stopped being a kid. Hell, back then you could still get a full size Hershey Bar for five cents. What kid is going to walk past one of them?

Today, of course, I stepped over a dime, but it's a different time. Had there been two candy bars lying in that mall, who's to say? Still, I'd like to think I'll still be bending over for quarters (doesn't that sound just awful?) for many years to come. A quarter still carries some power, though offhand I can't think of anything a quarter will still get you. Peep Shows! Right. Although a lot of these places are switching to dollar bill machines. They tell me.

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