Saturday, May 31, 2014


-Ellen degenerous reminds me people at the close of every show, 'be kind'

And I just learned from watching George Saunders talk to my charlie rose, that his 8 minute commencement speech on kindness went viral..

I know in my own day to day experience, everytime  someone asks me what my tattoo stands for, and I answer, "it means,  conquer the world with kindness..".  -I get such a positive response..  "That's cool!" Or "beautiful". Or "amen".  Or "that's so nice.."    -only yesterday did I get a "good luck with that.."

Most people have a longing for its return... 

It is a fruit of the spirit..   Kindness.  Gentleness. Goodness..

Did I already bring this to the brain initiative subcommittee?  To geographically map within the human brain:  love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control?   I'm curious if these are left or write brain functions? Aren't you?  And.. "Believing".   And..  When you know something in your heart.. 

In Jesus name, -amen.

Friday, May 30, 2014

"Really Works!!" For (me!) Sandra, tvgp..

It seems unfortunately, the exception and not the rule; finding products that live up to their claims.. But.. In street lingo.. "This Sh#& really works!".  I was able to remove the labels from several wine bottles for my art class in no time at all.. So easily.  Without this product,  -a long time soaking, scraping..  Trick is.. Letting it sit. I sprayed them at night. Removed the labels effortlessly in the morning.  "Thank you!" Goo gone pro power.... Very helpful. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I spy my lucky number.. (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

..  represents another legacy worth admiring; this movie, take the lead..  In spirit, reminded me of freedom fighters.

The Heart Seen.. When my coffee spilled on (me!) Sandra, tvgp

True story, true story.. I recently saw a heart.. Well, I'll spare you the gross details.. But it was in the bathroom..  And I like to be daring.. Share the unexpected sometimes..  But if my kids thought the 'eye sleep' was gross.. This would really freak them out.  So against my impulse.. I didn't take the shot.  Just smiled..  Let it go.  But then so shortly after that I was carrying like 4 glasses in my hands/arms walking down the stairs and one of them still had some cold coffee in it which spilled some on my top..  Felt like.. "Here you go.. Here's a nice safe G rated one for you..".  -so, "thanks!"

GIFTED as seen /and experienced, by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Its important to review the meaning of this word..  To be 'gifted'.   Vs.  'Talented'

Well, talent IS a gift...   You do not look through a catalog, or at a menu and say,

"Yes.. I would like ..   Architecture!".   -where do I sign up? How much do I pay to obtain the desire, discipline, creative energy, the know-how to create...

Amazing public buildings! Museums! Bridges!"


That's not quite how it works.

Rather.. I believe we are both born with innate desires, talents


And! I believe also.. That even if we are not 'born' with...

But that at any given time throughout our life here.. At age 6 or 60 or 95..

We can 'receive'...  Yes, as in suddenly receive; a gift..  The desire and talent and discipline required..

Out of nowhere! (It seems...).  -there is plenty of evidence..

But for me.. It is not, 'out of nowhere... Suddenly..'

But rather it is definitely from somewhere; there IS a gift giving source... 

This hit me especially hard just the other day.  I have a writing project on my agenda..  I had no idea what structure; what framework..

I did not 'brainstorm'..  I never invested any time or energy wondering...  I had it on my mental agenda that eventually I would need to 'come up with...'

As if I would have to come up with the idea -on my own...

Write down a long list of possibilities maybe..  Scratch out the worst, keep the top three..  Process of elimination kind of thing..

Or ask around .. See if anyone I know...

But! I didn't need to do any of that..  All I needed to do, it turns out,


RECEIVE it!    ..IT came to me...  I did NOT come up with IT.

I put my hands in the air..  "Thank you!...  Who is helping me?  Who just gifted me with that idea!?   It is perfect, perfect, perfect... Thank you!"

-the perfect framework for which the entire project can be written and tied together in a beautiful! Inspiring! Fun and playful! Mentally stimulating kind of way..

I will take some credit now for the writing that's ahead..  I will have to sit down and stay open; let it pour.. And hash it out. Shape it up.  there will be sweat, blood, tears.. Of joy.

But I will take NO credit whatsoever for the framework.. The idea.. The 6 word question that will allow me to write what I believe will be a very Inspiring and entertaining documentary.

It was a gift; given to (me!).  I have been gifted with...

When I woke to the news yesterday that my Dr Maya Angelou had died..

I did ask and wonder... "Was it you?".  ... Who is helping me?!... God? Jesus? A saint.. Group of deceased writers?  Some kind neuroscientist with futuristic and philanthropic and telepathic powers?

That part I don't know.  But "what I know for sure!". /always borrowing that line from Oprah..

What I know for sure! Is that I did not -come up with- the idea.

I received it.  It was a gift.  -for which I am very grateful. 

And will end this post with this:  in the practical, natural, physical world; the material world in which we live..

A gift is handed to you and then you unwrap and open it.

In the spiritual world..  Open first.  -you must first be open.. And then can receive a gift.

Maybe its an idea.. Maybe an insight.. A burst of energy.. A spontaneous new way of seeing something; or, -someone.

Seems to (me!) The list of potential gifts is infinite in both type and quantity..

I will work soon on trying to articulate what it means to "stay open.."


Falls in the same category:  "if you have had the experience, it needs no explaining.  If you have not had the experience; -hard to explain..."

In gratitude and with love

To who or how many specifically I can't be sure. But

"Thank you!"

In Jesus name, amen.

Wine Bottle Art.. As taught by (me!) At (ricks picks!) In pleasanton

Categories/types of..a hierarchy.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

On Hold:  honoring my Dr Maya Angelou..  I found out from a friend; somehow better than learning from an indifferent mass media news source..   -very rough morning yesterday..


I'm wanting to write soon about fear, and sin, and other umbrella topics in a more specific way.. In a -types of-  and -hierarchs- way.

The details will follow.. But we use ONE WORD.. Fear, for example.. And speak to conquering it; when it is very important to take into consideration what it is that a person fears..

Public speaking, for example..  May be a fear.  But the fear has to do with failing..    Fear of failure..

Vs. Say,

-fearing for your very life...

It is my experience, observation, and opinion that we cannot/should not lump these two fears in the same category.

Just as.. Forgiveness, for example..

When someone 'accidentally'. Or 'unconsciously'  or out of ignorance, offends you in some way vs.

Intentionally and with purpose; a knowing..

We cannot and should not lump 'forgiving' in the same category.

I'll be thinking on this...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MASTER SPIRITS: LOVE & FEAR as viewed by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I am not the only one with this view.. But have, over time, reached the same conclusion/understanding..  FEAR! Oh it is the master spirit of ...the dark side.   The primary spirit under which all other negative spirits reside:  insecurity, jealousy..  Born from fear.  Fear of this or that..

And LOVE the master spirit ..of the LiGHT.. Under which all other spirits are born and thrive: peace, joy, faith, confidence, hope.. Etc.

And then to know..  Of the two spirits.. One casts out the other..

"Thank God!"..  Huh..

Prays always for WISDOM (me!) Sandra, tvgp

..the question will arise:  two strikes and he's out? ..or, forgive seventy-seven times?   But.. When the offense is specifically
-creating division-   -pitting people against each other-     I lean towards two strikes...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Advertising on a budget? Im for hire. Call (me!) Sandra, tvgp

The heart seen.. During dinner with the Robinsons..

And a wonderful meal + great company. "Thank you!"

Wine bottle art by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Recycled empty wine bottles transformed into beautiful home decor.  -designer paper with secret grout recipe. Story in prior post.

BECOMING A PAPER ARTIST (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Tomorrow night I will teach people how to turn empty wine bottles into beautiful home decor...  But I would have never created a mosaic wine bottle, the unique way I do, without first having created this:  /picture below.  

My favorite art form is mosaic.  The most popular form usually involves glass tiles..or broken glass; broken China.  I think broken things put back together with an artistic eye are far more beautiful and Interesting and valuable than unbroken originals.   Like, even if I owned the most rare, the most expensive China in the world.. I would not hesitate for one second before handing it over to a talented mosaic artist

"I'm going to break it.. And then let you do your thing"

And to me..  The mosaic form..  Does nothing but increase its value.

I suspect God thinks this way too.  ..that even if you are born.. Perfect and healthy in every way

Being broken and put back together with loving eyes and hands..

Increases your value.  -the good you can do and be in this world.

/which, I should also point out, is broken.   -in the process of being put back together I believe..  But anyway

Here is my story.  I love mosaics.  -without a single lesson, or book or help from a video, I decided one day to make one.  Ordered tiles.. Bought some grout, picked a surface for my masterpiece..

Oh my goodness! In a creative frenzy.. I created this table top.  I am certain I made every mistake possible; every mistake anyone has ever already made and a few of my very own.  It was an agonizing experience.  Especially the part where I poured the grout and it drowned all my tiles.. And even when I scraped..  My tiles were drowned..  I had to take a toothbrush to each Individual one and try to rescue..  I did the best I could.  -those are my children's handprints in the center; my favorite part.


I had not worked with tiles before; nor have I since..

But! I loved the grout; that look...the texture..

So I decided at some point to keep the grout, throw out the tiles and work instead with my favorite medium; paper!  ..beautiful designer paper.

Do I even need to tell you how much easier it is to tear paper than cut glass?

But upon first glance at my wine bottles /I think the picture will land above..

Most people think the paper is broken plates..

Just using the grout with the paper gives this beautiful effect..

I'm so pleased with the results there is no desire in me to ever turn back

I just keep on designing more..

Monday, May 26, 2014

PLEASANTON IS A LIVING EXAMPLE says (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Nephew: "we can never have world peace because there are too many different religions and religions start wars."

(Me!)Auntie sandy:  "look how many different faith systems we have write here in pleasanton and we live in peace with one another.  We are a living example it can be done.  Don't ever forget that..  Don't believe the lie that world peace can't exist because of different religions..  "

"AND." A post to Fred Norman from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

"Congratulations!" -this is a beautiful, powerful collection..  As I am also familiar with the signature sound of your speaking voice..  I want to recommend also an audio version..

But In addition to thinking about, praying for, remembering and honoring our military men and women who died serving our country..

I am thinking about you, your lovely wife, this book..

I am thinking about how strange it was to me..  To have attended one of your peace rallies, and to learn how people were pitted against one another; even though their ultimate goals are the same.

That is..  There are some people who believe if you stand for Peace; if you are anti-war.. You are somehow betraying the people serving in the military write now, and their families.

That:  If you support people serving in the military.. You may not also attend these peace rallies.. And vice versa.

In my mind.. And in my heart..  Its the silliest, most counterproductive, unnecessary thing to create and then pit these groups against one another

When -of course!-  everyone can and does agree that the goal is peace and saving lives

That's what both groups believe they are fighting for.

It reminds me of how anti-choice and pro-choice groups are created and pitted against each other..

When I can promise you.. Both groups share the same ultimate goal: saving lives.

No one is:  kill for the sake of killing.

Everyone wants peace and life..  Life and peace; freedom..

The media tends toward grouping/pitting against..

But -in the streets..   Most people I know and talk with are hybrids sharing the same ultimate goals.

No one is shouting "more wars! We want more wars!"

No one is shouting "more abortions! We want more abortions!"

Everyone I've ever met would like wars to end..  And can simultaneously support the men and women who have and are currently and will in the future; serve.

Everyone I've ever met has wished for a reduction; in fact an end, to abortions.  -and can simultaneously support the write to choose..

Media loves to put either/or

Where -and- lives.

Loves to divide instead of unite..

But I can see the common denominators; the shared goals and visions, hopes and prayers..

We all want the life, liberty, freedom.. Necessary for the pursuit..

"To peace and happiness!"

And with gratitude to all who have died in the ugly process.

In Jesus name.. Amen.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

INSTINCTS vs. IMPULSES or URGES by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I haven't read bishop t.d.Jakes new, Instincts, book..  But sure was glad to hear him speak on instincts vs. Impulses..   Two entirely different things.  Briefest way I can put it is:   we are both flesh and spirit.  Instinct is of the spirit; impulse of the flesh..  The more evolved you are as a human being the better you are at being able to distinguish between the two; recognize one over the other; conquering flesh and honoring spirit.  When you honor your spirit.. This is what I think is a synonym for "being in alignment with God."


-far as I can tell, this is applicable to quite a wide range of people age wise..  -this- being what the females role is.. Or responsibility is, in keeping her man faithful..  /I suppose same sex relationships deal also with.. And, there is also conversations of the male's responsibility in keeping his woman faithful..But for writing convenience only.. And as my personal experience is heterosexual female.. I will override here my nature to always be inclusive and just cut to the..

Why do dog analogies surface so readily? Should I feel guilty?  I do not..

Let me continue..  My observations are as follows:

Some women take on the responsibility of keeping "a tight leash".
-hear it all the time..   This is perceived as either a sign of  intelligence or insecurity.  /reads to me like lack of trust..

Some women have a longer leash..   This is also perceived as either a sign of Intelligence or insecurity.   /reads to me like lack of trust..

Some.. No leash at all.  This is perceived as either a sign of great confidence, high trust,  or pure stupidity.   /reads to me like beautiful..  Leashes are after all for dogs not people

But isnt it sad and funny how dog analogies seem to come so naturally...

I am aware of the distinction between perceptions and reality.

But "what I know for sure!". /if I may borrow from Oprah

Is that.. If he or she does not earn your trust..

Well, "what I know for sure!"

Is that integrity, fidelity, faithfulness, respectability,  and decision-making are each individuals personal responsibility.

  My experiences and observations tell me fidelity doesnt teeter/totter based on the length or ownership of a leash....

People are self-governing; or at least, should be.

What I recommend for my single friends, family, and children..

Look for people who already have an internal moral compass.. Independent of outward circumstances.

/thats my formal, polite and politically correct way of saying

"Much better honey, if he's already been potty trained.. Otherwise you've got one mess after another.."


Nine years now I've been watching my son play baseball..  For several years I loved -exactly that-  my son; playing baseball. But something changed inside me and exactly when I can't say, but now I love both: my son and the game too.  Still tucked in my file to write "21 reasons I love baseball"...   And I can't close this post today without mentioning (bragging writes!):  oh! Well you should have seen him on 1st!  If the ball came speeding at him too high; he leaped for it! If it came speeding too low; he bent for it!  If it came speeding too far to the side; he ran and reached for it!  Caught every one!  Who can hope to get on base..  "No one!  Out! Out! Out! again..   Great instincts that kid  /I say with a big smile...    Bring in the scouts...

The Heart Seen.. At Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Well, it kinda looks like.. A heart with a thorn poking out.. But irresistible to my eye

Mr Crist.. Two memory triggers...for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Future Writings:   Mr 4th & 5th grade teacher. My favorite ever..  Tried so hard to get me to pick 1 president to write about.."  "1? boring.." I complained.. "I want to write about them ALL!". --and so against his will.. I did a brief biography of each one.. From Washington to..  Whoever was President when I was in the 4th grade.. Can't remember write now.. 


Every writer will have the question asked: "when did you know?"

In my memory, it was also in the 4th grade..  We were told to write about the clock in the classroom.. I wrote a story about the clock, but without ever using the word.. 'I have two hands and a face.. You look at me everyday'.  -of course I don't remember word for word; nor do I have the original.  But for (me!).. Writing assignments were always something I looked forward to; had fun with..

It was not the grade I received on my paper though.. It was the way Mr Crist looked at me.. When he spoke about how much he liked my story..   It made me feel like I must have done something special.. But without having tried to..

/how's that English...

..thoroughly enjoyed... By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pinterest data vacuum as experienced by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Objective: create pinterest site via phone. Upload pictures of my mag time frames/recycled wine bottle art/mixed media/heart seen photography. Link to ricks picks and magtimeframe websites.

Experience:   -in order to create a site you must first agree that we can suck every contact name, email, profile, word, picture, suggestion thereof, that you've ever written or posted or even thought about posting from any and every social media network or email account you've ever created or visited or accidentally clicked on..   -that we may suck all this information/data into OUR database..

And okay.. There is no "no" option..   Like, can't I just create a new account without having you cyber-suck so much unnecessary/none of your business anyway Information..?

-not an option.  You agree or you may not post on pinterest..

Fine.  I agree....  (Sound effect of stealth cyber-sucking machine made audible here..  Similar to an Industrial vacuum)

Now..  Where, how.. What do I click on to upload my picture? Create a link?

Nowhere to be found...

And not even a "thank you" for all that data...

Apparently this phone is not compatible with whatever program they have going on when it comes to ... Creating...

But my guess.. Is that it was compatible when it came to sucking..

The thing is..   Its all invisible.. Behind the seems... You can't "see" exactly what has been downloaded/uploaded/linked..  You just know something has gone felt kinda of pressured to agree to.. Heavily influenced to agree to.. 

I'm fascinated by how often and how many sites make like they are providing an option, or giving you a vote.. A choice..

When the experience for the user is that you really don't have one.


I have to use the restroom...

Great Joy in staging pictures.. For (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

Favorite product to merchandise for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

-wonderful.... To (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Friday, May 23, 2014

"... Because I'm happy.. Clap along if happiness is your truth.." Sings (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Based on my prior experience every time my phone presented the "update" now or later window. I searched for a "never" option.. Which does not exist.. And so just skipped the window all together.

Every day. Every use of my phone..for several days now: update. Now. Later.  -skip.

Today.. My phone just up and updated itself anyway..  Tired apparently of being ignored.   /a feeling to which I am highly familiar, but not a feeling to my phone.. Just a program.

Anyway..  Fine.  Why you bother to ask in the first place if I really don't get a vote makes no sense to me..  But appears to be american and very patriotic in nature..

/senses and nature are also not qualities of the phone, only people, but I lack the vocabulary..

My point is:  ..tip toe.. Check this. Try that..  Cross my fingers.. Pray.. Double check, and "yes!". 

Or more like, "YES!!!!".    I can still do all my favorite things without learning to jump through twelve new hoops and seems lime my content has been preserved..

What did it update exactly?  I don't know..

I write to an imaginary audience, in an incomprehensible to me cyber world, below a very mysterious cloud, /or to the side? Above? Near? Into..  A very mysterious cloud..

Above the land of many many secrets...

With just a phone!

Color me amazed.

/now if I can figure out how to hook my keyboard up to this miraculous device...


In my last post I typed "gripping" ... But thank you to auto-incorrect feature, what you read is "grinning"

A great deal of humor-out-of-frustration is yielded from these auto a incorrections, but I'm finding it harder and harder to laugh or smile even..

If I invest time re-correcting every auto incorrect.. Rereading every line; every word.. Which this feature demands you do..

That's gonna have me typing at about 3 words per minute; exhausting.

Like me.. Many of us just surrender; stop Re-correcting.. Re-correcting..  Just let it fly.. Hope readers can decipher.. Put it in context

But it frequently flashes in my mind.. Having spent nine months as a juror..

Did I say months? That's what it felt lime. It was actually 9 weeks..


Prior to these autoINcorrect features..  You could provide documents as evidence..  Examine word for word..

Now anything/everything can be twisted.  -it was twisted before too..  Part of the game.  But..  Proving anything is going out the wind.

No one who has had this experience would argue if you say "I meant this! It typed that!"

"You are innocent.  We understand. Case dismissed."

MOVIE REVIEW by (me!) Sandra, tvgp..

Maybe I should call this: MOVIE REACTION.. Instead of review; yes.

Reaction:  "oh my goodness..  I'm dying to know if my squidmann has seen this?"

-they say: mesmerizing. Stunning. Grinning.
-I say: engaging, entertaining. Enlightening; ..sad.. So very sad.

And if I were editing..  Soundtrack editor..  Musical score.  You would have heard some Amos Lee in the background... Singing his "soul suckers" song...

I watched this in its entirety.. Both CD's.. All the extra stuff..  Glued for most of it..  But the 50 minute interview..  Leslie fiddler/firing line..painful. I don't know how else to say it.  A course in body language; ego; positioning/posturing..  Exhaustive. In one word.  

-and that is followed by 6 minutes with a.s.byatt and Toni Morrison..

So that is mostly what I screamed out to the heavens about.."are you serious!?! You cannot be serious?!?  50 minutes of painful to watch and listen to ego boxing in the literary ring...

And ONLY 6 MINUTES! With Toni Morrison!?!   -that is a sad story on top of an already very sad story...    Clearly they did not consult me..

-successful however, this movie, in introducing me to authors, books I would otherwise not know. ..and intriguing (me!).

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Smell of success..." Perfume line for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

.. In addition to, 'just B wear' my clothing line for writers..  I'm working on some perfumes. I love perfume!  But.. Very tricky putting on just the write amount..  With my current favorite, if I spray directly on..  Then do the carpool thing..  I notice everyone rolls down their windows and sticks their heads out for fresh air.  -too much?  .. So, what I've learned to do is..  Extend my arm out as far as it will go.  Spray one pump worth in the air; high up in the air. Wait two seconds while the mist disperses some and gently floats toward the ground, and then I just kind of walk beneath, and twirl..  
Light touch.  <------  oh! Potential name!   -anyway..  Once I employed this technique I noticed no one I drive to school had to roll down their windows and..  After I dropped off the kids a couple single dads invited me for coffee..

So, its not what you know, or who you know.. 

Its "just B wear" how you smell.

"Just B wear" clothing line for writers by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Yes.. Very proud, very proud.  I named it "just B wear".  -because that captures the fashion spirit of most writers I know..   It could have been called 'whatever wear' too..    Or "because I have to wear something.. That's the law".  But I was looking for something  a little more catchy..  But pretty much .. True writers are not concerned with fashion..  The only reason we get dressed at all is because we'd be arrested for grocery shopping in our birthday suits.  And most of us don't earn enough money to bail ourselves out.. And we are so busy writing in our own little worlds.. We havent had the time or energy to make rich, influential friends who we can make that one phone call to...   So, in order to keep writing from home and not jail..  We have to wear something.   -that might be a good name too:  "some.thing.".  -but no,  I like what I already came up with the best.. "Just B".  -cuz that sounds so relaxed..  Like, "just be yourself...". But..  When I really am just being myself.. That tends to embarrass my children and scare my neighbors.. So: "B wear".  -beware..  But  its a  clothing line,  So -wear-      very proud of that little play on words...    Put it all together and look what you get: 

"Perfect!" ..for (me!) Sandra, tvgp..

This is just a test. -remember?  Russell Crowe. Red Carpet. Oscars...  /repeat; repeat; repeat..

But! Every once In a while I am very rudely interrupted by the,  -yeah write.. How on earth can someone like you meet...

And this morning it came so clearly to (me!)

"..we are both guests.. On the same night! On the tavis smiley show!"

-so there.

"Happy Birthday!" Patricia, from (me!) Sandra, tvgp

   -make a wiLd  WiSh..  Chase it with a prayer..   Xoxo

Anniversary Celebration for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Diapers to diapers remains one of my most rewarding creative collaborations and achievements..  I am forever grateful for this experience and this featured photo...  Great memory file...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"WHAT'S AT THE TOP" for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I sat to the write of the freakonomics guys..   Only interrupted them twice

-the first time, was when the one guy said something about 'no problem that hasn't been solved by technology..'. -or something to that effect..

And I smiled and said,  'excuse me please, pardon me..  But I just wrote about a man who thought his expensive, luxury car was the most important thing in the world until his sibling died of cancer.  In the aftermath of her death; his priorities changed.  People became more important than cars.

It was not technology that helped him evolve.  I just wanted to point that out.  -thank you..  Carry on...

/and they carried on..

The only other time I interrupted was when they started talking about their next book;

Golf stats.

"Excuse me please.. Pardon me.. Yes, but what a tremendous waste of your God given passions and talents..  How 'bout..  Instead of improving golf scores.. How bout

Justice for all!

Two people just committed the same high crime. Parking 3 1/2 hours in a spot with a sign that clearly reads 3 hours only.

Criminals!  Both of them!

Their fine is $45.

Same crime.  Same fine.   Justice; write?  Fair?

One person earns $10/hr.   The other, $500,000 a year.

For the $10 person the fine takes away from grocery and gas money.  For the $500,000 person,   -tiny inconvenience.

-same crime. Same fine.  But not the same consequence..

Solve.   Thank you!  Carry on...

Im about two days shy of saying F#$%& cyberworld.. And going back to pen and paper.

* my original comments from Leonard's blog disappeared.

* my sisters comments to my poem...  Where?

* anything I wrote for the pleasanton patch prior to may 2013; gone.

* recent threat to my blog

-1000 different computer program compatibility issues..

* my phone keeps popping up with "upgrade" info.. Choices are "now or later"...   I want to press NEVER...  Because the last time I hit upgrade I had to learn six new tricks to get to the same pictures I could get to before the upgrade with one click.

-they are winning the war...   I surrender.

Very interested in PRINTED! Material...  PRINTED.. Permanent.  Way less vulnerable to ...  A variety of threats unique to digital/cyberworlds.

I repeat.. In technology: it is the best of times; it is the worst of times.

-taking a sabbatical.    Love, sandra, tvgp

Monday, May 19, 2014

"Well done" photo by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

PUBLIC "THANK YOU!" & "PLEASURE MEETING YOU!" To (victoria!) From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

The Pleasure of knowing.. (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

Here is what I have the pleasure  -the great pleasure of knowing:  that despite my current lack of financial resources;

I am in the best shape of my entire life at age 48 -physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally..

And I am without worry the rest will follow.   -as a natural consequence.

My prayer goes like this:  I trust you. I thank you. I love you. I'm yours.

In Jesus name, -amen.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm about to do exactly what I tell people not to do.

"Don't pre-judge," I say, "pre-love."

But.. I'm going to pre-judge.  And tell you, without seeing any of the upcoming episodes of CBS Sunday morning..

Without knowing what they have in store for may 25th through December 28th of 2014...

That today's special design episode is my favorite of the year.

If I could just get to zero.. (Me!) Sandra, tvgp

I have been on the perpetual financial edge for a looong time..  Recently received a parking ticket.. Did some math wrong.. Mistakenly thought I could pay that ticket.. But didn't have enough $  in the bank so.. Overdraft charge.  For this up upcoming paycheck.. I will pay $68 in overdraft; $98 attached wages by the state; $550 toward cash advance...  My pay will not cover that, so..   Obviously time to pick up a second job..    -write.

BACK TO PHONE for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

And so now that I have my favorite keyboard.. I am unable to create a new post...  And I quick exited out because it appeared as if my posts were disappearing one by one..  Allow me then to tell my story; true story, by typing with my two thumbs on flat glass:  names, dates, times.. All unimportant. I will use only general ideas:

On a sleepless night in spring, my mind insisted on drawing this picture:  /as seen below ..or above?

The true story that inspired it goes like this:  there was a young man who loved his expensive, sexy, and luxurious car.  It was the most important thing to him, and he lived near the beach. One morning he woke to find out that...THAT!   His toddler child, who had been playing at said beach.. Well, he got, "SAND IN THE CAR!!!?!!".  And this angered the young man, on a scale from 1-10, 10 = royally pissed off, -he was angered to about a level 25.   The toddler was terrified, and everyone else worked very hard to make sure every grain of sand was removed from this expensive, sexy, luxurious car.  And made sure, -best they could anyway, that THAT! Never happened again.

Several years later, the same man lost his sibling to cancer.  He was very caring, noble, generous in providing what love, support, care he could provide during her sickness and all the way into her final days.

Shortly after he said goodbye to his sibling,  there was an occasion where it was requested of (me!) To move his expensive, sexy, luxury car from an overcrowded driveway to the street so that another car could back out.

I was shocked the request would come to (me!)?

Young, female, inexperienced driver.

I remembered how upset he got about the sand...

And even though I would only be moving the car from the driveway, to the street..  Still. -anything could happen.  So I said that..

"No. I'd rather not. I wouldn't want anything to happen"

And what he said next would shock me even more than the request itself. He said,  -and I quote!

"What are you worried about? It's just a car."


So, what you can see in my point of power presentation and drawing is this.

Car was most important thing.

Death of loved one, bRoKe the connection.. Un-synapsed man to car as most important thing.

And a new connection! A new synapse was created:

Human Loved ones became most important and the expensive, sexy, luxury car became, 'just a car.'

It is my opinion and observation that he EVOLVED.

So yes then, you can say I believe in evolution.

It is obvious to me, -we were CREATED that way.

Dear Chief Neuroscientist guy.. From (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Excuse me.. I had to upload pix from my phone.. But now shifting over to home computer and favorite keyboard. -be write back with my true story & question...