Monday, February 29, 2016

The Heart Seen... by (spike!)

...  another winner!...   also sent by my squidmann via email with a note:  dried grass fell off the lawn mower in garage...  and spotted by spike.     ~thats just the best..  "thank you!"

Speaking of raw and real (me!) sandra, tvgp

as i may have mentioned i am battling the flu..  i will spare you most details, but ...   have to share this!

i wasn't sure if i could make it from my bedroom to the bathroom so i grabbed a Tupperware bowl and put a little water in it to coat the bottom and dilute whatever might land in there, and I placed it next to my bed.   -when I got up, I forgot it was there..

my bare foot lands in it, and I trip and nearly topple to my knees and the little bit of water that was was in there spilled over the area rug..

I was like,  'really?!?'.  stop it already!'

and then when I glanced down...   well, look at that spill..

So I knew instantly..   !   instantly..   every. single. little. thing. is. going. to. be. all. write.

"thank you Jesus! amen!"

"Congratulations!!" to my (squidmann!!). from (me!) ~s.c.

-also sent via email..    check 'em out:  "18! books on amazon!"


briefly share some literary history here:  Leonard introduced me to the blogosphere..   and, honey.. I just could NOT BELIEVE! how awesome it was to read..  "AND RESPOND!"...   -the whole comments section thing was for me..  (me!)

the very definition of heaven on earth.  add on.. how much FUN to read and respond specifically to Leonard Stegmann..  because, well, he's super funny..  and his rather...  how can I say?   outdated view of the female species..  

Very familiar; just like my dad and brother...  his humor and objectifying..   next of kin.   Maybe if we did a genealogical study we'd find out we are related by more than words and attitudes..

anyway..  do you know..  

I read AND responded to Leonard stegmann's blog posts

nearly everyday for NINE years!   and as a writer..   if I were to graph out the internal joy experience,  -really it is higher for me when I'm reading and responding than when when I'm laying the foundation..

although, certainly I enjoy laying the foundation also, as evidenced by 10 years worth here on my own blog..   write.

anyway..  what happen was..  when Leonard started officially publishing via amazon..  one of the requirements was that he could not also have those same stories already published online.

so.. no blog, -you see..

he is learning this info, at the same time I am searching/courting literary agents and publishers..  with the pitch that Leonard and I are "the 21st century 84 charing cross road!".   -9 years worth of 5 day a week very entertaining exchanges!

I know sooner get a bite on the line.. I was casting out again and again and again..  

that I look at Leonard's blog...  and



the entire 9 years worth of archives... 

GONE; VANISHED;    -as if it never existed..

well, I was just as certain as Jesus is the son of God, that there was a terrible virus that came and wiped all that revolutionary and entertaining article/comment off his computer..

so I contacted him very concerned..

that's when he explained he could not publish the 18 books you see in this picture unless he unpublished all the blog content..  the whole 9 years worth!

and so, at the same time I did understand..  

and I do understand.

but at the same time, I understand,

it was so painful to see 9 years worth of my comments so quickly and easily removed; unpublished..

I  never visited his blog again.  Too hard..  too hard..

I just wished him well, and we've exchanged some emails..  And him and his wife do send me heart seen contributions which I treasure...


now,  I am in a similar situation,  and literary just discussed this with my beautiful friend  Carla over our mutual February birthdays lunch celebration..

Because I am once again courting literary agents..   Here's part of my pitch

"... ~ ready now to condense, sculpt and organize my over 10 years worth of creative non fiction blog posts."

and I know in advance, agents and publishers don't want a writers writing already published somewhere else..

and they consider anything in a blog, already published.

-but it is exactly the ten years worth of blogging + my 9 years of reading and responding that has allowed me to develop, grow and improve my craft...

and! as a writer, as a human being, and an artist..   I like the raw and real..  

my dream of dreams is that both are made available:  a compelling and entertaining memoir, which does in fact condense, and organize in a more reader-friendly format, my disorganized slice of life stories..    and which is also a source of income..

And! My blog remains..   as a source of authentic validation..  and a means for seeing my growth as a writer and human being and Christian.

the platform..  the blogosphere..  is so revolutionary, it needs revolutionary agents and publishers also.   what we have now is a new platform adhering to old rules and laws....


I work with advanced knowledge that this may take a little longer than for writers without blogs..

which makes me grateful for my church TV today:  Joel osteen with his, "set time" message..  about when God speeds things up...   and sister Joyce Meyers, with God providing energy and patience and peace beyond human understanding..  and! One of my favorites.. Bishop T.D. Jakes with Jesus/God as the ultimate gift..  and that gift is LOVE..   which is a force nothing can stop...

I know its all true!

In Jesus great and powerful and patient name..   hallelujah and amen!   xoxo

The Heart Seen. by (spike!) same day/Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

   sent to me via email, and im extra grateful..  because 1. they are two magnificent finds; great contributions!  2. -this darn flu..  well, either i never truly shook it, or..  i got hit twice... so, a double dose of hearts seen is like a double dose of..  medicine.  "Bump up the dosage! bump up the strength!".   -and know how I know its working:   i kept some toast down!  woo~hoo

The Heart Seen... by (spike!) at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Friday, February 26, 2016

Poppin' the big question.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

so, i said to him..   or rather, text'd:

i said,  -baby..  i missed out on being your first and only.  but let's say..

let's say i wanted to be your last and final.

In how many years should i check back in with you?


because the only other way to make this happen, is to be all praying mantis like and eat his head for dessert after we mate...

"there will be no more after (me!)".    /sinister laugh and giggle here.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Plus! guess who i talked to.....

and! i spy my lucky number (me!) sandra, tvgp

lucky socks ... for (me!) sandra, tvgp

The Heart Seen... by (calia!)

...  and a purple heart at that...   very beautiful! "thank you sweetie!".   ~> how 'bout we dedicate this one to all our purple heart veterans...   God Bless! xoxo

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cant wait! (me!) sandra, tvgp

one of the most important things shared by an astronaut was..   how hostile all other environments are to human life.   how rare earth is; how miraculous.. 

and i certainly have that recurring fantasy:   where all of humanity comprehends how rare and precious and fragile..    and then lives accordingly.

and this program triggers one of my favorite earthquake memories:  type 3.7 in the search bar of this blog.

Thank you Jesus! Amen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Heart Seen... by (calia!)

and may i mention here, ive been battling a flu bug...  -the very sight of this contribution was like medicine..   made me feel better.  "thank you sweetheart!".  xoxo

Monday, February 22, 2016

Someone had to tell him.. and it was (me!) WriteousMom

i picked my son up from his part time job a couple days ago.  aware that even this experience is drawing to a very near close because he will have his drivers license very soon and not need me to pick him up anymore.

i could tell he was tired and had put in a true full days work.

and on our way home he started asking me just exactly what makes up a standard full time job; like, how many hours per day, and per week equals full time..

"Oh..  okay..   well, 8 hours is considered a full time day...  and 8 hours a day, at least 5 days out of the week is considered a full time job..

So, most people working full time put in a 40 hour week."

and then it was very quiet in the jeep for a few seconds and then next thing I heard was..


and i have been laughing ever since..

my upcoming conversations will be about how..  the greater education you have, the more opportunities..   and the more opportunities the greater the chance you can find something you actually enjoy..  or at least find rewarding..

because that 40 hours so many people have in common time wise can be quite different pay and rewarding wise...

do i hear an amen.   -amen!

Friday, February 19, 2016

I stopped telling people, -said my cousin (ron!)

my cousin ron:   "i stopped telling people mike trout lived at my uncles because they didn't believe me anyway..  just looked at me like I was a liar..   I just dont even mention it any more.."


and as he shared that, it hit me..  i did the exact same thing to keith.  -exact same thing!  -he said,   or rather in a longer text exchange he typed back that he knows buddy guy.   and my immediate response was:

stop it. You do not.

-because it was just too much for me to handle or process.  and he never said another word about it..  and nor have I..

but it is imprinted in my mind forever:  the Kennedy center honors; buddy guy; and beth hart singin' I'd rather go blind..

and the expression on buddy guys face as he is listening to beth hart sing this song like it never has, and never will, be sung again..

to date it holds the record for the performance I have rewatched the most amount of times..


so, now, let's say YOU were watchin' somethin' over and over and over..    like, star wars, for example...  

and then you mentioned it and someone said, like, I know George Lucas..  

Stop it.   You do not!

its a natural reaction I think...   especially if you don't live in any neighborhoods or run in any circles with people in these industries..

they feel far, far removed from real and everyday life somehow..

so, my apologies to you keith...  its probably true.   how well? and do you know beth hart too?

How blessed am i... "Thank you!" to the worlds greatest (mom!)

Grease is the word! "thank you!" Tri valley rotary & vine theater & ale house

a most wonderful time! and great fun watching my sister watch the movie..  sing, dance, clap, cheer, hand jive..     knows every word..


and there were a number of groups of people all dressed in grease attire..   one group who asked if I would take their picture

"I'd be happy to...   you guys look awesome!..   wait..   awesome wasn't the word back then was it...  ?    what was it?  

oh my gosh..   duh...   Grease is the word..

is the word

is the word..

its got groove, its got feeling...."