Monday, February 22, 2016

Someone had to tell him.. and it was (me!) WriteousMom

i picked my son up from his part time job a couple days ago.  aware that even this experience is drawing to a very near close because he will have his drivers license very soon and not need me to pick him up anymore.

i could tell he was tired and had put in a true full days work.

and on our way home he started asking me just exactly what makes up a standard full time job; like, how many hours per day, and per week equals full time..

"Oh..  okay..   well, 8 hours is considered a full time day...  and 8 hours a day, at least 5 days out of the week is considered a full time job..

So, most people working full time put in a 40 hour week."

and then it was very quiet in the jeep for a few seconds and then next thing I heard was..


and i have been laughing ever since..

my upcoming conversations will be about how..  the greater education you have, the more opportunities..   and the more opportunities the greater the chance you can find something you actually enjoy..  or at least find rewarding..

because that 40 hours so many people have in common time wise can be quite different pay and rewarding wise...

do i hear an amen.   -amen!


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