Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Handmade Mag Time Frame for (sexy!) by (me!) ~ (tops!)


and it's been a good long time since ive made one..

still as fun as the very first one!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Return to the scene of great times! (sexy! & tops!)


"Andale, Andale!"    Los Gatos, CA


and, behind the seens..  no pix taken..   I should very much like to remember:

a wonderful dinner me and my sexy enjoyed with my dad, chris, jack   -at a very..    what words can I?  ... a restaurant in rio vista, and formerly hayward, which serves as a museum of sorts for a
 pre-enlightened time period, where trophy hunting was quite celebrated

it took me over 20 minutes to acclimate to the environment I was in..

;for my heart to settle so my food could digest

every time I glanced up in any given direction,  -eyes looking write at me


I just telepathically whispered, and kept whispering, "im so sorry.. forgive them... they knew not what they were doing"

see Luke 23:34


and I should also very much like to remember our conversation there..   my dad/chris fresh off a trip to Amsterdam, Greece..     jack.. heading off to college..    and a toast, by my sexy.. celebrating our love, and my wonderful family



and speaking of restaurants and my jack..

what a joy!    -oasis-    where we used to go to celebrate good report cards

and now..  where we went to celebrate his launch to college




Bike Ride & Picnic from Monterey to Pacific Grove, CA for (sexy! & tops!)

no one could be more surprised than I am;  -still!

having not ridden a bike for over 25 years..
 not wanting to travel more than 3 miles on any given freeway to get anywhere..

how,  in august of 2017, on my days off from work,  I was perfectly content, alone in my room, with a good book or making art..


in august of 2018 I am taking freeways to ride bikes and have picnics with my very own sexy man..

that I am crazy in love with


wow Jesus..  that is all I can say sometimes, "wow!" and "Jesus!"

and, "yes!"

and "thank you!"





why would I not want as many pictures as possible from the best year of my life

"due season!   cheers!"


and now I have it in my mind..

not a cook book, by traditional standards..

but a picnic book

by sexy & tops..

because we know how to picnic!   -so, upcoming..   pix of how we pack a very romantic picnic

and..    the original and creative,  way ultra delicious sandwiches my sexy makes

-good times; good times!


The Heart Seen -collection -grows so beautifully to (me!) sandra, tvgp

 The Heart(s) Seen by Squidmann & Spike      -and, technically, I only include heart shapes not made with human intention in the collection; but I treasure the ones made with human intention also..

look at these natural beauties!

  "thank you!"  very much!   ~s.c.


and via text I have very gratefully received:



Thursday, August 09, 2018

Ongoing Spiritual Practice for (me!) ~sandra, tvgp

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

DUE SEASON cont. for (sexy! and tops!) Public "Thank You!" to (john! and maria!)

and more pix on another camera.  yes.. want as many as I can from the best year of my life.. our due season, this past weekend included  -my sexy fixin' a lobster dinner, decorating the room to surprise me, joyce meyer live at the SAP, a bday dinner with his beautiful family at a wonderful Italian restaurant, followed by a visit with fun friends at the san pedro market square  -which is an awesome hang-out  -then 


"ive been stretched!"  and rode beyond what I ever believed I could.   and have mentioned several times that it is only because I didn't know in advance what the bike ride would entail..

so..  I just followed my fearless leaders, and..

from fort mason.. to and across the golden gate bridge     /which CH's = to my other time on the Golden Gate Bridge, with 300,000 other people, for the bridges 50th anniversary; traumatic memory  -not fun at all, very scary.


but the entertainment value! of riding a bike over the golden gate in 2018; sharing the narrow space with novice riders like myself + tourist groups + individuals of every level + those master level bike riders with expensive bikes, uniforms, helmets, gear and traveling at mind-blowing speeds..


and from there through Sausalito...  and on such a gorgeous day!


and from there to Tiburon             /CH = literary agency.. unsuccessful submissions..  many several years ago


and a wonderful lunch..   which, doesn't every meal taste even better when you've biked miles and miles before sitting down to enjoy it


from there on the ferry, to pier 39, and rode our bikes from the pier back to fort mason.

and pause to mention here..   had I known in advance, the route..     I would have never agreed.
the only thing I would have agreed to, are those parts of the route where there is a clearly designated area for bike riders, pedestrians,  -paved; away from any traffic 

but we rode with traffic..  in narrow bike lanes..
we climbed steep upgrades and glided downhill..
we wove in and out of crowds of people... and cars.. trucks and buses
we rode past freeway entrances..

I just can't even believe..  but

"I did it!"      "We did it!"

and I am so grateful and enriched.


and then, a delicious seafood pizza dinner and organic margaritas, "thank you!" very much to
 john and maria



"thank you!"  very much to my sexy, to john, to maria

that was a blast!  a challenge I didn't know I could rise to

/which CH's to   STILL I RISE..

my scrapbook page from Golden Gate's 50th Anniversary

In, Jesus is my fearless leader on the narrow paths' name,     hallelujah and amen.

CH = 7962 for (me!) sandra, tvgp

 # 7962

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Re-Joyce! LIVE at SAP Center, San Jose, Aug 3rd 2018


I AM A STUDENT FOR LIFE.   -where both definitions of life apply; duration/quality



to (me!)

SHE IS ALWAYS, predictably, consistently, reliably, typically fabulous every single time she teaches.     -clearly favored, blessed, anointed

"Thank You! Jesus!"  "Thank You! Joyce Meyer Ministries!"

Monday, August 06, 2018

SWEET REVENGE the Meadowlark Dairy CH for (me!) ~writeousmom

Sweet Revenge

-favorite family memory archives

and a CNF Story captured in my book

Eat, Write & Exercise



Wednesday, August 01, 2018

52 Year Old Virgin. (me!) sandra, tvgp

just fun..

had a hairstylist pass through alden lane.  somehow our passing conversation which started by discussing the definition of organic, ended with her sharing, that when a person comes into her salon, if they don't have any color/dye in their hair, they are referred to as virgins.


-having let my natural hair come in,  and I cant even remember now the last time I got a fresh coat of paint, but its been years now

how fun that I get to be called a virgin again.


at 52, I am a virgin with a crown of splendor.

who wants to amen that;  amen!

Public "Thank You!" to (linda! & helene!) from us (mrs. harrison! & sandy!)

to re-cross paths..  with Helene and linda!  friends from our southgate school elementary school days. that's linda in the far right of the pix from what looks like my 8 or 9 year old bday party.

and both of our mom's volunteered in one way or another at the school..  yard duty, pta, carnivals, room-mom's; so they have their own set of memories of people/events

and linda and I  -our memories of different teachers, students, experiences..

and from my scrapbook, looks like we were both in student council..

but,  -took me by surprise to learn we both attended bret harte jr high together..  I hadn't realized when I left calaroga, I had any peers from my neighborhood

and then,  -just joyful/happy to learn..  our mom's are both doing very well..

and linda and I..  both proud mom's of young adult children now  -both of us with a daughter and a son..  very close in age      -and our siblings..    fun to share pictures with each others, the way we can now..  from our phones in the palms of our hands.    -never even imagined such a thing when we were at southgate.

and that always makes me wonder what will manifest in a tomorrow which cannot even be imagined write now.

  -and it's been a while since ive been to tyme for tea in niles..   but I do remember last time I was there, looking up and down the street for the building where my brother's rock band used to perform..   niles station it was called.

-turns out, our friendship visit was taking place INSIDE the very building we were sitting, sipping and visiting.   that is to say, tyme for tea was once niles station.  I love the contrast.   from a building once packed with loud and passionate rock n' rollers     -to this quaint and elegant tea house..

 more pix to come..

/oh!  if I was not restricted by time and other responsibilities.. can you imagine