Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Public "Thank You!" to (linda! & helene!) from us (mrs. harrison! & sandy!)

to re-cross paths..  with Helene and linda!  friends from our southgate school elementary school days. that's linda in the far right of the pix from what looks like my 8 or 9 year old bday party.

and both of our mom's volunteered in one way or another at the school..  yard duty, pta, carnivals, room-mom's; so they have their own set of memories of people/events

and linda and I  -our memories of different teachers, students, experiences..

and from my scrapbook, looks like we were both in student council..

but,  -took me by surprise to learn we both attended bret harte jr high together..  I hadn't realized when I left calaroga, I had any peers from my neighborhood

and then,  -just joyful/happy to learn..  our mom's are both doing very well..

and linda and I..  both proud mom's of young adult children now  -both of us with a daughter and a son..  very close in age      -and our siblings..    fun to share pictures with each others, the way we can now..  from our phones in the palms of our hands.    -never even imagined such a thing when we were at southgate.

and that always makes me wonder what will manifest in a tomorrow which cannot even be imagined write now.

  -and it's been a while since ive been to tyme for tea in niles..   but I do remember last time I was there, looking up and down the street for the building where my brother's rock band used to perform..   niles station it was called.

-turns out, our friendship visit was taking place INSIDE the very building we were sitting, sipping and visiting.   that is to say, tyme for tea was once niles station.  I love the contrast.   from a building once packed with loud and passionate rock n' rollers     -to this quaint and elegant tea house..

 more pix to come..

/oh!  if I was not restricted by time and other responsibilities.. can you imagine


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