Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Return to the scene of great times! (sexy! & tops!)


"Andale, Andale!"    Los Gatos, CA


and, behind the seens..  no pix taken..   I should very much like to remember:

a wonderful dinner me and my sexy enjoyed with my dad, chris, jack   -at a very..    what words can I?  ... a restaurant in rio vista, and formerly hayward, which serves as a museum of sorts for a
 pre-enlightened time period, where trophy hunting was quite celebrated

it took me over 20 minutes to acclimate to the environment I was in..

;for my heart to settle so my food could digest

every time I glanced up in any given direction,  -eyes looking write at me


I just telepathically whispered, and kept whispering, "im so sorry.. forgive them... they knew not what they were doing"

see Luke 23:34


and I should also very much like to remember our conversation there..   my dad/chris fresh off a trip to Amsterdam, Greece..     jack.. heading off to college..    and a toast, by my sexy.. celebrating our love, and my wonderful family



and speaking of restaurants and my jack..

what a joy!    -oasis-    where we used to go to celebrate good report cards

and now..  where we went to celebrate his launch to college





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