Monday, April 30, 2012

"SANDRA'S SILVER STACKERS" by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i'm always so torn between sharing the type of fantasies my handsome prince would like to hear vs. the kind of fantasies i actually have

so..   picture me then wearing something super sexy.  give me a sultry voice.   play some strip tease music in the background

as i strut my stuff into the patent attorney's office

"got another great idea,"  i say all sexy like

"what is it this time?"

"well..   it involves silver.  not gold but silver"  i say,   "like these earrings"    /and i take off my earrings and set them on his desk.

then of course, i'm supposed to sit on his desk, with my legs crossed   -at first.

"and like this.."     and i pull a silver spoon out from between my massive cleavage.  slowly of course, and set it on his desk

"and like this.."  and i pull a silver fork from a holster i have riding on my hip     /sexy john wayne like...

spin it around like a gun, then place it down on his desk

"and this"  i say in my deepest whisper.     and move close so i'm deep whispering directly in his ear

part my legs slightly

"and this..."     pull a knife from the holster on the other side.     lick it up and down both sides.

place it on the desk

"and since you couldn't talk write now even if you wanted to..."   i whisper in his ear

"i'm going to take full and complete advantage of this opportunity to..."

and i really sexily come down off his desk


walk around to the other side.   scoot all the silverware together.  pull out a napkin.   and begin:

"now.  i rolled silverware at amelias.    now i'm rollin' silverware at the marriott.   here's the thing:

you put the knife down on the bottom.  fork in the middle.  spoon on top.   -write.    (like this/show example)

-k.    and then you have to kind of pinch it together with your fingers and hold it in place, while you grab the napkin and prepare to fold and roll the silverware inside

you paying attention?  good.    -because, might seem too obvious at first, but   -see.  if you let go of the silverware for even a second, it all kinda spills   -falls over.  and you have to re-stack the silverware and start over

only a couple seconds and not laborious, i know.  i know.   BUT!!

IF the silverware was designed to stack in the first place   -the same way we have stackable drawers, say...

wa laa!

who knows how many cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, cafe's around the globe are stacking silverware that is not, at the present time designed to be stacked

with just the slightest knotch here and there designed into the handles....

wa laa!      -what shall i name it?      "silver stackers!"    let's make that,  "sandra's silver stackers"

stackable silverware.  design patent.     get to work.

"what do you mean, how am i going to pay you?"

"i don't have money you idiot.   i have profitable ideas.     -on commission, of course."

TEXTURES OF LOVE by (me!) sandra, tvgp

sometimes i'm like...  is someone planting these hearts in my known path?
because just look...  on my way to my writeousmom~mobile on the sidewalk    -how perfect of a heart shape is that?!   and you know it tugged on my own heart strings because..  because it's been all chewed up, spit out and stepped on.   and yet..   there it is, in white no less.  track marks, litter and still a little love.

and then..   i mean really.    the other heart formed after (as) i   -that is, we
well..    it's on handsome prince's sheet.    let me just leave it at that.    "honey.."  i said,  "roll over and check this out.  you have to see it to believe it."

he said, "you're not going to put that on your blog are you?!"

/everyone knows i would never do such a thing.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

HUMAN CONTAINERS CONTAIN WHAT? by (me!) sandra, tvgp

again... not sayin' anythin' new here    -just validating.  comtemplating.    spirit vs. flesh.

for several years now, my brother has been tellin' me,  "when i look in the mirror, i see a 47 year old (48, now 49),  -but i feel the same INSIDE   -i feel inside like i did when i was 20...

and with great humor, ray orrock, wrote about his theory,  (i'm doing this from memory/book is in a box in the garage):  that everyone stays 19 years old inside...   stops at around 19, while their body marches on...

and i have a similar experience    -46 on the outside...   but my appearance/chronological age feels different on the inside
   today, inside i feel younger/stronger than my outside.   but there were times in the past, my outside appeared younger/stronger than i felt inside

point is:   there is an actual disconnect we can experience, isn't there...   from our human containers; and what it is they contain.    -sometimes, the two exist in harmony    -i am 5 years old; i look and feel 5 years old

and sometimes...    one quite ahead or behind the other.  

fascinating isn't it.

i agree with everyone who says "we are spiritual beings having a human experience"    -not the other way around.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

QUITE CLEVER, OUR GOD by (me!) sandra, tvgp

no one is more aware than me, that i'm not saying anything new here.

but because my experience can serve to validate everyone who has said the same thing before me

and who will continue to share this same story in the future

it is worth my sharing it with you:

i was a slave to many things:
the opinions of others
calorie counting
prescription drugs
./. i'm sure the list can be longer

point is: through prayer, and with God's love, i slowly was liberated from each of these things
and became instead a slave to God
but have never felt so free

this experience, this freedom, this liberty, this joy, this peace,
his amazing Grace
is available to every human being.

     -if you'll do what you can do. he'll do what you can't do. if you invite him in and surrender
glory is yours. contagious glory! and picture a world where glory is spread from person to person to person...

hallelujah & amen!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in April for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Obviously I am on handsome princes I-pad.

   -my own computer needs a doctor; diagnoses. Symptom: Entire screen fades into black after 1 or 2 minutes of operation... Hard to type when you can't see the letters manifesting.
    I mean, I have quite an imagination...
  But not that quite of one


Obituaries: I refuse to let my life be summed up in a few paragraphs in the local paper. Please just provide a link to my blog, books, photo albums, and website.


If you're not careful you can accidentally become a what's next person before you properly appreciate what was..

So, thank you Jesus! /and my handsome prince: all 7 of us got to play laser tag in mountain view over spring break -had no idea what a very high fun factor that yields..

And a great meal @ maggionos in Santana row

Yesterday we all got to enjoy paddleboat rides /and water bottle wars at shadow cliffs...

Throughout the week. - another wonderful, elevating brunch with my spiritual mentor and dear beautiful friend Kathy biondi

And I,m happy here to have the tv sitcom, big bang theory as a social reference because

  - wouldn't Sheldon love to be in my front desk shoes @ the Marriott

I,ve had the great blessings this past week of meeting William Dement. "father of sleep medicine". Helped pioneer work on understanding of rapid eye movement/dreams... Life saving necessity of sleep and dreams

And I must pause here long enough to repeat... While many people/books/prayers helped me combat my PTSD.
  -I credit sleeping medicine and my ability to get uninterrupted sleep night after night with having the greatest impact.
  As the most. The very most important thing I did. All other remedies
    -well, the success of everything else was dependent upon my first getting consistent, uninterrupted restorative sleep.

And I've had the blessing to meet George kyrala. -award winning contributions on the NIF project taking place at Lawrence Livermore national laboratories

And the blessing of getting to shuttle drive colm Thomas Whelan. /atomic collision theory...

Got to ask him my favorite Charlie rose question: "what is the one question you would like to have answered?"

He has three yearS invested in the NIF project.. In layperson terms... They are attempting to create a sun. A smaller version of our sun. (or thank you to larry robinson..   who broke it down for me further...  they are attempting to create energy the same way the sun creates energy  -something like that)  Success in this endeavor would mean enough power for all of humanity   -for all time...

I also like to learn which scientists are believers, which are agnostic.. Atheist, etc.

"are you a scientist of faith?"

Now... Publically I respect/honor wherever they've currently landed.
  -chances are high they've invested time in asking and considering these ultimate questions
That's what they are gifted to do..
Statistically you have highest number of agnostics... "I don't know". Vs. "I know there is". Or. "know there isn't"

Makes perfect since... But my affinity, affection, admiration for scientists
 -coupled with my own faith/beliefs = Silly scientists.... Who/what do you thank for the gift of your intelligence, curiosity, patience, drive...

And exactly because of free will... And the nature of scientists to KNOW via proof vs. Believe and have faith...

I just thank God for them.

And pose that very question... Why do you suppose... Human beings are capable of things like hope, faith, belief? Fun to ponder...

And an extra thank you here to Heidi, my handsome prince... An extra ticket allowed me to extend an invitation to /he doesn't want me calling him dr.

Mr (?)

To,  colm. /that doesn't feel write... To join us at Tommy t's for a triple line up of great comedians... And he accepted!

Imagine that! Getting to share some laughs with dr. Of atomic collision theory    -Working on a project to provide power for all of humanity! -somebody pinch me... Thank you Jesus!! /I have pictures I can't wait to share once dr Larry Robinson cures my p.c. Again        -Amen


OBVIOUSLY DR LARRY ROBINSON CAME TO MY RESCUE    -AGAIN!   "THANK YOU!"   xoxo    BLESSINGS 7 FOLD TO YOU....     /plus...  always love our conversations about God, origins of life..   the universe...