Monday, December 17, 2007

BLESSED & BAPTISED december 16th, 2007

quite beautiful, emotional.

my sister, and her children were baptised yesterday by pastor mike barris. official members now of the pleasanton presbyterian church.

the baptism took place in the tassahara room at carramercia. a temporary home until the new church is built for their growing congregation. fellowship on the move, the signs say

my niece is just about as cute as they come.. but will sometimes throw dramatic kicking, screaming tantrums at the worst possible times.

like during a baptism maybe

and there were early warning signs when my sister's family was called to the front of the church. - she wanted my daughter, her cousin, to go up there with her.. refused to walk herself; had to be picked up and carried. started in with screams of protest

... here it comes...

"do you want to go first or have your brother go first?" pastor mike asked with a smile

of course, she volunteered her handsome, older brother. he stood tall and mature, smiling very big throughout his entire baptism & blessing.

then it was her turn. everyone knew pastor mike faced a challenge. how hard would she kick? how loud would she scream? how long will it take for her to wiggle her way out and run in the opposite direction?

and we all watched, holding our breath a bit, as he cupped some water in the palm of his hand and gently poured it on her head

we prepared for battle, but a magical thing happened . -i suppose it would be more appropriate and accurate to say a miraculous thing happened

because the very second pastor mike touched her head, her entire being went calm. total and complete, instant and undeniable peace -just like that-

everyone saw it and everyone felt it. silence fell across the room as we witnessed this powerful exchange. several people were moved to tears; myself among them.

and she remained calm. calm and happy as her mom, my sister, was baptised, and i cried some more.

my favorite kind of tears.

we met after the service in the lobby area, mixing, mingling and celebrating with family, friends, fellow church members.

a friend of our's, jen, came up to my sister, her eyes still damp

"Jesus peaced her out!" she said.

and that is exactly what it looked like.

i'll never forget it.

and feel so very happy for you, my beautiful sister, niece and nephew.

"to a blessed and miraculous new year!"

i love you! ~s.