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You cannot change a closed mind; open first. by (me!) Sandra, tvgp


When I wrote, every fake flower has authentic roots, it has to do with originally genuine things/thoughts/actions being copied/appropriated

and it has, at other times, to do with identifying pathways/formulas/

-reverse engineering when you want to achieve same result..  what steps lead to...?    duplicate.

and so, upon exposure to people with racist, supremist, evil, violent ways of thinking, believing and behaving..

This potentially showcases what I believe is, and regard as,  one of the most remarkable accomplishments in human history

Changing hearts and minds.

And it is crucial to identify the difference.  heart/mind.   And it is crucial to accomplish it in that order..  heart first.. mind will follow..

And even more important to understand

You cannot change a closed heart or closed mind.

They must be opened first!    Otherwise all effort/energy is a waste of valuable time

The best analogy:   I cannot post/share a picture on my blog, from my phone photo gallery...   even though I can see it...

In order to share

I must first open the blog platform...    once it is open..

Now we can share.

And I just know..    this is analogous to how human minds.. hearts..

And so..

Conversions.  -from filled with hate and evil and bent on destruction..  with a hard heart and closed mind..

To overflowing with love and goodness, bent on serving humanity, with an open heart and open mind...

The seemingly impossible...  

Saint Paul comes to mind..    what a conversion! 

But actually within my life time, I've watched enough interviews, documentaries, testimonies to know it happens way more than we realize.

It is already proven possible..

But..  reverse engineering these conversions..     testimonies,  of the here and now..     people who have lived out the experience..  

We sure could use a double dose of those testimonies in the news today.


for the successful opening of closed hearts and minds..

for conversions from hate to love...

for conversions from...  toxic narcissistic supremacy..  to


It has, it does, it can and will continue to happen... 

And we should recognize and celebrate these conversions with more fanfare than the 4th of july.


In Jesus.. God's Chosen Servant's, name...

Matthew 12:18-21

"Look at my servant, whom I have chosen.
He is my beloved, who pleases me.

I will put my Spirit upon him,
and he will proclaim justice to the nations.

He will not fight or shout
or raise his voice in public,

He will not crush the weakest reed
or put out a flickering candle.

Finally, he will cause justice to be victorious




amen & amen.

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Notes passed in E-class.. by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"...more please...."

We've come too far... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

the sentiment, shared by (me!), is that having trump as president, (but really, just even having trump running for office..  before he was even...   el

el -lek..

  /I'm sorry, can't even get the word out.    ~nausea.

but the shared sentiment was that we were going backward in time; not continuing to move, painstakingly, slowly, but incrementally, and remarkably, progressively, undoubtedly forward

     his way of communicating inspires flashbacks of the united states   -  pre civil war; pre WWII,  pre womens write to vote; pre equal writes in general...  etc.

and backwards is exactly the direction we seem headed.    unless we do something about it.

protect the progress we've made.   make sure the efforts, lives, legacies of everyone who has fought for the freedoms, equality for all citizens of the united states of America  -are honored; not violated/trampled on by evil hate groups..  societies poison

I can hardly believe, but am forced to believe/recognize

despite the fact it is  2017!!     -we still have this level of ignorance to conquer.



I've been to meetings, shows, homes, outdoor picnics, churches, stores, farmers markets, sporting events, concerts and walks and hikes where the areas are filled with a beautiful variety of people of many different races/nationalities; different ages; different genders, different orientations; different political affiliations, faith systems..

and everyone hangs out in harmony.   mutual respect is common place.

hate and violent and evil free environments and experiences, with large groups of diverse populations..   this represents the lions share of my day to day and week to week and month to month life experiences.

peace and harmony.

which doesn't seem to make the news or sell papers, or make headlines

or increase the revenue opportunities from advertisers seeking air time or print space..


that is also not news is it..      ~same ole story.   different decade.


"this is the day the Lord has made..

I intend to re-Joyce (meyer) and be very glad and grateful in it..."


with love & healing prayers for barcelona, spain from (me!) sandra, tvgp

"Happy Birthday!!"

.. happy tears yielding photo coasters "which will never be used as coasters" by taryn..   

with love & healing prayers for charlottesville, virginia, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

parable of the yeast:  even though a little yeast is added, it permeates every part.  

so, even where a little hate is added..   a little racism...   a little supremacy or extremism..

it effects everyone.

and the same can be said of love, faith, hope..


internalized messages are yeast to any given population.    what message are you receiving?  and believing and acting on?     -a message of hate/evil?     -a message of love/goodness?

what is rising within your heart? mind?  soul?  home? place of work? neighborhood? city? state? country?      -what is on the rise?  permeating the population...


for me,  -love.


and as long as we continue - as a capitalistic democracy, to invest our most powerful, influential human resources: time, energy, intelligence,  innovative gifts/talents,

toward evolving technology, and manufacturing an over abundance of material things exclusively for profit

while we ignore whether or not humans evolve..


we will continue to manifest unevolved humans; stuck in hate cycles..   practicing evil & violence.

how is the message of hate, evil and violence spread?  roots?   -and more importantly..

by who, and when, under what set of circumstances is the message of hate, evil, violence, racism, supremacy received and acted on vs. rejected?

and by who, and when, under what set of circumstances is the message of love, goodness, peace, humanitarianism, inclusion received and acted on vs. rejected?

everyone in the world receives messages...

deciding whether to accept vs. reject messages...

this decision making process....

I pray for everyone:     reject hate, reject racism, reject supremacy, reject violence, reject evil.  do not let even small amounts of this toxic yeast inside your mind, heart...

accept/receive/act on:   love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

may these fruits of the spirit  permeate your very being  -help you rise

   rise! entire populations, entire generations..     RISE!

in Jesus name of eternal love,    -amen.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

THAT DANCE STUDIO by (me!) sandra, tvgp

named because, I had a conversation with an adult at barone's music under the stars..  said person was self-conscious about how they danced, and so remained sitting...

I ache inside when I see self-consciousness preventing people from having fun..   life is too short!

I said with a smile, I said,  "it's now how you move..  it's that you move.."    and filled the person's mind with images of people who would love to dance if they could...   but injuries, or illness, or immobility in form or another prevents...

so when you can...     you should.    but isn't that a lesson on how powerful self-consciousness is..   that it becomes your mind.. your way of thinking that prevents an otherwise perfectly physically  capable body from experiencing the benefits and joy of movement..

I could on and on,

and I will,

when time allows, but for now..

"I have another dream!"        my dancing days are far from over!    you know, do you? that I began dancing at Terry Eastwood's dance studio in Hayward, California..  had the Eastwood family as neighbors...  

and then when my parents divorced, the cost of dance prevented me from continuing classes..

cry, cry, cry..

and then, I taught, as a teenager, dance classes at Anne's Dance Studio, in San Leandro..   short lived,

and then, I co-created Movers & Shakers Dance class, with Kate Barton, and taught creative story telling dance to children out of Pam's Dance Studio in Pleasanton...    -great time!


now..   to understand my next ambition

1) picture a masterpiece painting with great detail..  

2)  now picture, just the colors used in the masterpiece painting, just swirling near each other; something that can be accomplished by a child, low skill level, but the colors look beautiful next to each other...

that is my point!   even if you can't dance like eva igo...    

it is true, that when a group of people move together in unison...   even if they are not doing something at the master level..

it just looks cool to see people moving to music...    together. in sync..

and so,

now I want to conclude my dance teaching career, by opening, THAT dance studio..   where seniors come and enjoy some wine, beer, appetizers..

and we move to music together..  

and it's exercise, and it's FUN!  and it gets people moving...

move if you can.    dance!      performance free...

/by that I mean, not THAT our performances will be free to the public, but rather, there will be no public performances of the dances we create.  we just have fun amongst ourselves.    removing that pressure, adds to the joy!

In Jesus is my eternal dance partner's  -name,    amen!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Congratulations!! Eva Igo!" -from (me!) Sandra, tvgp the time I heard and noticed her, her face was only a few inches away from mine, and her tone and volume all indicated that this was probably the 4th or 5th time in a row she had said my name to try and get my attention


"Oh,"  I said without a smile, "Thank you for bringing me back to this world"

It is why I never text and drive.. or use my phone while trying to do anything else simultaneously. It has a way of consuming your attention, high jacking your brain..    blinding you to visual and deafening you to auditory peripheral stimulus..

It hyper-focuses you

But I was passing time in a waiting lobby at a rent a car place, by researching online via my cell phone whether Eva Igo won the one million dollars and title of best dancer in the world...

I did not get to watch it live and had not had time to even see the recording.

And really, I was not checking to see IF Eva Igo had won, but rather just verify that she had...  

I mean I already knew she would win.  My observations of her performances removed any doubt..

And so..    "what?!?"

and some of the first online postings were all saying pretty much the same thing..    there is a large population of people like myself, who believe she should have won..

And as I've had an opportunity now to watch the recording ..   I know she deserved to win

But, let me get hokie here, and say the cliche, because it is in fact true:

Most importantly:  dance itself has won.

This level of dance, the cultural and stylistic diversity, the choreography, the music, the storytelling,  emotional communication, passion, energy, athleticism,  risk taking,  innovation, creativity,  unique individual and collaborative team expressions...    -the convenient televised access to something so dynamic, entertaining, fascinating, so evolved.. and continuing to evolve write before our very eyes..

Count it among my greatest blessings.. just to be audience to it!

It is to witness one spectacular performance after another; much like the voice..     everyone at this level is already a star
It's spotting the super among the stars..

And for (me!) the light shines brightest..  and so intensely, undeniably, radiantly, consistently through Eva Igo..

I will follow her career.   Way to go Eva!!    Xoxo. Dance on!

In Jesus knows the very source of light's name..   amen!

Monday, August 14, 2017

BLINK. and it's SENIOR YEAR for cousins holding the "K" indergarten signs... photo by (me!) proud writeousMOM...

a first day of school tradition, for many years....    oh!  what a treasure...  what a treasure..

in Jesus is the ultimate life teacher's name..    amen!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

steady diet of documentaries, shows, movies and interviews.. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

botany of desire   -loved it.   -obviously cannot help but see diversity within human-beings as originating, evolving and serving up the exact same life saving traits as the apples example..   and monoculture of anything, as being more vulnerable for the exact reasons learned/shared...    and easy to see humans as a part of nature vs. a~part..   but separate and distinct, in that we can observe/assess/self-govern our own innate instincts
I will watch this one again

"thank you!" to greg zollars:   finding vivian maier   -obviously; loved it!   and thought here and there about how...           how I've written/tried to express:   every fake flower has authentic roots..

without being specifically suspicious to this film..    only to note:

at one time, it authentically happened:

* an unknown artist; and then the previously unknown artists work becomes ridiculously valuable in the marketplace posthumously     -and then the path, the steps, the formula for that success is  appropriated...

and once a system/path/formula is identifiable..   it is replicated exponentially, (change only artist, type of work, time/place)   so as time passes it becomes harder and harder to distinguish real from fake.. authentic from appropriated...

and this applies to artists themselves; and their work; and the path itself; to success...

and to anyone giving testimonies...

/side note:  so recently exposed to what I think was an authentic...    where a woman cheated on her husband, and then was blackmailed..    and the blackmailer person profited quite a bit..  

but then,  -this path:    intentionally manipulating spouses toward a downfall for the profit...

it is exhausting..    unless you have the spiritual gift of discernment

   -when so n' so [insert famous person] had an (authentic) car accident  [got married/got divorced]; an onslaught of media attention..        so, the path for getting a lot of quick media attention....


I still care if things are real or not...


maudie:   -loved it!   and will remember how...   utterly....   quiet....     long periods where there was no music playing softly in the background, or loudly in the foreground    -quiet scenes...  silence..

I'm pretty sure that was a first for me..    and it was brave! of the movie makers..    so counter-culture..

and a treat for me.. because I think ive mentioned before...   music in the background of any and every scene..  my consistent exposure to that, has made it so that, sometimes I hear music in real life when people are walking in and out of doors, or I think...   gosh you need some music..

anyway, it was so quiet..   it felt wrong, like a dishonorable thing to do,  to eat or drink anything during those scenes and interrupt the silence.   I ate my popcorn much slower..   just one or two at a time, and I let my saliva soften them before I started chewing to reduce the noise factor..

and no way for me to know, what part authentic/accurate; what part Hollywood, creative license..  but I sure liked the cast, the life stories, the arch/evolution of the relationships...  and the evolution of their residence most of all, from bland/bleak to true colors..         artists are to empty walls and windows as sound is to letters..


happened across tom hanks..  talking about talking to the real life people he portrays in movies:

"i'm  going to be wearing clothes you've never worn, going places you've never been, and saying things you've never said...  "    -but he is after the 'essence' of the person...

and I like to think, I have witnessed the essence of maud..   her spouse..    her family/friends..

and hope, I will see, the 'essence' of Jeannette walls..   and each person portrayed in the glass castle..


its been years since I've seen any 'inside the actors studios'  but..   incredibly similar on Netflix now:

Hollywood masters..    and to watch Julia louis dreyfus       -they should be seen as a double feature..  her interview on each show..  God bless her for repeating stories, and answering questions as if everything was fresh and new...   a very generous spirit.   charm and energy unwavering...

they should all be seen as double features; back to back; side by side..  anyone interviewed by james lipton, and currently by host of Hollywood masters...

 -that would be its own lesson, very valuable lesson about acting..

 not only does my memory prevent me from acting; not only my total lack of any talent/gifting in that area,    -but honestly,

I don't want to tell even a good story twice in one day...    i'd rather just record something, and then hand given person a recording and go,

"here..       I've already answered that one...  


speaking of masters...

 endears me further to Stephen Colbert..    interviewing the already over-interviewed celebrities in fresh, creative, enchanting, engaging and entertaining ways     -plus,  there have never been more intelligently~funny monologues by anyone..

which brings me to    -even higher appreciation levels, because I also happened across a new program where actors are interviewing other actors..       and, it felt like...     i'll tell you how fabulous you are, and now its your turn to tell me how fabulous I am..     so dripping with obligatory ego-strokes and blatantly lacking anything of value/interest..

where is my Charlie rose..      he could save you!     /and I pictured him as an interviewing super hero, leaping in through the window, like Spider-Man..    looking into the camera and addressing the audience,

"...   from the brink of boring...    i'll get this soaring!"

the thing is..    a good interview requires a lot of practice and experience..   just like writing, acting..

when they make it look easy,

its not because it IS easy... its because they've put in a lot of time, effort, energy, practice, mastering the skill..

this point is driven home in Barbara walter's autobiography,  -audition.


In, what if   -Jesus-  were to interview you?    's    name...   amen.

The Heart(s) Seen... by (squidmann & spike!)

per email:  Just got back from a night in Point Reyes. Spike found the one on the stones outside our hotel. I found the stain on the wood plank. That is, after I bravely flicked away what I believed to be some dried bird poop. Which was, incidentally, also heart-shaped!


"Thank You!"

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Monday, August 07, 2017

... than time to write (me!) sandra, tvgp

1 dog/3 cat sitting; felting; bocce ball; celebration of life; lunch/dinner; music under the stars; meeting(s); documentaries; family; new friends; painting poppies.. ted; photography; memoir(s); the new testament  -amen.


Sunday, August 06, 2017

Dear Helen Fisher, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

excellent talk.    -but your work is incomplete.   if time/circumstance allow..  study 'romantic love'


heterosexuals who are choosing not to have children.

gays/lesbians.. (spectrum)  who may or may not adopt children or have their own.

 couples who fall in 'romantic love' but who are past child bearing age.

senior couples/widowers who have already raised children; fall in 'romantic' love, but have no interest in more children

dysfunctional couples, where one has an addiction, or is abusive in one form or another to the other.


my point being:   'romantic love' is not Darwinian.    it is not exclusive and only sometimes inclusive to 'reproduction'

... mate selection...   which yields, 'romantic love'   but not offspring...

mutual vs. unrequited 'romantic' love...      instant vs. belated...  slow growing..

study that.  research that.     -get back to (me!).

with respect, and curiosity      /and obvious bias against the oft' used, but rarely accurate Darwinian world view


"i have a jeanette walls story!!" (me!) sandra, tvgp

 -just learned, JEANNETTE WALL'S MASTERPIECE MEMOIR,  -has also become a movie...     I will be first in line.  "congratulations!"      [cerebral hyperlinks to....



have you read the glass castle? if you haven't, you must. if you have, you will totally understand:

how when i got a last minute call that there was a ticket available to her sold out event at rakestraw books, i did what i needed to make sure i could go

the ticket was $35. i don't have an extra $35 write now, so i called my new hair style person, and cancelled my hair cut. said a quick apology prayer to God, about not being able to put any $ in the offering dish this sunday

then called my sister to see if she could watch my kids

green light. green light. green light. go!

drove to the ladies house in danville who made the whole thing possible and gave my last $35 to her husband -got directions from their house to rakestraw, and started on my way

only when i glanced down at the ticket, it said $7


i just gave that man $35!

so raced back up the stairs all concerned...

was reassured that even though the ticket said $7, it was $35 because a signed book was included -somehow they would know-

back on my way then..

and the very nice husband man of the woman who made this all possible even called me on my cell phone in route to correct directions from their house to rakestraw

got it

only when i get to rakestraw books in danville at 6:50pm for the 7pm event to see jeannette walls

it's closed.

no cars filling up the parking lot. lights out in the book store. empty. vacant. very closed.

i look 6 more times at my $7 ticket from the stranger man in danville who is supposedly a kind person and the husband of some woman i talk to over the phone -but definitely don't know

this IS october 21st. ticket says... october 21st.

2009? ticket says... 2009

this IS wednesday.. wednesday, october 21st, 2009

it is at 7pm, write? ticket says.. 7pm

it is at rakestraw books in danville, california, write?

ticket says... and i read real careful, real slow now:

rakestraw books presents
an evening with jeannette walls
in celebration of the publication of
half broke horses

diablo country club
1700 clubhouse rd, diablo
october 21st, 2009 - 7pm

$7.00 - general admission

oh! oh! oh no! oh no!

rakestraw books persents
an evening with jeannette walls
in celebration of the publication of
half broke horses
october 21st, 2009 - 7pm
$7.00 - general admission

i have no gps. and by that i mean, i have no gps, as in the gadget many people have in their cars these days that helps them navigate unfamiliar territories

but i also mean i have no gps, as in.. as in that compass many people have in their brains these days that helps them navigate unfamiliar territories

so thanks be to God for the handsome couple that just happen to be walking in front of rakestraw books when i rolled my window down in total disbelief

the couple who confirmed the book store was very closed, but was kind enough to read the sign outside which described the event as being at

and i think they read it on the sandwich board, write about the same time i read it on the ticket

"diablo country club"

and thanks be to God one more time, because it just so happens this couple was MEMBERS OF THE DIABLO COUNTRY CLUB! -and gave me very wonderful, perfect directions (i love you!)

and so i drove the long, dark, curvy, dark, long, road to the diablo country club where my saturn view hybrid waited in line with fancy mercedes, and the likes, for valet parking

oh my

i did not have one penny to tip these valet parker people.. just gave my last $35 cash for the ticket

but wasn't about to turn around, so

"i'm so sorry," i said with a smile, "i am completely unprepared.. i didn't know it was here.. don't have any money to tip you with"

and do you know what he said back? that valet parker person

he said,

"don't worry for a second. we are here for you. just go and have a good time." ( i love you too!)

oh, and my car was a mess.. how embarrassing, really now.

then i get inside this gorgeous, gorgeous building, and see that if i did have some extra money, i would have been able to enjoy some wine and hors' d (oevers) [will check spelling later/you know what i mean]

and maybe purchase some raffle tickets

but oh well

i head inside the room where jeannette walls will be giving her talk

oh my again

chairs lined up for six days across and twelve days forward.. and they were all filled. people everywhere..

if i wanted a seat, i would have ended up on the far, far, write.. in the far, far, back -and so why even be there

i decided instead to stand.

to stand directly in front of the podium, only against the doors in the back. draw a straight line down the middle of the walkway from me to jeannette..

camera ready..

heart settled..

and during the weight.. the wait, i mean, i met the dad, of the owner of rakestraw books and talk to him some about his family... he was going to stand too, instead of sitting in a chair too far away

and then, mike (michael?), the owner of rakestraw, he got up, made some announcements.. and introduced the one, the only..

"one of the greatest, bravest, memoir writers of all time" (that's my intro, not his)

jeannette walls! [applause, applause, more applause]

and didn't she look so beautiful in her black dress, with her long hair and her radiant smile

and as always, i can't repeat her talk, can't reiterate in any way that will do it justice

but i cried

and laughed

and laughed, and cried, and smiled

and listened to every single word; every story.

what a great soul! very evolved.

and i tried to take a picture, but it came out totally BLACK, because i didn't have the lighting i needed

rather than get too sad or frustrated i just turned my camera off, and decided to fully enjoy the actual event -lock it in my memory

soak up the experience with both eyes

and in what felt like 10 minutes, it was over. she thanked everyone graciously, and without any q&a, she was escorted off the stage.

no q&a.

heart bro ken.

but really.. how many times can you listen to people go on and on about how wonderful you are. it must reach its limits

but no personal book signings? no.. no..

no pictures?


it was almost more than i could bare

and asked around a little, and was reminded -told- in authoratative, parental, God-like fashion

"she spent two hours signing books before the program"

"you have a signed book!" [like, shut up, be grateful, go away]

and normally i am grateful for what i get. normally i am empathetic, i understand.. i get it.

and i understand the rule.. what you do for one, you have to do for everyone..

and how it gets all out of control

and how awful it is, how we tax our authors the way we do

how we take, and take.. and how it ends up in book tour burnout..

i get it.

and so heart up from her talk, but shoulders down from the absence of a picture and personally inscribed book

i headed out the door.

and there was a long line of people waiting for the men to return their cars

and so i went back in

and i saw a couple of people talking to jeannette

and my heart jumped -if they can do it, i can do it!-

and so i went next to where she was sitting.. and waited real patient, and mannerly for the woman in front of me to shut up already and get out of my way

and i took a couple pictures of jeannette while i was waiting because the lighting was better

and then, really i can't remember exactly what i babbled

but i know i asked her what the cut off was... like if you read for 100 people, do you personally inscribe books? ... but of course.. it would be asking too much, if there are 500 people..

and as i'm talking, with my book in hand poised for the personal inscription all of me is longing for

her -gate keeper- person

let's call her mrs. meany

she has her feet apart, hands on hips, eyebrows scrunched, and with some kind of miliary boot camp voice says to me -like i'm some kind of high criminal


and at the same time mrs. meany is putting me in my proper place

jeannette is gesturing to me with her hands and eyes to sneak her my book

and so i did

and i said my name.. and showed her my book with my name write there where she could see it, because it was hard to hear [i gave her one of my books.. well, i gave mrs meany my book to give to her, so we don't know, but anyway]

wasn't i the happiest, luckiest person in the entire diablo country club!

and then, exactly because i was in this elated state, i decided to push the envelope a little further and try and get my picture WITH jeannette walls

and thanks be to God and jeannette walls

because even with mrs meany standing write there saying "NO PICTURES!"

she posed with me, and another lady took our picture.

and i know it was selfish.

i was so selfish.

and normally, .. well, you know me by now, don't you

i'm not the elbow my way through the crowds to get what i want kind of person

but if you read the glass castle

and you listened to jeannette walls give her presentation

and you collected personally inscribed books

and had a literary scrapbook on your website


i'll let you decide if she brought out the best in me or not.

late for work. the end. amen.

Friday, August 04, 2017

from the archives... favorites! for (me!), sandra, tvgp

photography, prose & poetry exhibit celebrating circle of female life with love, humor, truth
   ~sandra harrison kay & monica dawn

speaking of life

that is the title of a magnificent poem written by barbara bragg, our senior citizen diaper model, inspired by our feature photograph


Life goes by in the blink of an eye,
from diapers to diapers then gone.
But the time between
takes your breath away,
as you make your way along.

Little girls grow and dream of the day
when they turn into women at last.
But the years seem so long
as they go day by day,
Oh why don't they move by fast?

Then you finally grow up,
wed the love of your life
and start a family
and the babies come and the diapers start
that's the job of a loving wife.

Then you nuzzle their neck
and you kiss their cheeks,
and rock them to sleep at night.
And you dry their tears and calm their fears
and teach them to do what's right

Then the babies grow up
and have babes of their own
and grandma is there to jump in
Because duty calls and you can't not help,
and it's back to diapers again.

Now the babes have grown up
and have lives of their own
but grandma's in diapers again,
But this time it's different and not any fun,
'cause the diapers are now her own.

Yes, life goes by in the blink of an eye,
from diapers to diapers then gone,
But the memories we leave with the ones we love,
go on and on and on.


she gets it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

... from the archives... March/April 2014... by (me!), sandra, tvgp

from the archives...   'cuz,    -someone said, 'Atlanta'

Monday, March 31, 2014

Speaking of my charlie rose..!.. By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

No, I'm not going to tell you AGAIN about how my (former) handsome prince helped me meet, kiss-on-the-neck, and get a picture with him.  /although I won't stop you if you want to re-read it..

But! I want to also mention his awesome interview with (former) president jimmy carter..

If my life does not get cut short..

(Awareness heightened by life

  -this IS the work I will be doing..

My guess is in about 6 years from now /unless God directs me sooner.. His will; not my own:

I will go help rescue women/men/children from human trafficking.  I, with my whole heart agree, with jimmy carter.. (Paraphrase):

"It is the greatest human rights problem of our time"

And I repeat..  Slavery has not been abolished; it thrives under this new name:
human trafficking.  -sex slaves.  

I can't think of anything more hideous.

Now.. My current spiritual GPS system says not to make this move until both of my own children are thriving in college..

And I've mentioned it before.. How utterly devastating to know, that 5 or 6 years from now.. I have no doubt they will still need me.

But! My dream..  And "I too have a dream!".  -to put an end to this violation of human rights.    I will contribute! To putting an end..   For (me!), I say this in Jesus name..  Amen.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Looks like I'll be going to Atlanta" (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I did a terrible job yesterday paraphrasing former President Jimmy Carter.  Allow me please to correct and thank again DVR technologies which allow me to record, rewind, pause.. Until I get it write:

"..this is the MOST IMPORTANT book that I've ever written.





In an [do not know this word: incontiable?]  way


OR WANT TO KNOW ABOUT.".   ~Jimmy Carter

The Interview can be seen on


Monday, May 12, 2014

PUBLIC "THANK YOU!" To my Kids! From (writeousmom!)

Awww.... Got treated to breakfast and their great company in downtown pleasanton..

.  My daughter talked about her recent over night trip to the zoo...

My son about baseball...

   I made a few efforts but it turned out that, well,  -something like this:

"Did I already tell you about Cortney..

And then both my kids kinda about the same time go, "..and the cigarettes.."

And then I go.."oh.. I guess already told you that one. 

  Well, did I tell you about how the guy from main street meat and fish..

And then my son goes, "..saved you from the bug..."

So I was like, "darn I already told you that one too..

Well, what about the awards I'm giving out today with the mayor.."

And both my kids are like..  "At the library.."

So I eventually surrendered and realized I had nothing new to say

But then..!

"Have I told you my plans for when you two are thriving in college?"

And it turns out that I had not! I shared the following:

"After you two are both thriving in college I am going to dedicate 5 or 6 years of my life to helping victims of human trafficking.."

And I talked about how I'm pretty sure I'll end up in Atlanta..

And at some point my daughter asked me, "what will you do?"

-as in, specifically.

And I said, my business card will say:

"I help put the light back in young girls eyes"

-there is no position for which I am more well qualified.

And in my imagination, when I apply for this position

It will be the very first time I will be able to be honest about and proud of my background and experience.

-because I've come close...   I've thought about it...

I've certainly wanted to!

But never in any job interview, when they ask about what obstacles you've overcome..   Never has it seemed appropriate to say,

"Well,  -I've survived three different kidnappings and rapes..."

But! When I go to Atlanta..  They will appreciate my experience I'm very confident.

And!  It has never seemed appropriate at any former job interview either to explain that..  One of my greatest strengths.. 

In one word..

"It's love."...   

  So, in my imagination, .. I have the write experience as I have survived horrific abuse.. I have had the light stolen from my eyes..

I know what it feels like and I know what it looks like..

And when I look in the mirror today..  Even if my hair is not freshly painted or combed.. Even if my clothes are a mess...  Even if I have skin problems or a drippy nose or unbrushed teeth..

When I look in the mirror..

I can see that the light is back in my eyes!

...this requires a lot of love from a lot of people over a very long period of time..

I have a lot of love to offer these girls...

"After I dedicate 5 or 6 years of my life to helping victims of human trafficking..

I'm going to come back..  And my next goal..

Is to be..

A Rockin' grandma!"