Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Chain Breakers of each Generation. by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Chain breaker: any child who survived dysfunction/abuse/neglect/poverty of  financial or emotional support

and who as an adult, broke free from, vs. repeated the pattern.


and it struck me, how jeannette walls is a chain breaker..

how Joyce Meyers is a chain breaker..

How Dr Maya Angelou is a chain breaker..

Anyone breaking a pattern of racism, sexism, ageism..

Anyone breaking patterns of status quo..

Breaking patterns of addiction,

Of tyranny, of misuse of power/influence..

-where you can clearly see..   there was a negative pattern which had existed for multiple generations..   or popped up like a weed, threatening a current one..

and then an assessment, and then a conscious effort to break the pattern:

Chain Breakers.

There is a very large and growing population all over the world!!

and in any memoir worth reading; is the bitter sweet unfolding..

But the distinction

Between those who never assess, never make the conscious effort, and just continue negative patterns..

Those are the tragedies,

Families, neighborhoods, societies, cultures in waiting

for a chain breaker to arrive

    -because things only get much better from there.

So, I do a coffee toast this morning..

"... to each and every chain breaker, a big CONGRATULATIONS! to you!.."


it is the theme of a toastmasters speech I gave while pursuing my CTM.. the video is in a box...  one of these boxes...  somewhere....

As I gave the speech, each time I mentioned an addiction within the larger family tree, I stapled a paper strip to create a link, and the link became a chain.. which I put on around my neck.. and then of course, broke through it for the conclusion..

But it was just symbolic of course..   negative patterns in families/cultures are certainly not made of paper

What are they made of?


In Jesus,  master chain breakin' name,  hallelujah & amen


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