Monday, February 29, 2016

Speaking of raw and real (me!) sandra, tvgp

as i may have mentioned i am battling the flu..  i will spare you most details, but ...   have to share this!

i wasn't sure if i could make it from my bedroom to the bathroom so i grabbed a Tupperware bowl and put a little water in it to coat the bottom and dilute whatever might land in there, and I placed it next to my bed.   -when I got up, I forgot it was there..

my bare foot lands in it, and I trip and nearly topple to my knees and the little bit of water that was was in there spilled over the area rug..

I was like,  'really?!?'.  stop it already!'

and then when I glanced down...   well, look at that spill..

So I knew instantly..   !   instantly..   every. single. little. thing. is. going. to. be. all. write.

"thank you Jesus! amen!"


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