Sunday, July 23, 2017

FORGIVENESS' POWER as explored by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is 2017..   can anything original or new be written on the topic of forgiveness; no.   You can only look for common themes; common experiences..   and capture the essence of what has been repeated in different ways, using different words, over and over again, for -ever, across the globe, across time.   agree or disagree based on your own life experiences.  Apply the lessons (#?) sages have attempted to teach..    over and over and over and over...  

I am a student.   I have taken many tests.   And I put my teachers to the test too!   What you've said...     is it ~true?  


One of the common themes regarding forgiveness, as shared by many, many.. is this:

"We do it for ourselves."     Over and over, in different words, in different ways, the sages try to explain and teach..  when you forgive..   it is really something you do for yourself, and not for the other..  to free yourself.

It is my experience and opinion that that is true; but only partly so.

people who have genuinely forgiven someone..   know that truth.

                      -but it leaves out the experience of being the -genuinely- forgiven person.

there are two spiritual experiences/practices regarding forgiveness that make one whole.

  1. being the  forGIVER       2. being the forGIVEN.

equally powerful, spiritually speaking.

forgiveness is two-fold.   if you live on the planet for any length..  you will need to learn to accomplish both:  forgiving someone for hurting you.  being forgiven for hurting someone else.

the better you are at one; the better you understand/appreciate the other.

It is my experience and opinion, that Michael Beckwith sums up the definition and goal and result of forgiveness the best with these words:

"the purpose of forgiveness ...   it releases toxins and rancor in our own system so that the spirit can flow through us."

to which I can only say, "YES! HALLELUJAH! AMEN!"

but even beckwith limits forgiveness to being something we do for  -ourselves.  "... in our own system.."   and the focus again is on -the forgivER, vs. being forgivEN; the recipient..

    -there are in fact cases, where you might hold the power..   and if you forgive someone..  if they hear you say it and mean it, "I forgive you"     -if the recipient is evolved enough to receive the gift of your forgiveness..

you have helped them release toxins and rancor (guilt and shame)..  and helped their spirit flow through...   along with yours...   win/win.

when a person is capable of genuinely feeling/experiencing  -forgiveness-   that is genuinely offered by the person they hurt;   or, when the forgiveness is NOT offered by the hurt person, but person who did the hurting forgives him or herself...  [still a recipient of..]

        you will never forgive me; I must forgive myself

that too..    releases toxins and rancor for the forgiven person,(self or other) and allows spirit to flow through

its spiritual plumbing, if you will..

if you've been hurt/betrayed; pain/anger = clog.    forgiving...     pours into the damaged, clogged drain...     releases; frees...

if you've hurt/betrayed someone; guilt/shame = clog.   being forgiven..  pours into the damaged, clogged drain...

                                 return flowing....   spirit

but my even greater fascination is this:

1.  The mechanisms within human beings which allow us to  -know-   to experience/interpret when we need to forgive; when we have been forgiven; and whether either/or is  -genuine.

2.  The mechanisms which allow us to -know-   ;to experience;interpret,  hurt/pain/anger/guilt/shame..   clogs.       vs.     free flowing spirits...

In Jesus is a synonym for genuine forgiveness name.     amen!


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