Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Go Out of Your Way to see this interview! says (me!) sandra, tvgp

  that is my brother, larry Harrison (gene simmons!) of KISS rock n roll legend...

you know this,  -write..   my brother used to use a hanger, hair spray, lighter...  spit fire   -in our house!   like gene simmons..

well, last night, I learned so much..   nothing I ever knew in my youth, about gene simmons..   extraordinary!   in  -the big interview-   with Dan Rather and Gene Simmons

and I only happened across it, so saw, say..  the last 20+ minutes, not the whole thing..    but now I'm on the hunt for a repeat so I can see the entire interview.

every generation will get KISS~ ed,  by one band or another, but..   we had the original experience,

and enormously influential...


In Jesus,   long way to the top's,   name...    amen!


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