Friday, December 23, 2016

GREAT COME-BACKS as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

oh!  I like this time of year..   

when they come-back!    my daughter..  she came back from college and that sure elevates the spirits pretty immediately and significantly..

and then,

the college kids..   all those young adults I got attached to at alden lane,  and who abandoned me, with very little warning, it feels like

to pursue their educations.    "they come back!"   during the holidays, when they are off from school and returning home to visit their families..

they pick up hours again at alden lane.    "Rachel!   youre back!"  

"Austin...  youre back!"      "Brad...  you're back!"       "Joe!   you're back!"

and, so..       it's great come-back time.

and, emma here..    she is another treasure.    -turns out she plays the piano too, and


she is not overly fond of performing in front of people; gets a little nervous.

I said with a smile; I said,

"honey..  you could not be talking to anyone who understands that more than me!   you are talking to a phobic.."

and a small group of us, discussed our nervousness/anxieties/phobias/awkwardnesses/reluctance

when it comes to public speaking and performances.

   -good thing for all of us, john talked emma into playing the piano, and she over-rode her nervousness

and filled the alden lane garden/gift store with the very uplifting, joyful sound of

Vince Garbaldi Christmas music...

        -you know I cant "thank you!" enough..

it is the coolest thing ever to have that baby grand inside the store,
            but just sitting there...

   -left unplayed..  

that feels almost criminal.        "thank you!" for bringing things to life!


when I consider/remember how beautiful Melissa's piano playing was...

and add your talent..

and having seen John Dell's band perform..   his guitar talent and singing..

and then,   -I believe Zach plays the...     trumpet?

anyway..   you know my mind is at work on an Alden Lane Band..   What is up Connor's sleeve, musically?   I need to investigate...

I'm gonna find out who can sing, who can play drums...     and just wait

til you see me with a tambourine...

and how well I can lip synch


In Jesus puts me up to these things name..    amen!

oh!   Jesus...  you know what would be super cool..  !!

     -turning the electric carts..      using ..

like, the unexpected into instruments..

           oh!  my mind is off and running..

running!  water     -yes, running water over the foil wrapping.. what sound does that make?   branches on the flagstone?    the cash register,   -click; click..

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