Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Night of another awesome season...

and the grieving begins..
but! oh, another awesome season
exceptional climates, amazing live bands, hours of outdoor dancing

I always describe it the same way:
~hundreds of slightly intoxicated happy people
/many who have given marriage a try one or three times..

some key people were missing on the last night for one reason or another -my favs, the regular dancing circle I am blessed to be a part of

"... mary re is in the house tonight...   'gonna make you feel all write.."

see my most pleasant surprise up there

"I got to slow dance!"   and..
fast dance

and dance, and kiss at the same time.

and I said to myself, 
to myself, and Jesus, and the saints,  
with a smile I said, 

I'm gonna need more than one of you -k.

~ to peel my hand off this body


next thing you know, my drink got accidentally knocked out of my hand
spilled all over the dance floor

that freed BOTH of my HANDS 
so, I could grab Robert on each side of his face and really plant one

/no help at all those saints.


then let myself get lost in the every kiss of each moment

sing hallelujah!


two times!

did you SEE that WARRIORS victory last night

in Jesus is the reason for every season's name..     amen!


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