Wednesday, October 25, 2017

to flirt or not to flirt... by (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is an important question.    -the act of flirting will remain the same throughout time, but the cultural environment that encourages and/or discourages it can literally change from one room to the next.  one social setting to the next

safe here?     yes here.    not there.  

is there such thing as 'innocent' flirting?      -safe to flirt with that person, but not that one..

/oh, what I have learned from try..      from mostly error.

turns out the whole topic is far more complicated than one wink of an eye might suggest.   but, as I've mentioned before, there is a flirt that lives in me.  but, -had to put her to sleep for a variety of reasons


the chance it could be misinterpreted, or cost me my job, or cost a friendship, or cost me time/energy

but the good lines I have   -almost!   vocalized,

restraint.      ive been letting restraint win for some time now..

which is all prelude to sharing with you, how funny it was, when vanessa came for a surprise visit, and,

since I do not work with Robert, and since Robert is not married, and since Robert is in fact incredibly sexy

when she asked about anything new going on in my life,  -with great enthusiasm I said,

"I have someone I can legally flirt with!"

and she said,  "why?   did he just turn 18"


I just love that girl.


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