Sunday, September 17, 2017

someone get oprah on the phone for (me!) sandra, tvgp

the customer brought up a token gift for a friend to the register, and with concern in her expression, and tone, she said,

she said, to (me!)    -sandra, tvgp..

"live. love. laugh...    do you think that is too,  religious?  over religious-ee?"

so, I said with a smile,

I said,

"heavens no!   those are spiritual laws..    they apply to all of humanity  -it doesn't matter what faith system or religion..   no religion has the monopoly on love..  or laughter..

just like the way physical laws apply to all of humanity, no matter what age..  no matter what you believe..

that's true of spiritual laws as well.    everyone!  any age, ..  any nationality...    any religion, or even no religion at all!  

love.   live love laugh..   no worries, that would be a great gift even for an atheist or agnostic..

great gift!"


and perhaps she was just asking a yes or no question,  but after she bought the gift, I thought to myself,

I really need to talk to oprah, and be on one of those super soul sunday shows, so I can set the record straight.


in Jesus holy name..     amen! & amen!


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