Saturday, September 23, 2017

"...unless you know what it means..." smiles (me!) sandra, tvgp

customer:    is that a real tattoo on your face

(me!):    yes, it's real..

customer:   what does it mean?

(me!):   conquer the world with kindness

customer:  [moving closer toward me for a better look...]

(me!):   unless you know what it means....?....

customer:   [gestures he doesn't know]   no..

(me!):   okay then, yes..  it means conquer the world with kindness then..

customer: in what..   

(me!)  japanese calligraphy

customer's girlfriend or wife:   "conquer the world with kindness..    I like that..

(me!):   "thank you!"


and that takes courage now doesn't it....           big smile.


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