Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Quantum Traffic Factor by (me!) sandra, tvgp

what Ive loved learning about quantum physics is this:   at the quantum level, all the previous rules and laws you thought applied to the whole natural world; -they change.

and so it seems an appropriate word to use when describing commuting in traffic along 580.

because, let's say, i'm scheduled to be at work in Livermore at 8am.

keeping in mind, (factoring in), my employers expectation is that I be on time.  and my goal is

1. to arrive alive   2. to be on the freeway the least amount of time possible  3. be on time to work.


on average (where average no longer exists), it takes approximately 45 minutes (where approximately equals give or take another 45 minutes) to get from san leandro to Livermore

let's say Monday, I am late, and arrive at 8:10, instead of 8am.  and on this occasion, I had left my home at 7:15am to arrive at my work destination at 8am.

by natural rules and laws, the math we all grew up with..  if I want to arrive on time, I should leave my home by 7:05am, instead of 7:15am    -write.

because if i was ten minutes late, in stands to reason, I should leave 10 minutes earlier then in order to be on time

am I write?


this is why all commuter traffic falls in the quantum realm

no practical math or numbers apply; like, ever!

when I left 10 minutes earlier...   I did not arrive on time;

I ended up 25 minutes late! instead of ten

the reward for my effort cost me additional time on the freeway itself, three near death, near miss accidents by only-I-matter drivers, and more stress in general from the way the punch card so unmercifully documents clock ins and clock outs without any regard for

-the quantum traffic factor-



on behalf of a friend of mine, employed by an entirely different company, who does an entirely different commute,

well, I heard about a very unfortunate exchange between a boss and my friend, the employee

like, it reached this extreme, over my friend being late

"let's take it outside and see who is still standing.."

.  ok.


and my friend had even called  -proactively-  to explain about being stuck in traffic..

the boss still laid into my friend upon  -safe- arrival

I would like to shoot said boss in the head..   and we know I am a Christian,  mostly a proponent of non-violence and humanitarianism in general, so even to facetiously entertain is telling, isn't it


it is my opinion that there should not even be bosses, period, in 2018   -only coaches.  but I must save that writing/explanation for another time,

my point  -any employee who must travel on the freeway for more than 15 minutes for anything, and in any direction


1. get an immediate raise.

2.  should be only, exclusively, consisted greeted this way:

"glad to see you!"

because honest to our very good God..  it is dangerous out there!  it is crazy stressful!

when I heard about my friend almost losing it..

I was like..   yes..

if you are pressured to be somewhere by a certain time; that is a level of stress..

if you get stuck in traffic..  that adds to the stress..

if you call, and receive upset instead of compassion/understanding..  that adds more stress

each asshole who cuts you off, or tailgates,  adds to the stress..

each motorcycle that appears out of nowhere..    stress

if you see or pass an accident..    stress

when you add all that stress, accumulating by the minutes and the miles

it does not bring out the best in anyone's personality

and if you have endured and survived and arrived safely   -but late

and you tried to call

and you still get upset upon arrival

so,  it made perfect sense to me that my friend was ready to punch out the boss.  I understand.


and I do the sign of the cross for every motorcycle that passes me on the freeway.  I hear lots of complaints..    how they shouldn't even be allowed to drive in-between automobiles/trucks the way they do

I say,

"this speaks loud and clear to how awful traffic is!  people are willing to risk their lives to not have to sit in it"



it speaks to how much I love Robert, because..    for me to be willing to drive to san jose

do you remember I dropped out of san jose state because the commute was killing me.


I pray every time I get on the road.  and I blow kisses to every highway patrol/sheriff/police officer for the way they help drivers suddenly remember speed limits and manners;  and the internalized sentiment for most of us, I believe, witnessing the high level of accidents we do

is, -we still just keep going to wherever it is we need to go

hoping it wont be for us when the ambulance comes..


in Jesus'   -please don't call it a highway to heaven's -  name..

i'd like a country road...



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