Thursday, January 05, 2017


Dear Jesus..   Dear Cloud-based innovators...   "Thank You!"

   I remembering hearing about the cloud, but not fully appreciating what it meant or did, until, some many years ago, when my computer crashed..

when everything was kept only exclusively on the hard-drive of that given computer, and it crashed/died..   all the information died with it.

when information/pictures are entered on a computer, but SAVED/STORED in a cloud..   when the computer crashes/dies..  you can still access all your information/pictures from someone elses working computer..


now,   -same issue with cell phones..    everything should also be saved/stored in a cloud

  -my cell phone died.     phone numbers.  text messages.    photographs.

some photos were pre-saved to a cloud..     "oh, hallelujah, thank you, thank you, thank you..."

contact names/numbers..   probably many lost.
text messages:   lost.


my head and heart are in the clouds.   at least I want them there..   


oh!  I feel like I should get an adult version of a girl scout badge for..

taking a portion of time one day, to at least physically write down, in pen/paper, the names and telephone numbers of my family members..   photo copy...   place here and there...

the ones you contact in the event of an emergency...

because if you were to offer me your cell phone, when my cell phone died, and I tried to call my mom, dad, brother, sister, or daughter or son..


I've been calling them by clicking on their picture.   I have no idea what their phone numbers are..  I never type or use their phone numbers..

so cloud based on this also helpful.


 but of course, now I cant even use the word cloud, without thinking also about the book of revelations...

clouds and eyes everywhere...

    -are we not living in a time of....


In Jesus saves lives         /names? and numbers?   name..   amen!



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