Monday, January 09, 2017

VERIZON -a very new experience for (me!) sandra, tvgp

briefly, due to time constraints:

based on my last experience purchasing a new phone at Verizon some 3 or 4 years ago..

based on that experience, I had it in my mind; heart and soul, that I NEVER


wanted to enter another Verizon store again, and have to purchase a new cell phone

UNLESS, I had with me:

1. my very own lawyer: to help me deal with all the convoluted contract; fine print; BS, the average person does not understand or have the time to read..

2. a highly trained therapist: to help me deal with, handle, process the trauma of unexpectedly learning that all my most prized, treasured, photos..    -gone.

3.  an undercover agent:  to help me know what the hell they do when they take my cell phone behind closed, opaque doors, and return...   and why they even have to do that..

4.  three friends:    -just to serve as witnesses to the madness..

5.  a bodyguard:   -because I would just feel safer

6.  a great book:   -to entertain/educate me while I sat on the floor waiting for hours..

7.  a teenager:  so that after I did finally endure the multiple traumas of purchasing a new phone, I would have the help necessary to figure out how to use it


so, the incentive for (me!) personally, to ever return was..    zero

and/or:  only if I absolutely have to


and very recently, when my cell phone died:  I absolutely had to.


and I am beyond delighted to report, that I had a polar opposite experience.  polar!

it was recommended, only moments prior to me having to go, that I might want to check out the Verizon location in Dublin; the one in the shops at Waterford plaza on tassajara, so, "thank you!" here to my treasured friends Carla and Catherine..   

and, I did not have the time or budget to hire the accompanying staff of 8 I mentioned above, so I ventured on my own

  /only, as a Christian, we know we are never really   -alone.

and before I got out of my jeep blue see, I sat quietly and prayed.   and I held a beautiful

and I do mean beautiful

vision in my mind.   specifically, Jesus and I locked hands.   When his hand locked with mine, then my body was enclosed within the shape of a cross

but at the bottom, where my feet would be,

my feet kind of elongated, and branched out, deep, deep into the earth..

and then I was like,  "Thank You!" Jesus..  and I braved my way inside the

    -very spacious, and very clean, and  -very uncrowded store.     and I bellied up to the phone bar, and shook hands with Ryan, a handsome young man, with a wonderful nature/disposition, calm and reassuring voice,

  -a graduate of St. Mary's I would find out..

and he seemed,   -dare I say,

almost..                 trustworthy.

and we small talked along with  "no-more-contracts!" talked..    yes.    pause there.

VERIZON  -no more contracts!  my heart did a cartwheel and my spirit skipped a beat.

and, he didn't try and talk me into a cell phone or plan I couldn't afford..

and he gave me the "great news!"   -that even though I didn't know it   /or use it..  

all my treasured photos/videos have been in a cloud!   glory to.. Praise God!

   -now it is not glitch-free, the transfer of data/graphics to the new phone..

but it is pretty close.    and, the rest I do have a very handsome, intelligent, wonderful, cell-phone- savvy teenager, slash, son, to help me out with..

   -first call on new phone was to my beautiful mom..

I had been three or four days without a phone..     "your voice... sounds so beautiful to me..."


the experience was literally, and figuratively, and actually, and practically,

the polar opposite of my last experience, several years ago,

and I am very   -very-   grateful for it.

"Thank You!"   Verizon for all your customer-friendly improvements
 & "Thank You!"  Ryan, for being   -YOU.    and making my experience a less traumatic
and more positive one.



in the hierarchy of needs in 2017:

shelter; transportation; communication.    -and ive been working so hard just to keep these three things going..

as they break or falter, or need repair..  I say to myself:  "oh.. I'm in adversity training again.   oh!  it is time for another crisis management skill test..


GOOD NEWS!    -well, have you ever thought your computer or printer died only to embarrassingly learn you forgot to plug it in?

   -similar.  the hard top on my jeep did not come loose, or shift,   -that is not why it was all soaking wet everywhere inside.

it was all soaking wet inside because

each of my windows was accidentally left cracked open..  just a tiny bit.   I didn't notice until I went to show Anne..

oh!  you know, solvable problems are my very, very favorite.

In Jesus rode a donkey's name...    amen!

/same issues in the Bible, huh     -shelter.  transportation.  communication.

~the more things change; the more they stay the same


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