Thursday, January 19, 2017

photo by anne jewett.. of (me!) sandra, tvgp -authentic warrior fan

public "thank you!" to anne..    pleasure to take a quick break from inventory, merchandising, cashiering, and get to be an Instagram model.   love these hoodies!

and did you see that last game!!  awesome! 
and extra gratifying to see them win with such a margin over the cavaliers..  honey!

  &  blessings!   and as I transition to alden lane full time, will just repeat what ive said many times over the past several years

hit the lottery when it comes to co-workers!  loved working for, and with you.
and it has been one of my favorite, favorite, favorite jobs Ive ever had..

stretched and grew..   and learned so much from each of you.

and, am going to find some way to slide-show share the ricky~picky photo collection soon..

God Bless!  xoxo

Much love!   ~Sandra

/I will myself have to type ricks picks in the search bar of this blog; ~ my external memory storage.

In God has got me on the move's name...    amen.


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