Wednesday, January 18, 2017

what the Bride & Groom should wear... suggests (me!) sandra, tvgp

when did I have this conversation with my daughter?  recently..  and did I let her get a word in? 

  -because, it flashed through my mind..  several decades worth of married peoples relationships; all I had seen, been through myself, read, heard, witnessed..

so I said with a smile, I said

"do you know what the bride and groom should wear..    MATCHING JERSEYS!   -because someone needs to remind them..

YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE SAME TEAM!!    The Same Team!    Together..  united...

common goals and values..!

My God..  the amount of husbands and wives ive seen who..    just give the ball to the opponent..

like, WTF

can you imagine if steph curry just handed the ball to a player on the opposite team?   -that's what these spouses are doing when they cheat on each other..   when they lie to each other...

why do they even get married?!  I do not understand..     you need to be on the same team..

the bride and groom should wear matching jerseys..   and the bridesmaids.. and the groomsmen..

    -and the families for that matter..  and all the guests..

honey, I know ...      I cant even repeat out loud all ive seen and know..   

but I think people need a very visual reminder that..   husbands and wives are supposed to be on the same team!   -k         and anyone or anything that undermines, threatens..

  -enemies! opponents!

don't settle for less..

   -then we've got all this free agent BS..  but at least!   at least when they trade teams

WE KNOW    -because they wear a different uniform..

   my God, at least be on the team and for the team that matches the jersey you're wearing..

  -just promise me you will not settle for less...        and Jack too..  

I love you!    I love you!    oh!, you have to go don't you..   k baby..

jerseys at your wedding.. "     xoxoxo


turn to totally different page: 

-in the Bible..  when Jesus turned the water into wine..

at that wedding; ive always wondered who it was that got married, and how long they remained married, and the quality of the relationship

and the quality of the wine..    like, how amazing that must have tasted

and speaking of teams and loyalty to:

Christian Jersey's with Bible Passage Numbers..

In Jesus faithful, loyal and holy name...   amen!


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