Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PARADIGM SHIFT -the seed. in (me!) sandra, tvgp

for the best definition of what a paradigm shift is:  watch bishop t.d. jakes sermon on the topic.


I can tell you what was said   -I can tell you what was said, but not the person who said it, or when..

I just remember   -when?   but someone suggested, or mentioned..  that

when a person was severely attacked in one way or another, or in multiple ways

what that meant, was that

that person was a great big threat to the devil.     -that the greater the attacks, the greater threat that meant you were; to the enemy.

that was the seed.  planted in my heart and mind, I don't know when.  I don't remember by who..

but it has been watered, and nurtured, and cultivated over many years.  ive since heard it preached on/about by several different pastors in different ways and on many different occasions.

I suppose there is an opportunity for seculars to see this as a self-fulfilling prophesy.  but us Christians:

we know.

that seed that was planted..    it was one of the greatest gifts of my life.   it landed on good soil

/see Matthew 13:1

it marks the very first time  -ever-   that I was gifted a new way of looking at all the ugly, evil, traumatic, life-threatening events I had survived

     you mean..  I'm not just a magnet for evil people..   mean people...  trauma...

I am a threat?!   

the more and greater the attacks..  = the more mighty works I'm destined to do for God?!

this information changed things.

it changed everything.

   -I went from cursed to complimented.

the enemy has attacked me from every angle, and at some of my most vulnerable ages and stages in life.

but here I still am

and a mighty lot of work for God I sure do intend to do

and for anyone else out there, like (me!)..  who has suffered under intense, relentless, and multiple attacks     - I pray this spiritual paradigm shift for you too.   may your heart and mind be of good soil  -so this seed may be planted and take root

water with love.

Hallelujah! & Amen.


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