Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WHOSE VERY HANDSOME YOUNG SON IS THAT?!? asks (me!) sandra, tvgp AKA WriteousMom

I had just sent a text.. it said, maybe I should tell you 9:00am, when its really 9:30, so you'll be on time.

he has his own sense of time; always has.

but, sure enough, 20 minutes late..  I watched his car pull in the parking lot.   watched him from inside the bagel store, walking through the parking lot, all tall, and,

"i wonder whose handsome young son that is?!"   I said within ear shot of a customer who I knew was watching me, watching him

"mine!   that's my handsome son..   thank you very much."   


we have to schedule our visits now, or I might not see him unless its Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving..  Graduation

he has a car, and a job..   and friends..   and video games..   and a second house with his dad..

have I mentioned once or twice, how much I miss taking him to school..?


anyway..  what a wonderful visit!  -he walked me through all of his classes, what he's studying, whether he likes it or not..   and of course, we briefly discuss grades.   the car incentive his dad provided helped quite a bit..

my stance has never wavered:  A is for Awesome.  B is for Brilliant.  C is for Creative.
     -we didn't even need to address the others this time..

Don't do that again, or is this class entirely Foreign to you?!    

I just felt so happy and proud..   all is well...     and we talked about a recent death of a family friend, and discussed how   -sad,    -but how our last visit with him, included hugs, and Merry Christmas..  and group visits..         -I mentioned how he had a good life, and very good memories..   sometimes that's the most we can ask for..   and explained how, the people I ache for,  -when they die early..  are the people who are still stuck,  -who never evolved..  still stuck in addictions, or fears, or unforgiveness..       but, Paul was not stuck.  He shared lots of wonderful memories anytime you sat to talk with him..       

and I shared all about my work, and art, and hopes and dreams..

and he shared all about his work, and friends, and things he's looking forward to..

and we talked about a new movie coming out...   a dog's purpose..    and, look forward to seeing that with him.   

/and I'll go see hidden figures with my mom-friend..

and, just to sit and have a bagel and a visit; an in-person visit..       -all filled up.  put the sun in my heart on an otherwise cold and rainy and very gray day.

"Thank You!"  Jesus..   and "Thank You!" Jack..     I feel very blessed indeed.


speaking of..  skipping a longer story to say, I was asked this question very recently:

"so what do you want to be when you grow up?"

and I said with a smile, I said, "exactly who I am write now, only with more money."

    -work; good.   -relationships; good.    -art; good.    -health; good..

bank account; not so good...

but ive done a lot of personal work over the years, with a lot of help..    and the insides are in very good shape.     and Ive met a lot of people in my life, that have plenty of money, but their insides are in awful shape..

neither one should be ignored or neglected.         In Jesus gracious name,   amen.


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